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The Arguments Against a Ministry For Men

The goal has existed since some time last century. I first encountered the idea when I met Kerry Bevin, who has been and still is I imagine, passionate about the idea.

It had never found any political support before the current Conservative’s recent proposal, as far as I am aware apart from the Republican Party that existed in the early 2000s. Correct me if I’m wrong there.

While I’ve seen, and as we are seeing now, views on why we need a Men’s Ministry I don’t recall anyone expressing views against the idea until one comment in this recent post Ministry for men.

My ambivalence is possibly no more than like others who haven’t thought past; why should it even be necessary?

But when the idea surfaced the initial reaction from some commentators was, without explanation, we don’t need one.

That begs the question, if I thought about this a bit more what might be the reasons for adopting that position.

Help me out here. Why do you think some people would not want a Ministry for Men in the political arena?