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Peter Ellis gets another appeal

Felicity was interviewed on Morning Report today about the forthcoming appeal by Peter Ellis. She says:

“Basing a conviction purely on a child’s testimony, particularly when there has been a number of suggestive interviews that have taken place, is incredibly unsafe…not just for the person who gets wrongly convicted – it is incredibly damaging for the children who come to believe that these terrible things happened to them when they didn’t.”

Peter Ellis appeal: Police interviews under scrutiny
Peter Ellis has been granted leave to appeal his case at the Supreme Court. The 61-year-old was jailed for 10 years for abusing seven children at the Christchurch Civic Creche in 1991. He served seven years, but has always maintained his innocence. He’s now been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wants to clear his name before he dies. He has failed twice in the Court of Appeal to overturn his convictions. A key piece of evidence in Supreme Court case is a study looking into how the child witnesses were interviewed by police. Corin Dann speaks to Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith from Auckland University, a specialist in interviewing children in sex abuse cases and a long time supporter of Peter Ellis.

Another interview with Don Brash followed:

Don Brash says Peter Ellis appeal a win for justice
A long-time supporter of Peter Ellis says the Supreme Court’s decision to hear his appeal is a win for justice … but they will need to hurry up. Peter Ellis served seven years for abusing seven children at a creche in Christchurch – now he’s got cancer and just months to live and he wants to spend it clearing his name. Susie Ferguson spoke to former National Party leader Don Brash, who campaigned for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Ellis’s case.

You can access the paper referred to here, but it costs $$$
Misconceptions about childhood sexual abuse and child witnesses: Implications for psychological experts in the courtroom by Rachel Zajac , Maryanne Garry , Kamala London , Felicity Goodyear-Smith & Harlene Hayne