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Archive of June 2021

Family Court Judge allows violent woman continued custody resulted in little girls murder.

Sat 12th June 2021:

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces. MOS offers advice and support for other mothers and fights for fair treatment for all. Mothers of Sons Website Link A Family Court Judge’s 3-month delay left this little girl in the […]

Government paid campaign to destroy the self-esteem of boys.

Fri 11th June 2021:

White Ribbon funded by the Australian Government are shaming boys by making them apologise just for being male. Mark Latham former MP says it leads to suicide. This massive campaign and it must stop.

Why is Trevor Mallard still the Speaker of the house?

Sat 5th June 2021:

When you knowingly falsely accuse a man of rape, have the Government pay compensation to the man using my taxes to the tune of $333,000 but then continue to accuse him using privilege, – What sort of nonsense is that? What happened to separation of powers? News Media Link

17 Strategies Used By Narcissists to Alienate the Other Parent

Tue 1st June 2021:

Have you ever wondered why your child has lost contact with you? Why they might be behaving poorly towards you or not openly communicating as they did the week before? Below is the 17 strategies used by narcissists to alienate the other parent. It has been a real struggle to get the narrative to accept […]

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