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Tue 20th November 2018

Self Litigation Workshop – Frank Hicks

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What: Parenting/Self-litigation through Family Court 6-hour workshop
Host: Guardians of our Children Charitable Trust-Frank Hicks
Who can attend: Anyone can attend but numbers are strictly limited to
eight. Book your spot early by emailing Frank Hicks at
for registration form or call on 027 223 4595
Cost: Koha
When: Saturday 8 December 2018
Where: Parenting Place, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland
Time: 9am – 3pm [please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to start]
Parking: Onsite all day free parking in spaces designated to Parenting
Food: Light snacks and refreshments provided for morning and afternoon
What to bring: A notebook and pen. An open mind and a warm heart

The Social Purity of Feminism

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What wave are we up to now, and are you confused about what Feminists want?

What is pure Feminism these days?

There probably isn’t a single answer but rather a range of ideological voices laying claim to the banner, and you’re welcome to carry the banner, if you’re on our side or you’re anti-male or if your campaign can co-exist without offending our general principles, this last one being the sucker punch for the naive young man, or an invitation to any other Johnny whatever you’ve become lately.

And they defend their territory – I’ve written before about (more…)

PUBLIC DISSING OF MEN…seems to be a fashion,,

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Yesterday , listening to the radio, there was a father talking to his son, about growing up , the father breached the subject of erection in a silly way so as to embarass his son but their conversation was interrupted by a civil defence alert via a mobile this talk, which was supposed to be funny was to bring our attention to a civil defence warning.

Sometimes I have to wonder who comes up with this stuff and assuming this was a government funded advertisement for the safety of it’s people I found it insulting in the nature of it’s content.

Why are things so hell bent on putting Men down.

Mon 19th November 2018

Mid-Life Crisis

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I’m pissed off.

I didn’t wake up pissed off.

I read the news, and that got me pissed off.

Am I having a mid-life meltdown or is this because I’m a bloke – maybe I shouldn’t read the news;

The particular article that is winding up the internal spring of youth (more…)

Sun 18th November 2018

‘Snapped’ tv series worth a watch

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‘Snapped’ is an interesting tv series shown on the free-to-air ‘Bravo’ channel. Although suffering from American production style with too much repetition, it’s quite well done in general, not too hyped up, very factual, including real footage of police interviews and detailed descriptions of the police investigations and evidential developments.

The series focuses on murders of men committed by women, usually wives or partners but sometimes boarders or women whom the murdered men were helping out. (more…)

Greedy Thief is a Strong Female Lead

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This was done as a comment to an historical post here but deserves its own current post.

This article describes further developments regarding the ‘accidental millionaire’ case described in the 2011 post on MENZ Issues that provided a snapshot of then current evidence for the operation of a ‘pussy pass’. The pussy passes for the thief Ms Hurring at that stage had been the media’s use of the term ‘accidental millionaire’ as a way of trivializing her offending, and the Chinese government’s blind eye to a wanted female that they would never have shown to a wanted male.

Although Ms Hurring played a full role in the offending for example by transferring money overseas and spending it, she received nine months home detention compared to her male co-offender Mr Gao’s sentence of almost 5 years imprisonment. Unbelievable but so predictable.

Now around $3 million of our taxes through NZ on Air has been provided to produce a ‘telefeature’ using Ms Hurring as “a strong female lead” to provide us with “the reasons behind her actions” and to tell the “such a great story” about her offending.

Is there something wrong with popularizing and enriching someone on the basis of criminal offending? Yes of course there is but when it’s a female offender, no worries. We can all laugh it off, respect her as being a brave, strong female and listen to the justifications for her greed and thievery.

The photos accompanying this article show the smiles of everyone around Ms Hurring presumably coming out of the Court at some point. Ho ho ho isn’t it funny when a woman commits serious crimes?

We will wager a bet that the telefeature will avoid consideration of Ms Hurring’s sentencing pussy pass, except perhaps directly or indirectly trying to justify it.

Wed 14th November 2018

Three Beers Jim

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It might have been just another tradie’s shop – they’re a dime a dozen, aren’t they?

He was a drummer in a band, quite a story he owned, with a feminist wife and a couple of confused kids.

But Jim, (more…)

Tue 13th November 2018

he always says “IT’S GREAT TO BE A GUY”…..

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YEp…My GUY,,, he always reverts to this staple sentence.

Adversity, Stress, Business..even when those things get in the way, he get back up, I do not hear him blaming,, he is an analyzer.

Here recently the subject of hormone/chemical bodily response and reaction was talked about, I thought WOW, so that explains it.


I suppose some years from now these bodily chemicals become the new drugs….

Sun 11th November 2018


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Heres a quick video I made about Movember and what it means to me.

Sat 10th November 2018

Abortion at a Woman’s Whim

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Abortion tends to become an endless moral debate and this has previously been discouraged here. However, recent proposals by the NZ Law Commission deserve some consideration of this matter and its relevance to men.

The Law Commission has long been a feminist force forwarding the exploitation and harming of men. In addition to their proposal to make men pay alimony to the women who betrayed them and/or trashed their children’s family units, the Commission has also invented three options for changing abortion law. All three options treat fathers as totally irrelevant. It seems likely that the Labia-led government will enact one of these options unless there is very loud objection.

The lack of respect and importance accorded to fathers was already evident in this government’s earlier decision to make it ok for women to refuse to name a baby’s father. (more…)

Thu 8th November 2018

Family Income Sharing Arrangements – FISA – NZ Divorce

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Currently under consideration by the Law Commission, (FISA) may become a permanent part of our Divorce Settlement legislation.

Following the leading Herald article in their media feed authored as described;

(Jeremy Sutton is a senior family lawyer, specialising in divorce cases where there are significant assets including family trusts and complex business structures)

We find this; (more…)

Sun 4th November 2018

Submissions and concerted action about Crown accountability

I know this site has some great minds and maybe a few retired people that can dedicate a substantial amount of time for the benefit of others.

I think, in my not so humbled mind that what we need is a dedicated working group to offer submissions on all things affecting the population of NZ.

This group can (more…)

Fri 2nd November 2018


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Some things are so obvious they apparantly do not need saying…but it is okay, we have free speech and we can Babble if we want to…Mansplaining encouraged…

Thu 1st November 2018


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You know that feelin, when you feel like a bit of a dick,
you’ve said too much, too little, so inarticulate that you may have buried yourself, kinda feelin…
OH SHIT I am here again, I feel like a bit of a dick.
but this is a gooood thannnngggg, this is shitting yourself around, 325 degrees if necessary, get your S—T together or else BRO.

The RACE to gathering PACE….

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Rapid change is on the menu like never before, it is like a grab, a stab, use a fork if you must but feast you will. I am talking about a world that is lead in gathered fashion, a grab of what sectors of society wish for and aim to get. Minority groups abound, they want, they get, and you cannot hear yourself for the sound.
I guess I am old now, in the scheme of things but I will not bow to the dropping of etiquette and needing of syndicate, for the tallest of beings or build that we call historic, I pray (more…)

Sun 28th October 2018

Living With InJustice

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Is to be on your knees,
Being a SURVIVOR of this one is to be a SURVIVOR of victimisation for sure,
SURVIVING such a thing as this take guts, moral fibre, faith?, and all those wonderful things,
These things may not be easy to find on your own and you WILL need BACK UP,
But there is no boot camp for this one, no resolution, no respite, but to forget….forget about the people who used to be in your life??..the life you used to have????
“Just get over it, start a new”, you hear them say.
So you just look forward to another day, so you know there is one more day down, not one more day toward anything in particular, just one more day down.

Sat 27th October 2018


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Those whom have been apparently blind to a swell of mis-truths and dangerous exaggerations in recent times will surely be starting to see, these the judges and lawmakers….

It would be great to think that big change could be made, you know to say, a more european family style court system, if it were to go this way it would take substantial time I am sure.

The question is, (more…)

Wed 24th October 2018

Mansplaining – a uniquely postmodernist concept

Filed under: Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 5:45 pm

Quillette writer Michael Aaron discusses the importance of understanding that the left/right political dichotomy no longer applies, and that there are now three distinct political viewpoints: postmodern, modern, and traditional.

His explanation of the postmodernist term ‘mansplaining’ might offer some clues as to why our efforts to communicate the issues men face have largely been unsuccessful.


Mon 22nd October 2018

Announcement: Men’s Summit 2019 in Dunedin

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Organisers of the NZ Men’s Summit invite those interested in the welfare of men, fathers, boys and their friends to the Otago University Rugby Clubrooms on Friday 12 April next year.

Speakers and workshops will address important issues affecting the well being of males. This significant forum, with a working lunch, in a venue overlooking the Oval offers an opportunity to socialise afterwards and enjoy a weekend in Dunedin.
You are urged to join the pro-male network striving for a more gender-balanced and harmonious society.  Most are aware of the neglect and abuse of men’s rights with suicide, depression, false allegations, family injustice, defathering, health defaults, educational failings and media bias delivering greater numbers of dysfunctional episodes involving males.
Men’s groups continue to engage with politicians, agencies and NGOs. New Zealand First is preparing Parental Leave for Fathers. Shared Parenting must also become law. A Ministry for Men will balance input into policy and legislation.
These and other important issues will arise at the Men’s Summit. 
A full programme including registration details and costs will be available before the end of the year.
Put NZ Men’s Summit 2019, Friday 12 April. Otago University Rugby Clubrooms in your diary and plan to be there
Men Matter Too!
Phone Numbers for Organisers:
0274443820 : 0225948093

Sun 21st October 2018

Effectively Resisting the Feminist Juggernaut

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Instead, we would like to see many more thoroughly violent responses from men when feminist violence is done to them.

This excerpt is from MoMA’s original post on Jamie Lee Ross.

Many on this site have advised that we can learn a lot from the “old hands”. With them making quotes like that I’m not so sure that there is much of anything useful to learn at all.

Yes, yes, I know (more…)

There’s a dangerous problem with the Believe Survivors movement

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News Article Link

I do not think I have ever seen a news article where the reporter was fearful enough to put “Name Withheld”. Mostly reporters like to receive recognition, appreciation and industry respect for writing newsworthy features. Indeed, I am surprised the Editor published this piece.

The publishing of comments against the “believe survivors movement” and the overwhelming positive thumbs up is astonishing. Politicians should take note how many votes there are for change.

Well done to the writer editor and positive comment writers. Brave enough for the time being. Hopefully next time the reporter will put their name to it.

Fri 19th October 2018

Guardians of our Children,,self litigation workshop

What: Guardians of our Children “Make Them Proud” Self-litigation workshop

When: Saturday 27th October

Time: 9am – 3pm

Where: (more…)


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Did the shit have to get to the top before the reality sunk in for some people, or perhaps they sunk into it, might be a better analogy.

This could be the year, and it would be a strange one if the first year of the Labour government after Hellengrad saw the emergence of a #mentoo movement.

Let’s not be too (more…)

Wed 17th October 2018

Jami-Lee Ross vs Feminist Violence

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While we may be critical of Mr Ross’ disloyal attempts to sabotage his leader and party (and probably other individual parliamentarians in the near future!) and/or we may also see him to some extent as suffering abuse for brave whistle-blowing, we applaud the fact that he has not rolled over and accepted feminist mischief against him.

The gender issue in this saga has not been highlighted much in media, but it has probably been the main catalyst for recent developments as made clear in some news reports like this one. Ross may well have leaked information about Bridges’ electoral spending, though the standard of proof for this seems only marginally better than the total lack of proof routinely used by the Family Court to wreck the lives of men and their children. However, his full-on war now is in response to feminist violence. (more…)

Undisclosed Drug Use

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The female of the species is well known for hiding what they think you may not like in order to get the attention of a male.

Leaving aside alcohol and cigarettes, there are other addictions that are disruptive and sometimes dangerous within relationships.

Meths use amongst females is perhaps more obvious but sugar and food addictions and prescription drugs perhaps less obvious.

What are your experiences of hiding drug use or other addictions in relationships?

Perhaps you have been the guilty party or someone close to you.

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