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Archive of May 2021

Newsroom Oranga Tamariki Case

Mon 10th May 2021:

The sanctions in the Family Court Act for a breach of Section11B involving identification of children are a maximum of three months imprisonment, or a $2000 fine for an individual or $10,000 for an organisation. Link To Story I haven’t had time to digest this yet but it looks like something we should be paying […]

Child Support – IRD Disclose the number of deaths of the non-custodial parent. IRD calls them customers and they are generally unaware of the cause of death.

Thu 6th May 2021:

Letter from IRD. IRD are generally unaware of the cause of death. Presumably Sue Gilles thinks what she calls the customers can apply for an administrative review if they have special circumstances. Seemingly she and IRD thinks thats an acceptable disclaimer for their policies. Men, usually don’t ask for help, they just cope. It is […]


Wed 5th May 2021:

During the Clark Administration there was plenty of hostility towards the feminist environment in New Zealand. As we come into the second term of the Ardern Administration I’m interested to see if there is a revival in the trend. I’ve found NZ women don’t have a particularly good reputation overseas so the meme caught my […]

Speaker Trevor

Many years ago I went out on a limb with This Post, to make a point. This was about Mallard as an MP in the Clark Administration … you can’t comment on that though. He was behaving like a girl then and it suited Clark not to sack him because she put herself above the […]

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