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Family Court Reforms – Australia

Personally I’m looking back at a 25 year history of incompetence, corruption and the ensuing consequences that flow from this environment, and the arogant shit heads that infest it, and the good money bled by taxpayers for no good outcome, but that’s just New Zealand.

I’m no longer a direct participant but if you are, you have my heartfelt sympathy, if you’ve been blindsided by the unbelievable.

Recently we have seen the release of a report from an inquiry into the New Zealand Family Court and I see that there is a corresponding inquiry that has now been reported on in Australia.

While the two countries have been down slightly different paths there has been discontent on both sides of the Tasman and father’s organisations battling respective systems. We have in the past had close ties but I suspect not so much now … and reading between the lines we seem to be at the same explosive point.

The common point of view appears to be something along the lines of; we’ve had enough of the bullshit, we can see the loaded panels about to manipulate these inquiries and we really can’t be bothered putting the effort into fruitless submissions.

I haven’t sat down and compared the two inquiries and I don’t know if these panels have been in contact themselves. But with our two governments being ideological somewhat apart at this time I doubt there will be a common result from which will flow a common outcome for our respective countries.

Hard to speculate but we should at least be aware that each other’s position exists.

But anyway I found This Australian Site humorous and informative.

The humorous part is donate and rebuild trust in experts – you’ve got to be fucken joking.

After years of uncertainty about the future of the family law system, the next government (Australia) now has a clear roadmap for how to amend the law, and improve the system of justice, for all those unfortunate enough to go through a relationship breakdown.