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Archive of June 2021

Weaponizing our criminal justice system against men

Tue 29th June 2021:

Bettina Arndt’s latest newsletter reports on a presentation by prominent Sydney barrister Margaret Cunneen. She was speaking at The Presumption of Guilt Conference run by the Rule of Law Education Centre in Australia. Her online presentation focussed on the impact of the new sexual consent laws that Attorney General Mark Speakman aims to ram through […]

Surviving a Sexual Prosecution in 21st Century Salem

Criminal defence lawyer Samira Taghavi has published an article on The Daily Blog, outlining the concerns about the proposed Sexual Violence Bill felt by many in the legal profession. She writes: Instead of respect for science, common sense and the presumption of innocence, we are in an unhappy age of Salem witch-trial-style hysteria that has […]

Will New Hate Speech Law Apply to Extreme Feminists Speech?

Mon 28th June 2021:

Will Hate Speech Law Apply to Extreme Feminists Speech? Tova O’Brien: Jacinda Ardern has misled the public and shut down debate on hate speech laws I bet its doesn’t.

The Killing Of “i”

Sun 27th June 2021:

Identity is something I’ve mentioned before but I’m not sure we’ve had an in depth discussion about the subject on MENZ. We’re not born with identity, it’s something that is given to us, but I’m referring to more than just how we are identified and more to the content of that identity, which is us, […]

New Family Court (Supporting Children in Court) Legislation Bill – Now only one reading away from becoming law.

Tue 22nd June 2021:

In a lot of cases children who want to see dad, they will have their say. That being said, lets get down to the real world. The worlds most cunning animal is the human. To head the above scenario off, a woman need only alienate the child before lawyer for child gets to interview the […]

Faulty assumptions underpin Sexual Violence Bill

Mon 21st June 2021:

My wife (Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith) had an article published today on The Daily Blog. The post begins: The Sexual Violence Bill, currently before Parliament, looks to increase convictions by effectively revoking the defendant’s right to silence, and prohibiting types of evidence tending to indicate innocence. As an academic, qualified forensic physician, and expert witness in […]

Greta Aurora explains: The Infantilization of Women

Sat 19th June 2021:

Greta Aurora makes a video to explain Infantilization. It is the approach or methodology where grown women act out and make others believe they should be treated as children. And the receiver of such a performance gets emotionally involved, believes it.

Mothers lying to win child custody battles

Thu 17th June 2021:

I don’t care too much for the presenters’ mannerism. Perhaps it’s her way of getting up the courage to speak. But she did receive over half a million views, 8000 comments and 34,000 thumbs up.

War is coming! – You are going to need some of those old white men.

If you ever wondered how you came to live in a democracy? It was not because people thought it was a good idea. It was not because you expected it. It had to be fought for. War is not polite. It has rules yes. But those rules tend to be ignored by the aggressor when […]

Family Court Judge allows violent woman continued custody resulted in little girls murder.

Sat 12th June 2021:

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces.

Government paid campaign to destroy the self-esteem of boys.

Fri 11th June 2021:

White Ribbon funded by the Australian Government are shaming boys by making them apologise just for being male. Mark Latham former MP says it leads to suicide. This is a massive campaign and it must stop.

Why is Trevor Mallard still the Speaker of the house?

Sat 5th June 2021:

When you knowingly falsely accuse a man of rape, have the Government pay compensation to the man using my taxes to the tune of $333,000 but then continue to accuse him using privilege, – What sort of nonsense is that? What happened to separation of powers? News Media Link

17 Strategies Used By Narcissists to Alienate the Other Parent

Tue 1st June 2021:

Have you ever wondered why your child has lost contact with you? Why they might be behaving poorly towards you or not openly communicating as they did the week before? Below is the 17 strategies used by narcissists to alienate the other parent. It has been a real struggle to get the narrative to accept […]

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