MENZ Issues


By the time something reaches the bottom, let’ just say it is not good.

We have a problem Huston, we need to work at the top.

I doubt if every Man Group along the stretch of our country was visited that you would find much in the way of a hearty laugh or, and rightly so, in times of trouble there is only seriousness until success. Success is hard to make out of the messy situation that faces many Men after separation.

The damage is there, waiting to be done.

We don’t want to have Men having to go there. We need some preventative measures and no one is ever gunna offer this, it is just not coming.

Firstly the countrywide population has to be made aware that there is a problem,,, just in six months more rules have been put in place like road spikes, no body knows…. not even the road users!

The massive fact that the statistics for SUICIDE are being investigated for a specific profession of Male driven industry is indeed a window into this world in which the Men of this country live.

This work is hopefully going to drive more cliff top work for Men here.
It is imperative that all that can be openly discussed will be done so and that the conversation it kept alive , do not let people dwell only on this one profession as politicians and media sometimes do,, this needs to be looking at the wide view, a real spot light.