Auckland Family Court Protest 17th July 2001

After a break for the school holidays, the protest continued today. However, ground (in fact the entire side of the road Ben is on below) has been lost. "A member of the public" complained to police that "a weird person" was disturbing the peace.

The long arm of the law informed protest organisers that anyone across the road from the court with a megaphone would be arrested. He said police were concerned that protest supporters might get confused and think that a counter protest was happening. He told us: "Someone might decide to throw a punch", and then "violence could break out". 

No martyrs among the protesters this week, so everyone stayed on the court side of the street as instructed.
In over 20 weeks of protesting without a police presence, there has been no trouble whatsoever. Organisers are committed to maintaining a peaceful, lawful demonstration of their right to free speech. 

The public is overwhelmingly supportive. A queue of people waiting to sign the petition calling for a referendum on Shared Parenting:

Every Tuesday 12.00am till 2.00pm, the protests will continue outside the Auckland Family Court.