Applying for a Judicial Conference

To make an application for a Judicial Conference (or an urgent Judicial Conference) you will need to write a letter to the Court Registrar giving the reasons. Below is an example of the format.

When presenting this letter to the counter, have them photocopy and stamp it and keep it in your own records.

Urgent applications to re-establish access:

On Wednesday 16 May 2001 His Honour, Principal Family Court Judge Mahony told the Social Services Select Committee:
"Last year the Family Court Judges had a one-day conference to discuss the competing interests of safety and continued or resumed parental contact with a child after a protection order has been made.
In some Courts at least, regular hearing time has been set aside for urgent applications relating to children arising out of these orders.  This is a difficult issue involving complex competing considerations which differ from one case to another.  The Court is particularly conscious of those cases where children are grieving for their father when there is no access and where the parent has lost contact because of the order is also experiencing strong feelings of loss."

PLEASE We would greatly appreciate feedback on how you get on with this type of application in your local court. Email: [email protected]  or ring (09) 415 0049.

Format of application:

Case no./court reference number.

Family Court
(fill in eg: Auckland)

Your name

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to make an application for a judicial conference of 15 minutes at the earliest possible time.

Reasons for conference ....................

Yours faithfully
(your name)

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