MENZ Issues

Family Violence Act 2018

This Act comes into force today, Monday 1st July 2019.

It replaces the Domestic Violence Act that entered our legislation on the 1st July 1995. The elephant in the original act is that it was not designed for New Zealand by New Zealanders. It was the brain child of a bitter and twisted foreigner that was glibly accepted by our parliament.

The current legislation 24 years later has been in development for sometime and has been passed on from the previous government. What relationship that might have with the current working group inquiry is probably a little vague.

What should also be read with this act is The Family Violence (Ammendments Act) 2018 that amends a number of other acts, including the Bail Act, The Care of Children Act, The Crimes Act, along with the principal act.

This is a massage legislative change affecting the operation of several courts along with what is now viewed in the legislation as the collectively responsible government departments each of whose CEO must meet ‘certain obligations’.

Anyone who thinks they know what is going on is probably kidding themselves. This is enough to give any society a collective vagueness as to what the law might actually be. Along with this will be the reasonably well informed groups that have some plans intended to benefit from these changes. That won’t include the welfare of men. If I am wrong there, there’s a comments section below.

This will most likely undermine the remnants of any previous resistance or protection of fathers and put the current generation of young men back to the same vague space men were in 2 – 3 decades ago.

Not what I would call a recipe for social stability.