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The Demise of Social Media

I wrote a previous post on The Death of Feminism.

Perhaps that is not so visible because we still have some aspiring female politicians who wouldn’t deny themselves the opportunity they worked for. A bunch of state workers in their last ten years before retirement. A few political hopeful who see a career of indulgence with minimal work. While behind them is a disinterested directionless army of younger people who have something else to do, or really don’t give a continental.

There is no great army of persuasion at the top of the bell curve. That sharp leading edge is a knife edge, and not an instant death, but perhaps a slow and painful ideological death for those who kept the faith. We see it being played out in dramatic style on social media and that’s probably in the absence of the greater majority of the population. (The greater majority; I use the term cautiously but with some confidence)

Whether that position on Feminism is correct or not, it is linked directly to social media.

When we talk about social media it doesn’t extend much past the main platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something any person might be using. However, the timeline for social media started in the late 1990s with blogs and antique platforms back in the days of dial up.

There’s two cutting edges in social media;

First is the rapidly advancing technology which is now as capable as television.
Second there is the natural political inclination to own anything that is not already within political control or influence.

Within the 5th Estate, which I discussed in a previous post, A New Anger we see something else. The transition from yellow journalism in the media to fake news within social media.

And around this an unhealthy combination of addiction, participation, and manipulation.

When I say the demise of social media, I don’t expect it to have a slow undignified failure like Feminism. Like radio and television it will come to the end of its spectrum of technologies and possibilities. Then I think something a little unexpected might happen, and already is happening.

These old platforms, like basic good old WordPress and other blogs and written platforms will become the ground of common sense, reason and group activity.

So, when that run away train finally runs off the cliff ( Back to the Future style ) how prepared are we going to be?

Is that where it will head?

There’s my bold prediction. What are your thoughts?