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Archive of July 2021

Woman Pours Raw Petrol Over Her Husband – Lights Him Up – Receives Plea Deal

Sat 31st July 2021:

News Link Here Daily Mail Link here It does not matter if it was a can of petrol or a gun. Angela Surtees executed this man. The sentence is still not released, but I suspect it will just be time already served. What I found interesting is 2 links on the first news story to […]

The Weight of Women

In the rise and fall of civilisations, and there have been many over the last 12,000 years, there is a screed of comparable information against which we can judge our current environment. In the sense of predicament though I think

Who needs a court when Tracy Spicer’s mission was to “Frame Men”

Fri 30th July 2021:

Causes of mental health are not hard to come by. Neither are the perpetrators who cause it. The following link has PM Jacinda Ardern claiming if there were simple fixes, she would do them. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claiming if there were simple fixes, she would do them Perhaps anyone reading this could email the […]

The Memory Wars – video by Matt Orchard

NZ YouTuber takes a look at the heated debate around the validity of repressed and recovered memories. Includes rare footage of training videos teaching therapists to uncover Satanic cult abuse.

14 Men talk about the devastation of divorce

Wed 28th July 2021:

There is a misconception women are more heartbroken after divorce than men. The truth is the complete opposite. Quote 10 “Emotionally, it was horrible. I lost not only my wife, I lost my lover, my best friend, my teammate, and my ‘family.’ To me, divorce just was never an option, until it happened. I felt […]

Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son

Tue 20th July 2021:

Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son – Link Kavanach NZHC 1747 Robert aged 55 said to his son. “The problems we have, and the trouble you are causing, will take its toll on you and the family … you are only making things worse.”

An Acceptance of Failure

Mon 12th July 2021:

“An Acceptance of Failure” That is often how the comment reads. It doesn’t matter what the post was about, there is a embodied response that suggests the situation is terminal – like it was the last thing you read before the plane crashed on take off – done often enough though it is a habitual […]

Hen-Pecked Man Syndrome

Tue 6th July 2021:

Sounds far more reasonable than battered woman syndrome. A man on trial for killing his wife during their belated honeymoon in Te Anau said he snapped and he just wanted her to be quiet. Rodney Stuart Fallowfield admitted the killing, but said

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