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Fri 21st September 2018

Concerned About Men Meeting – Saturday 3rd November

Filed under: Events,General — Audi Alteram Partem @ 11:35 pm

I’m new to this forum but on looking through past threads the expression “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” comes to mind. Last year there was supposed to be a meeting in Auckland on the 4 November about which there were many, many, many comments but as I understand it no action.

So… There will be a meeting of people concerned about men. It will start with lunch being served at 1pm on Saturday the 3rd of November 2018. There will be no alcohol at lunch. At 2pm the meeting will commence and the attendees will decide how formal the meeting will be and who (if anyone) to appoint as chair and scribe. The meeting will focus on what actions we can take to mitigate or eliminate harms being foisted on men by widely held but erroneous beliefs about men. It will be about strategy and action. (more…)

Wed 19th September 2018

125 Years of Feminist Stupidity

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:14 am

No apologetic opening statement.

Today we will be subjected to the insufferable mouth pieces of New Zealand Feminism and who knows what that might produce.

When you see it out there, or if it infests your ears, comment and link to it here.

The bottom line …

Something like a hot-line, for those suffering total disbelief.

Tue 18th September 2018

Summer Times is Time for a Concert,.. surely?

Filed under: General — mama @ 2:56 pm

Long Summer nights in the City, we get to invite the bridge and rough sleeper guys, maybe the sallies will come, It’ll be like the seventies or at least a little bit West Side ( without the boozie allnighters of course )..

Why not organise a concert to raise awareness and money for the cause, double up as a convention and have real help stops.

Everyone has the right to do this surely?

Would it be opposed?

Dumb idea?

Timeline for Men to catch up

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:39 pm

Each time a new voice appears in the room it is often without any knowledge of what has happened before their arrival. There is always the awakening that history is part of where ever we are now.

There is often some distance between personal views and opinions and respective actions.

We could create a Timeline of events and links.

Comment on dates and events you are aware of, activities by groups, specific achievements that might develop the resource.

See our Timeline of Remembrance (more…)

Wed 12th September 2018

The Relationship Killer

Filed under: General — mama @ 9:15 pm

It’s the BIG,,, the BAD,,,,it’s RESENTMENT!

# and it tends to stem from,

#- What we feel someone did to us which was unnecessary mean or hurtful
#- What someone did not do for us
#- How we feel when someone has not done enough for us

I do not know too many men who would dwell on the above three things…does this mean that women feel more resentment,, and these feelings, do they surface because of unrealistic expectations (todays standards of)…are woman throwing a wobbly,spitting the dummy, behaving like spoiled children???

Take another selfie girls, remember to pout your best face forward.

# these from article
the main line of this post was taken from an article by Jill Goldson, she is on the Little Mr panel, and I have to say it gives me some faith that she be there.


Filed under: General — mama @ 7:53 pm

I read in a magazine the other day, in an article about Dads and his qualities,,

it said….’.Remember,, you wouldn’t BE a dad if it wasn’t for your kids mum!’

Yes I think sexual education is an issue after all…unfortunately babies are being confused with welfare.

Business to pay extra leave to Victims…

Filed under: General — mama @ 1:14 pm

Jan Logies’ Bill has passed, 10 days leave for domestic violence victims,,, as a previous employer in small business, I would baulk at the possibility of taking on a lady of that age for fear of becoming embroiled in her domestic problems, no one is ever going to see the other side of the story , maybe the woman has got serious mental issues, juggling babies and relationships is no mean task, but to constantly be told that as a woman you can simply blame the man in your life for all your problems, that is wrong, so wrong … A BIG and scary problem is the growing grey area of what “violence” is said to include, it may soon include text bullying etc, etc…. still snow balling in a dire direction for more men, I am supposing that small business owners are mainly men …

MAGGIE BARRY,, North Shore, National says…

We support the spirit of the bill, absolutely, but look at what it seeks to do. The bill proposes to make changes to five Acts: the Domestic Violence Act, the Employment Relations Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Holidays Act, and the Human Rights Act. When we look at the Employment Relations Act, to allow employees who are victims of domestic violence to request a variation of their working arrangements and then, under the Holidays Act, to have those 10 days’ paid leave, we are starting to see building up a situation that is very difficult, and very difficult to sustain long term for a small business in terms of there being any of the opportunities that might exist to support somebody who has been a victim of domestic violence. When we were in the committee, and in reading the papers and the advice from officials, we were provided with many examples of employers who are doing the right thing, who are recognising and providing appropriate support, flexibility, and leave for employees who are affected by domestic violence and who need to suddenly go and see a lawyer, go and take their children from school to medical appointments, and so forth. Any of us who have raised a family know very well how quickly we need to be able to respond as parents to the needs of our family, particularly if we are also in a situation where there is a domestic violence overlay.

Tue 11th September 2018

Young Men, Mature Ladies..,,the trouble with it…

Filed under: General — mama @ 5:06 pm

We talk about the lack of marrying kind gals,,, and there does seem to be a lack of them in my area of South Auckland, at least for the young men I know, two of my sons best friends, another friend in common, my own son and two of my nephews whom live in the sunny BOP. All of them have had relationships with older women.

The pitfalls I have heard about are varied and no doubt the advantages too.

Its sure seems a big ask for a young man to all of a sudden be dealing with adult children of this older woman, sometimes a young child or two as well an awl..

It also seems a big ask for him to be living in her circumstances, often her home and her already organised life. He can fit in , but he will never be financially connected. It is not like, ” hey, you want to buy a house together?”..she is often house secure, he will never get this chance, so what are the advantages???

Oh, I know, one advantage, He can leave any time he likes….
and if one of the babies is his, that’s okay, he will pay and she will receive, certainly no risk factor there, for her..


Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:14 am

Our Modern Plunket

Plunket in my view was a organization to help mothers, not one that I viewed as a child watch dog.

In an internal Plunket document obtained by RNZ, the child welfare group said there could be fewer home visits and parents might have to travel further to clinics if they had the resources to.

In terms of men’s issues (more…)

Sex Offender Walks Free

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:34 am

This story from Australia

A former female staff member of a prestigious school has walked from court after being handed an “extraordinarily lenient” suspended jail sentence for having sex with five male students in her care.

NSW District Court acting judge Christopher Armitage said a “toxic culture” had developed in The Armidale School boarding house in which the 25-year-old woman slept with students aged between 15 and 17 after inviting them into her room in late 2014 and 2015.

Judge Armitage said it was “difficult to see” how an immature young woman of her age and experience was chosen to sleep overnight in a boarding house with young teenage males.

And it wasn’t her fault, given a job she was not qualified for?

… evidence by the woman’s mother that the school didn’t take “correct responsibility for the affair” and employed a “junior, unqualified member of staff” in the boarding house without appropriate support.

Mon 10th September 2018


Filed under: General — mama @ 1:17 pm

Is it possible that Man pushed too far to keep Woman from burgeoning ever forward…and if so are Woman now not doing exactly the same thing…but worse..

Is this revenge???? (more…)

Family justice reforms seek public support – closes 9 November 2018

Filed under: Law & Courts — Julie @ 5:30 am

Posted by Andrew Little on September 05, 2018

Justice Minister Andrew Little welcomes the release of a public consultation paper by the Independent Panel considering the 2014 family justice reforms.

“The Panel is calling for public submissions, inviting everyone with experience of the family justice system to share their stories and have a say about how family justice services can be improved.

“The Independent Panel, made up of former Chief Human Rights Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan, and family lawyers La-Verne King and Chris Dellabarca, have been appointed to examine changes made to the family justice system in 2014.

“We can’t fix a broken system without knowing the extent of the problem so I’m pleased the Panel is seeking public input.share on twitter

“The consultation process is an invaluable opportunity for the Panel to understand how the family justice system can provide a better service.

“Wide public engagement will allow the Panel to get the full picture when it comes to the reforms’ effectiveness.

“Submissions are open for eight weeks. The Panel has worked hard to ensure that the consultation is accessible for anyone interested in helping to improve the system,” said Andrew Little.

Information about the Panel and the public submissions process can be found HERE

Submissions close on 9 November 2018.

Thu 6th September 2018

The use of Affidavits in Family Court

Filed under: General — mama @ 2:25 pm

I do not think that the use of the affidavit is necessarily a good thing.

You take a couple that have split, family is separated from the man, the women generally has rights over the children and she does not want to communicate. Then she gets to release her bowels on paper, causing yet more bitterness, the man must respond bitterly too???

Mon 3rd September 2018


Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — mama @ 11:04 pm

I THINK NOT….There is far toooo much to say, and some of you guys, have seen and said sooo much.


Please do not treat all Men as violent, they are Fathers, Brothers, Sons, Uncles, Tax Payers and People.

Please be eloquent in your approach to a family situation and uphold the respect and virtue of that family, especially when children are involved.

Please understand that life has become very challenging and that the cost of living to mention one challenge is putting great pressure upon families all over our fair country.

Please let your reforms be for the family, for the children, for they are our future.

Please do not take the easy way out.

Sat 1st September 2018

The Suicide Debate

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:08 am

We knew it was bad, but not how bad.

Then the whispers started; four times as many men as women. The Clark Ministry wouldn’t be budged on making the figures public. Perhaps the previous government hadn’t been any better – I don’t know.

More than fifteen years ago we obtained by dubious means, the most recent figures. There was no hurry to be up to date and provisional figures were running about two years behind.

The media adopted various attitudes, (more…)

Thu 30th August 2018


Filed under: General,Law & Courts — mama @ 6:32 pm

It has been too long since I have seen my son.
He went missing in action, taken down one of those black holes you guys talk about here. It wasn’t that is was okay for him to stop, it was necessary.

We have sayings like cruel to be kind and for greater good, it happens in the animal kingdom on an ongoing basis, but us humans think we are above this, we have to curb how we think how we speak,how we feel?! and we must adhere to the sentence of the likes of the courts when trying to save remnants of a shredded family.

Forced into a corner, he did have a choice, life or life sentence, that is how bad the choice became, choosing life when the alternative gave him driplets of the shredded remnants of his family along with the farce of it all…
said here the other day, in the words of a one crazy Billy.. reality, for most nowadays, is a dream long discarded.

WE CAN DANCE IF WE WANT TO…SAFETY DANCE…Men Without Hats…check out the mix version on you tube, live in the newsroom..if you want to

I hear they’re refurbishing the Beehive Bunker?

Filed under: General — mama @ 5:49 pm

What for I wonder?.. certainly not for Jacindas’ new wardrobe.

Can’t be the Taupo caldera, certainly not the out of control riots in the streets.

or maybe the spy centre from hell for all the 6000 kiddies in foster care out there.

for the hidden statistics or Paulas’ mouldy biscuits.

Wed 29th August 2018

A GUIDE TO COURT-SHIP…but not as we knew it..

Filed under: General — mama @ 10:09 pm

used to be that a man could be the suitor
is he now the suitee

used to be going steady
now just going no where

used to be love and romance
could be a noose around your neck

used to be a coming together of the sexes
now only ending in senseless vexes

used to cummulate in a ring and a forever
now its a never ending nightmare

used to be someone to treat
now endless cost and need to retreat

used to be courtship
now just court shit!

Lest We Forget

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:32 pm

It was just a little scrap of recent news; the history department complaining about the reduction in funding for that department but it made the news. Somebody thought it important and contacted the media, and somebody else thought it important enough to print the story, and in our ideologically driven institutes of learning, perhaps it is more important than the minimal attention it received from us.

Did you or would you have clicked into that link?

Then I saw this. I think I knew that we were involved in the Borneo and Malaysia conflicts – but really, I’m not sure because I can’t remember another single fact that would confirm this.

And then the bottom line, the all familiar phrase that gets dusted off each year when Anzac Day comes around.

“Lest we Forget.”

It’s a misunderstood saying. (more…)

Tue 28th August 2018

Tort against the family court

Filed under: Law & Courts — Jay Zane @ 11:56 pm

G’day Menzies,

Anyone here have ever filed a tort against the family court / The Attorney-General for loss and damage in the supreme court? Or if any smart blokes here who ( think out of the box) want to share some knowledge have been victimized by the flawed FC ? I am planning to file a tort against the crown /The Attorney-General and self-represented. Please let me know if smart blokes here who got a case and keen to do it collectively ! The purpose is not only for winning but to raise the awareness and let them know its not right !

I personally, have an aged complex case with proven parental alienation, kids brainwashing and programming, abuse of court process, proven false allegations and all done by the vindictive ex. resulted in damaged father and children. The ex ended with a slap on her hand ” how dare you do this” and the judge recommended on her counseling.

I have an evidence of the detrimental loss and damage caused due to the courts lengthy and numerous prolonged proceedings and negligence of more than 5 judges who were involved in my case.

Please let me know if anyone is keen or has knowledge on how to proceed !

Negligence: The Duty of Care
Negligence: Particular Categories of Duty
Negligence: Breach of Duty
Negligence: Breach of Statutory Duty

Mon 27th August 2018

Homeless Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:01 pm

They are out there.

There is a constant string of media reports highlighting this growing problem.

Just how growing is the problem?

How many are taken off the streets only through the benevolence of charity organizations?

Having seen a map produced by Stuff News I was surprised to see homeless people showing up outside of the main Auckland Centre and across the city.

Do you know a man who for some reason is homeless or choosing to be homeless and why?

Sat 25th August 2018

Check Out Another Damned Pussy Pass

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:30 pm

How long are we to endure this ridiculous double standard in our criminal justice system? Here’s a violent woman who seriously injured two other women after punching a man. She wan’t even charged for hitting the man! If a man had hit a woman in exactly the same circumstances he would certainly have been charged with the sexist ‘male assaults female’ offence for which the imprisonment tariff is double that for a female offender. But even that’s not enough pro-female discrimination for police who didn’t even bother charging this woman at all for assaulting a man.

And for her serious, sustained, completely unjustified violence that has caused two victims enduring, possibly permanent physical and mental injury? This fat bully gets 9 months home detention, some community work and a pittance of restitution to the victims! (more…)

Fri 24th August 2018


FamilyJusticeReforms FamilyJusticeReforms

Hi any one and every one,,,,,join in the conversation,, these guys want submissions from any one that has had experience with the system.

I have just received an email thanking me for my email/submission and they have asked me to answer some more specific questions in due course.

Im my submission I really questioned the without notice infringement.

I am wrapped .

Thu 23rd August 2018

Mental Health at Work

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:21 pm

Listen to Podcast

Geoff McDonald talking about ‘Mental ill-Health’ in the workplace.

This is a very far reaching cross section of the subject from an HR CEO point of view in a large corporate enterprise.

Certainly of interest to the old crew will be our recognition of the same thing at the grass roots level over a decade ago.

Our attempts to have this understood, of course met with the political smashing machine because we dared to raise an issue about men during the Clark Government. Sadly it has taken this long for the issue to float to the top and receive recognition.

That we can now point out is the effect of Feminist dogma and silly little shouty girls.

Canadian Family Court Advice Comes to New Zealand

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:05 am


Calls for reform of the family court system and the need for more resources are being backed by a prominent international expert on legal issues related to children and families in the justice system.

Professor Nicholas Bala from Canada’s Queen’s Law School says while family dispute resolution works in many cases, much better resources are needed for the most difficult ones.

He’s calling for a clearer and more effective role of Oranga Tamaraki in high conflict separations, as well as faster assessments, and more lawyers being brought in at the early stages.

An overhaul of the Family Court in 2014 put the onus on parents to resolve custody disputes, causing a dramatic increase in urgent applications. Professor Nicholas Bala’s work in this area has been cited by all levels of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court, as well as by courts in New Zealand, America England, Singapore and Australia.

Professor Bala speaks with Lynn Freeman

Listen to Podcast

If you listen further in you’ll find a push to return to the judge-managed cases that we had 15 -20 years ago, but also a push to increase the use of psychologists and alter their complaints process.

The acknowledgement at the end; a guest of the NZ Psychological Society.

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