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Jordan Peterson changes lives for the better

I recently happened to meet a 23-year-old Canadian girl who is visiting New Zealand so I asked her if she knew the Canadian, Jordan Peterson. She said she not only knew of him but had been viewing his videos on YouTube as well as reading his book ‘12 Rules For Life’.

She stated that Peterson had changed her perspective on life. She went on to explain that since leaving university she had been under great pressure to plan her life according to feminist ideology. She felt she had to put her career first before all else and would be a failure unless she rose to the top of her field. However, after reading his book she realised that, as a woman, she had talents that were unique. Peterson had opened her eyes to the fact that what she really wanted from life was to have a family and the time to devote herself to their well-being. This had allowed her to now focus on looking for a mature partner that she can spend her life with. It gave me great pleasure to see this young woman’s relief in discovering what she really wanted out of life and with the knowledge that in making that choice she was not taking on a role of subservience under the myth of patriarchal heirachy.