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And just like that. Everyone knew the difference between boys and girls again!

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:30 pm Sat 22nd June 2024


  1. Imagine the outrage, the feminist will surely march in protest.
    How dare the government, legislate laws only for men.
    Haven’t you watched the action movies, woman can do anything.
    Men get to become martyrs, becoming a hero is only for men.

    It seems men pay a price for living, that women don’t pay.
    Then it’s also the easiest political target, the young male.
    You can do anything to them, nobody represents them.
    Can you imagine protesting sending old men, 40+ your going to war.

    Why are the young men not protesting, war is pointless evil.
    Look at the hate of Israel, there is no draft for the dying.
    Any male is a legitimate kill, children and women are acceptable losses.
    See the law is nonsense, in war nobody escapes the draft.

    There is plenty of jobs in war, there’s no reason to exclude women.
    And why waste young lives, the old men have had a good turn.
    But there’s a far better solution, war the old fashioned way.
    The leaders out front, leading the charge and first to die.

    Immediately draft the politicians, all of them straight to the trenches.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 24th June 2024 @ 6:38 pm

  2. I tend to disagree with you DJ, to bend the clear division between men and woman in war , with regards to the draft is a slippery slope , woman bear replacement citizens after the smoke and carnage of war pass, they and the children they bear are the reason men willingly die in battle. Sending woman into battle is a communist tactic, it requires a certain disregard for the essential centrality of the family as the basic building block of society, to draft women in a time of war ( to combat positions at least ) flys in the face of our core Western values (in my view). I woman and the children they give birth to are the future of any society worth fighting for. Only a morally corrupt, Marxist regime drafts its woman or children into front line military positions.

    Comment by Jim — Mon 1st July 2024 @ 9:11 am

  3. The argument about having babies, is a very good one.
    In most of history, men only going to war was normal as culture.
    Every single one of us, has a family history of men and war.
    Countless millions of men are dead, and the women were prizes.
    Like a Lion, the winner probably killed the children.
    The womb is a great weapon, for example it was Palestinian policy.
    But it’s not all cultures, woman fought in wars well before Marxism.
    The argument is also flawed, when losing means Genocide.
    Young men’s sperm is good, old men’s sperm is bad.
    If it’s about breeding for survival, then send old men.
    Young men go to war, so the world has less of them.
    It’s about the men who survive, war was bred into the human race.

    The young man is a person, who then demands they obey a culture.
    If you accept women are not men, then they are also not equal.
    Physically men are perfect for war, woman are perfect baby makers.
    How can women demand equal rights, without equal responsibility.
    What was the young man’s sacrifice, he could lose his life.
    If you are correct, do you then make young women pregnant.
    If that’s the role in war, they must have sex even if they don’t want to.
    If young men must sacrifice, so young women must sacrifice.
    Otherwise your culture is a sham, young men are being ripped off.

    War is very primitive, as a culture it’s doomed.
    You can win wars a thousand times, but you will eventually lose.
    Think of any war the odds were always 50:50, someone lost badly.
    When it destroys the world, it’s not a strategy for survival.
    Take all the culture you want, a culture of war has one ending.
    Maybe that’s the test, can we evolve from primitive apes.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 1st July 2024 @ 7:25 pm

  4. There is obviously no equality, and war is the role of men.
    If WW3 starts getting worse, do we also resort to the draft.
    The politicians will draft young men, history will repeat itself somewhere.
    Conscription is like slavery, you’re not in control of your life.

    There’s plenty of jobs in war, most are gender irrelevant.
    Women and scopes, is no different than a man doing it.
    Who makes the things, heals wounded or gathers resources.
    I am certain in all wars, women were helping behind the lines.
    Or on the front line itself, victims to the invasion.

    How many military men, have taken power by force.
    Got voted in, then became dictators by force.
    Inherited peace, then invaded the neighbours.
    It is our gender that’s the problem, some men lust for fighting or power.
    It’s more than just psychopaths, it’s a natural response genetically.
    Our DV rate is about 1/4 of men, how many similar bad traits exist.
    The world can have hundreds of good leaders, then just one bad one.

    When do we all say no to men, leaders who even talk of war.
    Think of Boudica even Thatcher, it was still men’s fault.
    Men are the problem, the draft is the punishment.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 9th July 2024 @ 7:30 pm

  5. The post points out differences, they certainly exist.
    Gender is not imaginary, virtually everyone is XX or XY.
    That has real results for your body, including the brain.
    Look at any subject, statistics show the differences.
    Even if you imagine your gender, you have babies or sperm.
    The law can be arbitrary, you cannot change being XX or XY.
    We allow birth certificate changes, how would the law then decide.
    If XX imagines being XY, do you send them to war.
    If XY imagines being XX, do you send them to war.
    If everyone imagines they are XX, you can’t fight a war.
    Is the draft, what gender your sexually attracted to.
    Do you toss a coin, a person can be bisexual.
    Do lesbians go to war, technically they cant have babies.
    Do gay men not go to war, they are sexually attracted to men.
    Do you discriminate, transitioned stay home but others go to war.

    It’s not an easy subject, because the person’s experience is real to them.
    Just as you can’t change gender, you can’t change imagination.
    I am XY and imagine I am XY, nothing’s going to change that.
    I can’t say what it’s like to imagine I am XX, or that not changing.
    Think of Mash looking at the subject, but it’s not comedy.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 10th July 2024 @ 7:28 pm

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