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Sat 26th October 2019


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The tables have turned for sure. The figures for Public Service workers, Ministry for Social development and now even general employment have women overtaken Men, though in the case of the first two mentioned sectors the percentage difference is in the extremes, public sector being around high sixtys to Mens high twenty percentages and similar stats for MSD.

So in this Ministry for Women announcement of which there are always many and continuos SHE SAYS that flexible work time will benefit both Men and Women the facts are that Women in their bulk are in these sectors of employment.

My Son in Law has been immersed in the education sector this past year and will next year be teaching,,, he expounded to me the other day that we need more male teachers!,, NO KIDDING!!!
He is hugely competitive and so I am sure has come to see the lack of that within the system, a bunch of girls doing what is rightfully their option to do anything they want.

Sweden, as a country, consider themselves a feminist society with fourty percent considering themselves so, however when a Swedish Education specialist was over here recently he talked of how proud he was of their system and of how competitive it was, high callibre, highly paid and highly sought.

Levels of of teaching tell a different story in that secondary and particularly tertiary teaching is more Male predominant than with the primary and below, great but the concern here is that we have had falling numbers of university going males and when our higher Male Teachers retire who will replace them,, many industries have older Men who worry that when they do retire who will replace them.

Sat 5th October 2019

Getting Care Right For All Children UN

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Getting Care Right for All Children: Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children
Ensure that alternative care is a necessary, suitable and positive experience for children, with this free online course.
Taking the UN Guidelines as a framework, this free online course will help you gain insight into how the unnecessary placement of a child in alternative care can be prevented; how alternative care can constitute a suitable, positive experience for a child when it is necessary; and how children and young people who are leaving care can best be supported. Learn with alternative care specialists from CELCIS, UNICEF and the UN.
This course will lay out issues that need to be competently considered when making decisions around care of children.
Separated parents will likely find the course constructive by reminding them of the issues that need to be considered, rather than looking on custody fights as a battle to death.
Although the Care of Children Act 2004 has moved away from talking about custody of children, towards focusing on day to day care, most judges are still thinking in terms of the old Guardianship Act 1966. This winner takes all attitude encourages lengthy and expensive to families legal fights, which of course serves legal worker’s paramount interests.
If litigants can focus on children’s interests, they can protect the family from financial destruction by legal workers and protect the children’s right to a healthy upbringing.

Thu 3rd October 2019

Another poor bloke

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Please see link below
Not only hell to go through, even though backed by the judge when found not guilty, judge awards costs against crown law but he still loses $200 000

Wed 28th August 2019

Meeting with Paul Hunt NZ Human Rights Commissioner

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I am meeting with Paul Hunt the New Zealand Human Rights Commissioner on 16 September.

I plan to discuss with him the gender politics of the NZHRC which appears to me to be ideological driven rather than rights driven. I will address a number of issues that disproportionately affect men or where men are neglected including: suicide and mental health; incarceration rates (prison population); criminal justice – gendered crimes, domestic violence and police and other frontline responses; family court.

I will not have a lot of time but if you have any specific suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Mon 26th August 2019

Communication What Goes On in NZ Jails and Caught$

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Fellow jailbirds,

we need to communicate to the NZ public about the realities of what goes on in her magesties caught$ and jail$.
Should we be more active in communicating to the public by holding art exhibitions?
Opening Monday 2nd September // 5.30pm

Prison doesn’t just affect the incarcerated. Families are left without a parent, a child or a sibling. Communities left with a hole where a person once was.

Kōrero Pono, a multimedia exhibition created by JustSpeak, is travelling the country, giving a voice to those with lived experience of the justice system.

The exhibition features the intimate stories of sixteen people who have been affected by incarceration. The stories run alongside portraits by a number of Kiwi artists including Marianne Muggeridge, Xoë Hall and John Crawford.

JustSpeak Director, Tania Sawicki Mead, says the project shares the importance of investing in solutions that resolve harm, rather than believing that punishment will provide accountability.

“Kōrero Pono simply translates to honest talk, which is what we need when it comes to incarceration in New Zealand,” she says.

“The stories, and accompanied artworks, come together as a powerful exhibition that speaks to the long term consequences of prison on family members, on job prospects and our collective failure to address the complex drivers of harm such as family violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and mental distress,” she says.

Fri 9th August 2019


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The Phrase FAMILY LAWYER is commonly used on the Ministry of Justice website.
I am not sure WHY?
In my experience there was a Lawyer for HER, a Lawyer for HIM, and a Lawyer for the Baby.

Three Blind Lawyers, blind to the ‘FAMILY’.

Trying to make sense of the process in the light of ‘Family’ meant we were not only in the Dark, were being kept in the Dark, but also hope dwindled to hopeless.

The Three people in that Family were kept apart for so long there was no coming back from the awful experience.

The idea of a Family Lawyer would sound okay to me if I were to look at that phrase in my logic light.
A Professional in the field of Law and the Family, some one to guide you through the process from the beginning to get a ‘good for all’ result in a timely manner, Parents, their Babies and even extended families able to move forward in the re adjusted framework of their new lives apart.


Thu 1st August 2019

Peter Ellis gets another appeal

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Felicity was interviewed on Morning Report today about the forthcoming appeal by Peter Ellis. She says:

“Basing a conviction purely on a child’s testimony, particularly when there has been a number of suggestive interviews that have taken place, is incredibly unsafe…not just for the person who gets wrongly convicted – it is incredibly damaging for the children who come to believe that these terrible things happened to them when they didn’t.”

Sun 28th July 2019

Divorce Proposition

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:18 pm

New divorce law recommended by the Law Commissioner

Fri 26th July 2019

60 Minutes – Incredible Story – Innocent Man Sent To Jail

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 1:37 pm

Arrested. Put in jail. Ruined for money. Cheated out of his home.

The police did not investigate claims.

On this occasion one female detective picked up on inconsistencies and decided to investigate.

It took 5 years. His parents spent AU$600,000 to find his innocence. Zero compensation. An a unbelievable toll to this man.

Tue 23rd July 2019

Alienated from Life

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:42 pm

The previous post is a discussion about parental alienation surfacing as a world issue and how some New Zealand citizens have taken it upon themselves to express an opinion on behalf of our country.

An older post, Crusade for Free Speech discusses the role this issue played in undermining the essence of a democratic parliament, and a New Zealand parliament in particular.

It is particularly relevant to Fathers and men who value the importance of free speech.

Within our parliamentary system (more…)

Sun 21st July 2019

Parental Alienation Disease

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What was your instant reaction when you saw that … a disease?

This is a proposal currently being given consideration by World Health. Previous posts on MENZ have debated child alienation from many angles but I don’t recall, disease. The process is probably following in the footsteps of addiction therapy which is mainly to do with funding, stigma, and recovery, even if it is not actually a disease.

These processes often arise out of larger target groups; for example drug addiction issues in the US armed services.

We’ve called it many things; a range of immorality, brainwashing, revenge and (more…)

Thu 18th July 2019

I am a BOY,,, how am I supposed to be??????

I know two BOYS,,, one 8, one 10,
Their Lady teachers talk to them in Baby talk, they are 8 and 10!,, 8 and 10!!!

I see other Boys, often they have no Dad,,, their Mothers talk to them like Babies!!!

Please some one tell me, who they will be, will they be okay, will they be strong of mind?

Who will (more…)

Tue 2nd July 2019

The Demonic Male

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:28 pm

This is where we are headed now.

The day after the introduction of new Family Law Legislation we see the demonizing case carpet-bombing New Zealand media.

This story from Australia is a used as a coordinated attack on our social perspective. There is a deliberate intention here, of simple-minded people who have no concern for the consequences of their actions.

In isolation it is one case. However, published to this extent, (more…)

Mon 1st July 2019

Family Violence Act 2018

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:03 am

This Act comes into force today, Monday 1st July 2019.

It replaces the Domestic Violence Act that entered our legislation on the 1st July 1995. The elephant in the original act is that it was not designed for New Zealand by New Zealanders. It was the brain child of a bitter and twisted foreigner that was glibly accepted by our parliament.

The current legislation 24 years later has been in development for sometime and has been passed on from the previous government. What relationship that might have with the current working group inquiry is probably a little vague.

What should also be read with this act is (more…)

Sat 29th June 2019

Family Court Reforms – Australia

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:39 pm

Personally I’m looking back at a 25 year history of incompetence, corruption and the ensuing consequences that flow from this environment, and the arogant shit heads that infest it, and the good money bled by taxpayers for no good outcome, but that’s just New Zealand.

I’m no longer a direct participant but if you are, you have my heartfelt sympathy, if you’ve been blindsided by the unbelievable.

Recently we have seen the release of a report from an inquiry into the New Zealand Family Court and (more…)

Thu 27th June 2019

The Right to Sperm

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A previous post, Just a Sperm Donor based on a case that originated in New South Wales but ended up a federal case, has so far attracted one comment from the land far far away.

Does that deserve to be won in a court of law at the high court?

Even though the girl was the result of her father’s original sperm, and not from her friend’s sperm?

Here is another interesting case from Nanded in India that has a basis in ‘Human Rights’ that we might be interested in.

The order (?decision) was passed by Judge Swati Chauhan of the Nanded Family Court last week. The order reads,

“…right to reproduce is a very intricate feminine right emanating from woman’s basic human right. Not allowing a fertile woman to procreate is like compelling her to sterilise. To curb or to curtail reproductive right may have subtle and devastating demographic outcome.”

Am I detecting a concern on behalf of Mother Nature, that interfering with this women’s desire to reproduce will upset the balance of nature?

What will make your eyes water is the rest of the story. (This couple are both doctors). (more…)

Mon 24th June 2019

What links Israel Folau’s case to the Father’s Rights platform?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 10:06 pm

As an atheist and agnostic I have no time at all for religious statements. The ancient scriptures were written by men within the context in which their society existed.

The facts:

Both the Bible and the Quran are fundamental documents of the respective faiths and are not banned publications.

Folau refused to sign a contract forbidding him from expressing his support for the biblical teachings and therefore he was free to quote from them on his social media.

Freedom of speech means the freedom to express your thoughts regarding any subject you believe to have merit providing you have not voluntarily given up that right to your employer or any other agent.

What is Hate Speech?

Section 131 of the Human Rights Act deals with extreme acts of offensive speech. It is a criminal offence to publish or use threatening, abusive or insulting words. This section requires an intention of inciting ill-will or hostility to the people targeted.

Folau did not incite hostility to anyone. He believes he can save people, from a place he believes in called hell, by a method called repenting.

The juxtaposition

The zeitgeist of the period in history we are in is a dangerous one for father’s rights. All males are seen as tyrants due to the feminist dogma that states ‘patriarchal hierarchy is pure evil’. To quote material from any publication that challenges that dogma, or indeed display your own thoughts on the matter, may well ‘trigger’ a female reader into disgust thereby deeply offending her.

The writer may well then face criminal proceedings under new hate speech laws that are being considered at the moment.

Such radical legislation may not seem possible but you need to consider the speed at which society has changed its views over such a small period of time and the power and speed at which the radical left is gaining momentum.

I have supported the Gay community since I was very young as I had family friends with that inclination. I always viewed society as ignorant and bigoted in matters concerning homosexuality. Never did I think that society would remain equally ignorant and bigoted when the coin was flipped.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sat 22nd June 2019

Philosophy is not black and white

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:04 am

The concept that the law is not black and white, confuses many people, especifically those that are just curious. They haven’t taken the time to work these things out.

Black and White is the foundation also of many liteary themes and a source of conflict in writing.

We misunderstand ourselves inside these processes.

From our (more…)

Fri 21st June 2019

Jumping on the Family Band Wagon…

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With the flurry of surveys and much talk about the rise of the want for a more Conservative governance both here and across the world, the heart of the Family is taking a bow amongst those wanting more conservatism and less Me me, individual me.

There is no doubting that at the same time technology is set to take another leap, on line gaming will increase and only Family can keep this from becoming a track that children take and become unreachable.
Parents used to question themselves on how good was it? to sit wee Johnny and Martha down in front of the TV, but now device time has soared, children are even growing new neck parts to make up for the way they stare down into their devices,,, do we really want epidemic after epidemic, where is the control, where is the care.

A call to Family is a call to Fathers, and their families, if we have to fight for Family Values then it must be together, Family values are at the very heart of the issues that Men all over the world are facing.
This really could be an opportunity more suited to the Male in that he is not going to say ‘ME’, he is going to say US, our FAMILIES and a Soul for our Societies.

Thu 20th June 2019

Just a Sperm Donor

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From across the Tasman and sourced from the ABC News:

The first two blockquotes are scene setting.
The third blockquote is what caught my eye when first reading the story.
Does anyone have a knowledgeable opinion on the comparative Australian/New Zealand situation?
Some reason for two lesbians to prefer New Zealand rather than Australia?


Sat 15th June 2019

The Reasons FOR a Ministry for Men….getting to the heart of it…

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We have talked about this, and we need to keep talking about it.

If a Ministry were to exist, what information could we supply this Ministry for our Men.

There has been some negativity for the idea,, but what would the positives actually be.

A Warren Farrell debate

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:52 pm

I have a problem with the unqualified promotion of Warren Farrell.

I read a couple of his books around the turn of the century when he came to New Zealand.

First let’s have a look at his history; lives in the US, got married, didn’t have any children. Went through a separation. Did a bit of a MGTOW thing. Became an author of male psychological texts. Got married many years later to a woman with children.

He has a history of involvement in support of Feminism and I suppose I’d call it a moderator in the battle between Feminism and the Men’s movement.

Here’s just one thing he says:

The best-selling magazines to men are Playboy and Penthouse. These represent men’s primary fantasy: access to as many beautiful women as desired without risk of rejection. The best-selling magazines to women are Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle, representing the female primary fantasy: better homes and gardens and a family circle.

I’m just going to leave this here for now.

Have a think about that and you’re welcome to comment.

Fri 14th June 2019


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By the time something reaches the bottom, let’ just say it is not good.

We have a problem Huston, we need to work at the top.

I doubt if every Man Group along the stretch of our country was visited that you would find much in the way of a hearty laugh or, and rightly so, in times of trouble there is only seriousness until success. Success is hard to make out of the messy situation that faces many Men after separation.

The damage is there, waiting to be done.

We don’t want to have Men having to go there. We need some preventative measures and no one is ever gunna offer this, it is just not coming.

Firstly the countrywide population has to be made aware that there is a problem,,, just in six months more rules have been put in place like road spikes, no body knows…. not even the road users!

The massive fact that the statistics for SUICIDE are being investigated for a specific profession of Male driven industry is indeed a window into this world in which the Men of this country live.

This work is hopefully going to drive more cliff top work for Men here.
It is imperative that all that can be openly discussed will be done so and that the conversation it kept alive , do not let people dwell only on this one profession as politicians and media sometimes do,, this needs to be looking at the wide view, a real spot light.

Wed 12th June 2019

Order and Law…. an education, a discussion into….

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Society of course needs Order,
Society of course needs Law,
but regardless of whether you are Rich,
or you are Poor.

Laws were Set,
Courts to see that they are Met,
but Courts without justice for all,
will surely be in blatant disregard,
of our Law.

What of

Tue 11th June 2019

The Demise of Social Media

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:02 am

I wrote a previous post on The Death of Feminism.

Perhaps that is not so visible because we still have some aspiring female politicians who wouldn’t deny themselves the opportunity they worked for. A bunch of state workers in their last ten years before retirement. A few political hopeful who see a career of indulgence with minimal work. While behind them is a disinterested directionless army of younger people who have something else to do, or really don’t give a continental.

There is no great army of persuasion at the top of the bell curve. That sharp leading edge is a knife edge, and not an instant death, but perhaps a slow and painful ideological death for those who kept the faith. We see it being played out in dramatic style on social media and that’s probably in the absence of the greater majority of the population. (The greater majority; I use the term cautiously but with some confidence)

Whether that position on Feminism is correct or not, it is linked (more…)

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