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ANZAC 2019

We are increasingly seeing the banner of ANZAC under attack. A subject that’s been raised here several times over recent years, particularly with the 100 year commemorative events being held during 2014 – 2018.

It wasn’t our war. For hundreds of years following the collapse of Rome, wars raged in Europe. Backed by religion, land disputes, historical grievance, and economic disparity; giving rise internationally to hundreds of books, that tried to predict the outcome of that impending and inevitable conflict. Then when the spark ignited that volitile mix, allegiances were formed adding in a new factor; the transition of naval power from wind to combustion engines and oil supplies.

We entered this war by virtue of our relationship with the British Empire and it cost us dearly, both Māori and European, socially and economicly. No other country suffered a per capita loss of life that we did, and Māori I would argue suffered the most significant loss of development potential through the conflict.

In terms of our Australian cousins it probably didn’t add a lot to the existing bonds but like Turkey we made important decisions at the end of the confict. So much so, that at the conclusion of hostilities New Zealand made its peace with Turkey, while the Allies including Australia did not. That is still a significant difference. At the same time under Atatürk, Turkey became a secular state with no state religion.

Our peace is with Turkey not Islam.

While ANZAC might be seen as a lesser being because of the acronym we need to recognise and respect these decisions made by our forefathers along with the sacrifices of life our grandfathers made.

In 2017 during the election we saw unwarranted disrespect from our political fronts. They’re the European Feminism that Hitler killed off during the Armistice between the World Wars. Our brand of Feminism had been far less destructive until theirs finally arrived here in the 1970s. That was their history and their greviances that was bought here and we didn’t need it.

In 2018 our politicized police began making noises about the cost of participation. But this year off the back of the Christchurch masacre they are making demands towards less ANZAC events.

Others are making demands of Muslim prayers at services.

I am no more interested in this foreign religion any more than I am these offensive and mostly misguided females who want to insult our history, usually from an ignorant perspective and often offensively in the name of their politics.

Is there an undisclosed threat that backs these police demands that we do not recognise our country’s history and our forebears sacrifice.

That we should acept that civilians should not be free to gather at our monuments … any monument in this country in respect of Anzac Day while our global contingent undertake their professional duties at Gallipoli and in other places.

The police, or individual officers if that be the case, have no place spreading unnecessary fear, or dictating our reverence to our history.

It’s time we put our foot down on this one.