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What links Israel Folau’s case to the Father’s Rights platform?

As an atheist and agnostic I have no time at all for religious statements. The ancient scriptures were written by men within the context in which their society existed.

The facts:

Both the Bible and the Quran are fundamental documents of the respective faiths and are not banned publications.

Folau refused to sign a contract forbidding him from expressing his support for the biblical teachings and therefore he was free to quote from them on his social media.

Freedom of speech means the freedom to express your thoughts regarding any subject you believe to have merit providing you have not voluntarily given up that right to your employer or any other agent.

What is Hate Speech?

Section 131 of the Human Rights Act deals with extreme acts of offensive speech. It is a criminal offence to publish or use threatening, abusive or insulting words. This section requires an intention of inciting ill-will or hostility to the people targeted.

Folau did not incite hostility to anyone. He believes he can save people, from a place he believes in called hell, by a method called repenting.

The juxtaposition

The zeitgeist of the period in history we are in is a dangerous one for father’s rights. All males are seen as tyrants due to the feminist dogma that states ‘patriarchal hierarchy is pure evil’. To quote material from any publication that challenges that dogma, or indeed display your own thoughts on the matter, may well ‘trigger’ a female reader into disgust thereby deeply offending her.

The writer may well then face criminal proceedings under new hate speech laws that are being considered at the moment.

Such radical legislation may not seem possible but you need to consider the speed at which society has changed its views over such a small period of time and the power and speed at which the radical left is gaining momentum.

I have supported the Gay community since I was very young as I had family friends with that inclination. I always viewed society as ignorant and bigoted in matters concerning homosexuality. Never did I think that society would remain equally ignorant and bigoted when the coin was flipped.

Be afraid, be very afraid.