MENZ Issues

Order and Law…. an education, a discussion into….

Society of course needs Order,
Society of course needs Law,
but regardless of whether you are Rich,
or you are Poor.

Laws were Set,
Courts to see that they are Met,
but Courts without justice for all,
will surely be in blatant disregard,
of our Law.

What of
the citizens,
who do not know these Laws,
held in contempt for not following rules,
rules of which they were not made aware,
but yet there they are for those to see,
those that choose or think to stare,
but for the citizens who were blind,
or who did not care,
they should then worry,
for it is a hard cold world out there.

Law Awareness, I must rave on, IS A THING,,, Legal Literacy if you like, look it up and discover, ask your son if he knows the laws that might affect him, the Law is updated and is weaving social media into itself, add to this new definitions, even open definitions? of abuse and harassment which includes words, where and in front of whom you may have used those words, a veritable minefield in just one dispute/argument..until you know these laws do not disagree with a woman?

I think it is kinda weird that laws made for a nations Citizens’ are not being brought to the attention of those Citizen’s.
Where do we learn these laws, often we learn them on the hop, the hot coals of a brush with Police or the courts, this is no way to treat the citizens of a modern country that prides itself in human rights or civil rights.

Unjust, you bet.