MENZ Issues

I am a BOY,,, how am I supposed to be??????

I know two BOYS,,, one 8, one 10,
Their Lady teachers talk to them in Baby talk, they are 8 and 10!,, 8 and 10!!!

I see other Boys, often they have no Dad,,, their Mothers talk to them like Babies!!!

Please some one tell me, who they will be, will they be okay, will they be strong of mind?

Who will be their role models????

We forget that kids are little people, they are clever as hell, how can we shield their ears when they are coming into contact with the pitchforks of ‘right now’s’ society.

It would be really fantastic if we could put away the pitchforks and give ourselves, as human’s, the respect we really deserve, simple decency and respect for the earshot of one another.

While some push for change so rapid it disregards the other person, it will only serve to disrupt.