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Dealing With Racism and Discrimination

Dealing with racism and discrimination, and promote racial equity
one-day conference to discuss how to …… 14th June 2019 489 Dominion Rd, Auckland. 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Following the Christchurch massacre of March 15, 2019, a wider social awakening has occurred, recognising the pressing need to forge unity amidst our diversity. We want to create a safe platform to establish an open dialogue between Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand to help build a society free of prejudice, racism and hate-based crime.

“Let’s Deal with It: A Trans-Tasman Conference Towards Racial Equity” is a one-day conference focused on creating awareness on the democratic and political processes, promoting active citizenship, encouraging active citizenship within the context of multicultural dialogue and promoting the self-development of refugee and migrant communities.

This is a conference that will bring together a range of communities of all ethnicities and colour, leaders (including MPs from New Zealand and Australia), thinkers and strategists who are well-versed in the issues that will be discussed. Some amazing speakers are already confirmed! Check out the line-up and more updates at the event’s page. These are the panels and workshops:

Trans-Tasman collaboration towards racial equity
Extremism and Radicalisation
The role of the media in promoting racial harmony
Migrant and refugee women’s leadership to promote integration
Ethnic communities and human rights

Shakti Community Council has been at the forefront of advocacy against all forms of violence and oppression, especially within and against migrant and refugee communities. This Conference will aim to honour the Christchurch victims, hopefully galvanise participating nations and promote wider social change and racial harmony.

This event wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and support of many organisations, community groups, businesses and people engaged in promoting positive change in our communities. Special thanks to Auckland Peace Action, Khadija Leadership Network, and Asians Supporting Tino Rangatiratanga.

We look forward to seeing you there! Click on the button below to register.
I commend this as a way to show support for people within NZ, marginalised through their choice of religion or where they were born in the world.
In the same way, this is also an opportunity to show your values. Murray Bacon.