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The online Petition to Jacinda asking for a MINISTRY FOR MEN

Hi ALL…there is an online PETITION [on the NZ Parliament website and currently open until 31/12/2019] asking the government to fund a MINISTRY FOR MEN as a means to better address ‘Mens Issues’ and the many negative outcomes affecting MEN, their families and society as a whole.

There has been a women’s ministry since 1984 that has provided targeted research, advocacy and advice across government agencies and to politicians regarding women’s issues, and it’s achievements have been impressive. There is still, however, no such ministry advocating for men even though men have poorer health outcomes and die earlier, men’s suicide rates are 2.7 times than that for women, they have much higher homelessness rates, are more likely to use violence and engage in hazardous drinking, etc causing a whole raft of negative outcomes.

Is this FAIR —–>

To map the contemporary literature and explore whether the available research meets the needs of men’s health….results of the literature search showed a striking need for research on men’s health issues in which the risks are modifiable. For heart disease, stroke, and to a lesser degree of modifiable lifestyle change, cancer, studies of women’s health outnumbers men’s health by two to one…A further search was made of Health Research Council funding since 2010…reviewed titles and abstracts of all successful applications to identify sex-specific funding. The search revealed that for every $1 spent exclusively on women’s health research, men’s health research received $0.06.

No wonder so many men feel disengaged from the political process, excluded from having a voice and marginalised. Sadly some men resort to extreme violence in response to increasing frustrations with the system.

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