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Archive of November 2021

The Disguise of Empathy

Mon 29th November 2021:

I’ve written previously about the significance of identity. I’d like to think that we don’t dispute the importance of what we describe in so many different ways. Self respect, personal growth, birthright, credibility, social standing … how many more ways could you describe that? We see the crushing of identity in

Perspective Around New Zealand

Sat 27th November 2021:

If you want to broaden your thinking broaden your reading and not just about history but the history of individual subjects. Anyone being more familiar with the history of media has a much better insight into our current events. Media history within countries, the history of say Pravda in Russia as an example is quite […]

Deadbeat female political leader introduces historical sex comment allegation to save her job.

Thu 25th November 2021:

News Link Here Its all about a woman who is about to lose her job to a man. The course this woman has decided to take is to attempt to ruin a mans future over an allegation alone. Judith Collings, a woman who has the lowest political polling’s for a National leader I can recall, […]

The Political Backlash

Tue 23rd November 2021:

The political backlash. It’s happened many times in this country but the myth perpetuates that we have never had aggressive protests, and political violence in the country. Of course we have, and people have died in some of these events, too. Looking back to the 1980s it took over 100

The psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse

Sun 21st November 2021:

20,400 Views, 596 likes and just 5 dislikes. Margaret Gardener helps men, boys and their families with the psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse. She deals with male suicides, the families, children that are left to deal with that. Talks about a tweak to the UK’s law requiring bad character evidence can’t be […]

Structural discrimination at the HRC [video]

Sat 20th November 2021:

I made another video about discrimination at the HRC

New Media

New Media When MENZ started out it was ‘new media’ based on new technology, back in the day. Looking back by comparison that was not long after the somewhat radical “Scoop News” had launched in 1999, but that’s another story. In the last two decades, media has seen phenomenal changes through the rapid development of […]

Feminist Idol Worship

Jacinda Ardern is meant to be our, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” unstoppable Jacindamania phenomenon on the world stage. But unfortunately

Perjury is acceptable in the Family Court. – The children are the victims.

Thu 18th November 2021:

This is not a commercial video with all the gleam a newsroom presenter adds to a short 60 second story. It is unscripted. Just 2 men who want to tell other men why you can’t get involved in a live-in relationship with a woman anymore. Yes, it is from the US, but there is virtually […]

Our Confused World

Tue 9th November 2021:

Thoughts on our ‘Confused World’. In the Meditationes Sacrae (1597) by Sir Francais Bacon he says “knowledge itself is power”. In our view of

Would The NZ Police Treat A Woman Like This?

Auckland Man Bashed By Police – Sexually Assaulted by Police Seems the independent Police Complaints Authority are not so independent after all. It appears to be just a front to avoid criminal charges. The length of time to investigate one(s) of their own on physical and sexual assault has taken far too long. And why […]

Trust Is The Key

Sat 6th November 2021:

Trust is the key. I told you many years ago But you couldn’t see Trust is the key It’s what binds humanity But you wouldn’t listen to me Are you listening now. It’s the doorway to division But do you see?

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