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Parental Alienation Disease

What was your instant reaction when you saw that … a disease?

This is a proposal currently being given consideration by World Health. Previous posts on MENZ have debated child alienation from many angles but I don’t recall, disease. The process is probably following in the footsteps of addiction therapy which is mainly to do with funding, stigma, and recovery, even if it is not actually a disease.

These processes often arise out of larger target groups; for example drug addiction issues in the US armed services.

We’ve called it many things; a range of immorality, brainwashing, revenge and I recall at least one South American country making it a crime. You may also remember this 30,000 Euro fine mentioned in a previous post.

We’re not alone in this issue but I read in another recent article from Britain where there has been an increase in custodial fathers there has also been an increase in non custodial mothers being alienated from children in these court cases and while there is always anti-male haste to publish these things the article didn’t give any indication as to overall increases or decreases in the numbers of children affected – given the current proposal one assumes we are expecting an even bigger problem.

Following a link in a comment yesterday I see ‘someone’ has created an international objection letter that a large group of ‘NZ Experts’ have signed up to.

Like me you were probably not aware of how many experts we have on this issue, That list posted in another comment.

Following this through to the actual document sent to World Health there are links back to NZ Groups and documentation on alienation. It would appear that the current directions to Counsell for Child are based on a document from a women’s group who also arrange a support person to help your child deal with their lawyer … uh-ha.

After reading that I’m struggling to imagine that the Family Court is dealing any better with alienation
especially after this inflammatory article was posted about recently.

I’m getting the impression this new legislation of recent is being seen as a another grand opportunity to relaunch the war on fathers in this country.

By this stage though we now have an adult generation who have grown up with some degree of alienation during separation.