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Fri 21st September 2018

Concerned About Men Meeting – Saturday 3rd November

Filed under: Events,General — Audi Alteram Partem @ 11:35 pm

I’m new to this forum but on looking through past threads the expression “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” comes to mind. Last year there was supposed to be a meeting in Auckland on the 4 November about which there were many, many, many comments but as I understand it no action.

So… There will be a meeting of people concerned about men. It will start with lunch being served at 1pm on Saturday the 3rd of November 2018. There will be no alcohol at lunch. At 2pm the meeting will commence and the attendees will decide how formal the meeting will be and who (if anyone) to appoint as chair and scribe. The meeting will focus on what actions we can take to mitigate or eliminate harms being foisted on men by widely held but erroneous beliefs about men. It will be about strategy and action. (more…)

Sun 14th October 2018 not mediation..”MEDITATION”

( only one named mama could get away with a post like this here,,so here goes)

I was talking with people the other day about the great need to look after yourself when you get caught up in the system.
Some people will not have the luxury of time to find wisdom and they need some fast.
You can waste your time and energy going down a track that can lead to hopelessness.
Getting in touch with yourself as soon as you can could give you the best chance of choosing the best path for you.
It is not that you want to go to court with a bleeding heart, you want them to see that you have one and that it is in the right place.
Get quiet, meditate, meditate to music, go to a place where you can talk to yourself and breathe, just breathe… Faith Hill..

Court Favouritism Towards Females

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:38 am

While over the last year or two there have been some cases in which women were sentenced comparably to men, that remains a rare exception. Here’s a case in the news today. Compare that with this very similar case in which it was a father who responded to his child’s bully with a mild physical response. Neither the man nor the woman appeared to have any previous convictions. The man’s offence was even less blameworthy than the woman’s, in that his bullied son was a special needs child and the news article implied that he only shoved the bully whereas the woman pulled the bully by the hair, hit her several times around the face and caused bruising. But she was a woman so was discharged without conviction. Having a penis appeared to disqualify the man from having the Court consider the effects of a conviction and sentence on his future travel plans and life, whereas being a woman appeared to make those things suddenly important enough to protect her from even a conviction.

Men continue to be treated with much less understanding and compassion than women routinely are, reflecting fundamental sexism unchanged by feminist activities purporting to seek gender equality. If anything, the justice gender gap has increased both in law, for example sentences for offences that men mainly commit have been increased to ridiculous levels, and in practice given relentless demonization of men by feminists and white knights. Men continue to be treated as disposable, their culpability considered greater than that of women and their suffering, welfare and rights considered much less important than women’s.

We would prefer men to be shown the same understanding and compassion that is routinely shown to women in our Court systems. That will require revision of the real sexism in our society, being laws, policies, attitudes and conduct disadvantaging men. However, failing that we demand the women be treated as cruelly as men routinely are. If and when that happens we will quickly see changes to law and sentencing as the women start squealing about the unfairness of it. That won’t address the underlying sexism but will help many men.

Sat 13th October 2018

GIVE IT MEL’LALLDE…..Melania and me…

Filed under: General — mama @ 8:40 pm

I can imagine that people have reserved feeling /perception for Mrs Trump, First Lady and Statuesque Lady at the side of the President of the United States.
I did have a smirk at her expense when observing for the third time her punished look of despair at having to be ‘the public office wife’ whilst really all she wants is to be home with Byron, or something else close to her heart. ” A heart you say!”.
I like she is not ‘westernized’, logic before sensation.

Recently she has said things such as, ‘we should not try to change Men’… how direct is that, I am impressed.

A Brief Summary of Some Serious Flaws in the Domestic Violence Act

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:20 am

1. The DVA requires the Court to determine matters on the standard of ‘proof’ called the balance of probabilities. This may be suitable for legal decision making in some areas and perhaps for a strictly time-limited non-contact order in relationship conflict situations, but it’s inadequate and unjust when used to deprive or limit in ongoing fashion various fundamental rights of accused individuals such as the right to parent one’s own children and even to interact with them, the right to occupy one’s own house and to use one’s own possessions, the right to freedom of movement in the community, the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to maintain a previously determined firearms licence and possession of firearms and the right to withhold consent to participate in treatment programs. (more…)

Fri 12th October 2018

Suicide: ‘Don’t Mention the Facts’

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:01 am

Almost every article on suicide fails to mention the extent to which suicide is a gender issue, that men have over decades committed suicide around 3 times more often than everyone else. Here’s another one, a good article in most respects. Is it the editors who take out any reference to the gender issue here? Or are the people who write or comment on suicide all so well indoctrinated into political correctness that they automatically avoid mentioning anything that might suggest men are disadvantaged?

Police Proudly Parade Their Anti-Male Sexism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:48 am

Check out this remarkable news item. Police white-knighting for damsels who are not in distress.

“How do you know she’s consenting?” Apart from the fact she has her tongue in your mouth and her hand down your underpants? A better question might be “How do you know she won’t withdraw her consent retrospectively tomorrow or in 30 years?”, the answer to which will always be “That can’t be known”. One might hope that this police harassment of people going about lawful activity will cause some males to consider joining the MGTOW code, but that seems very unlikely. Most young guys will continue to be ruled by their penis especially after alcohol consumption, and regardless of equal drunkenness will continue to be held exclusively responsible for women’s sexual participation.

Wed 10th October 2018

Man dragged through caught to be taught lesson???..antismacking

Filed under: General — mama @ 7:29 am

When I heard on the AM show that a man was dragged through court for smacking his four year old child once on the bottom, they also slipped it in there that the mother thought he may have needed to be taught a lesson, the Father that is.
Since when are Mothers an advisory to the police force.
He was discharged without conviction..thank goodness, but made to do a parenting course.

Tue 9th October 2018

Sydnee Shanunna Toulapapa

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:52 pm

The Crown then appealed that decision, made by High Court Justice Peter Woodhouse, on the grounds that a conviction would have been proportionate to the seriousness of the offending.

The Court of Appeal on Tuesday dismissed the appeal, saying that Toulapapa was the “dupe of the principal offender” – her cousin Nadene Manukau-Togiavalu.

Regardless of the backdrop to this court case, kidnapping of a baby, what caught my attention was the “dupe of the principal offender”

In this respect the noun; a victim of deception.

I’m wondering if this is going to be applied without gender bias?

A Chorus of Casualties

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:06 pm

This week we’ve seen an investigation, and unusually, a joint investigation, into Chorus by IRD and employment authorities.

It follows on the back of news last week that two major media interests have not been granted permission to merge (The actual decision wasn’t available but if anyone does see it, a link would be a handy resource)

In a small country, (more…)

Mon 8th October 2018

MENEVENT…may sound like medicine, and it could be..but not as we know it Jim

Filed under: General — mama @ 3:49 pm

This is CALL OUT to all and every Bloody Mens’ Group or dot what ever.

We here in NZ want to see some SOLIDARITY.

It seems that every November we see stuff about Men this and that, so November would be perfect.
“Wait, there is one coming our way!”
“Can we jump on it PLEASE.”
and the kids’ say “ARE WE THERE YET?”

Sun 7th October 2018

What Men Want….

Filed under: General — mama @ 1:25 pm

The difference between Want and Need has been on my mind since I was kid.

One is necessary.

Men are logical and think more in terms of need, to my mind anyway.

So maybe it is more WHAT MEN NEED.

TO FOCUS ON THE ENEMY in times of war is a necessity, it can also help to get through times of frustration etc, etc.

Sat 6th October 2018

Ways Forward

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:47 am

If you’ve been thinking why don’t we just do that or why hasn’t someone done this?

This post is for you.

The Feminist agenda affects individuals in so many different ways and individuals see it from many different points of view. Often that is the argument, you’re not seeing it from where I sit or how it has affected this group of people.

What do you do about it, that is always the big question?

Tue 2nd October 2018

Self Litigation Workshop, Guardians Of Our Children…

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Events,General,Law & Courts — mama @ 7:40 pm

This workshop is being organised by Frank Hicks.
Frank recently spoke at the conference in Wellington organised by Kidz Need Dadz.
He was very well received at the conference and brings a wealth of knowledge, he loves to share his knowledge in order to help anyone going through the Family Court process.

The workshop will be held in Auckland.

Mon 1st October 2018

International Men’s Day NZ

Filed under: General — Iain Fergusson @ 2:23 pm


We have been working to promoting International Men’s Day in New Zealand. You can connect with us here:

We are in Christchurch and have a bikers’ run planned for Sunday 18th.

We are also encouraging everybody to post a short story about a man in their lives who has been a positive influence on them, or they admire, or are grateful for, to social media with the hashtag #MensDayNZ.


Brett Kavanaugh

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:03 am

I’m inclined to avoid US politics and have been critical of others for straying into that teritory rather than remaining focused on our own domestic politics.

I just thought I would say that before I get started. (more…)

Sat 29th September 2018

Jacinda on the World Stage

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:58 pm

Our prime minister told the UN that MeToo should become WeToo. It seems to us to be unbecoming and unwise for a head of state to support the ‘MeToo’ campaign on a world stage.

Why? (more…)

Wed 26th September 2018

The Mama’s and the Papa’s…ode to the family we were..

Filed under: General — mama @ 10:45 pm

We are the Family, the Mama’s and the Papa’s and we want what is best for our Boy’s.

But like him our hands are tied and we have all cried, the many times we have been made to feel like we have committed grave crime,
Like him we have no voice, no choice in it all, never thinking for a moment our family could fall, into the kind of place where there is no space, to even crawl.
I am a lucky one, for as well as a son, I have a daughter who has two of her own, so you see at least I have two grandchildren I will always know, not the three I knew, just the two that remain.

A meeting concerned about the welfare of men

Filed under: General — Paul Catton @ 8:56 pm

An anonymous poster “Audi Alteram Partem” has provided an initiative to go further than keyboard venting and wishes to engage with our dis-affected men.
To date there are 66 comments, bitching pro and con, upon this initiative and perhaps a handful of RSVP’s.
John Potter (site administrator) has advised, he will be in attendance.
I have also given assurance of my attendance.
Representatives of MOMA have guaranteed safe haven with Opal and I.

Please keep any negativity/trolling/controversy to the original post Concerned About Men Meeting – Saturday 3rd November

Please use the comments section of this post solely for registering possibility of attendance.
User name (your location optional, might be beneficial though for car-pooling).

John, please use extreme moderation to keep this register untainted.

The Feminist Cult of NZ

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:13 pm

Nearly 5,000,000 people; how could a country like New Zealand be a cult?

Sounds rediculous doesn’t it?

We are used to a central misguided figurehead gathering a few gullible followers in an isolated place and creating the myth that absorbs them for the individual purpose. A transfer of purpose … temporarily, as these institutions of manipulation and self interest are routinely dismantled by the authority of mainstream society.

Consider for a moment, (more…)

What Women Want

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:25 am

RNZ Podcast

Parental Alienation is a discreted syndrome.
(Where did that come from?)

Wed 19th September 2018

125 Years of Feminist Stupidity

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:14 am

No apologetic opening statement.

Today we will be subjected to the insufferable mouth pieces of New Zealand Feminism and who knows what that might produce.

When you see it out there, or if it infests your ears, comment and link to it here.

The bottom line …

Something like a hot-line, for those suffering total disbelief.

Tue 18th September 2018

Summer Times is Time for a Concert,.. surely?

Filed under: General — mama @ 2:56 pm

Long Summer nights in the City, we get to invite the bridge and rough sleeper guys, maybe the sallies will come, It’ll be like the seventies or at least a little bit West Side ( without the boozie allnighters of course )..

Why not organise a concert to raise awareness and money for the cause, double up as a convention and have real help stops.

Everyone has the right to do this surely?

Would it be opposed?

Dumb idea?

Timeline for Men to catch up

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:39 pm

Each time a new voice appears in the room it is often without any knowledge of what has happened before their arrival. There is always the awakening that history is part of where ever we are now.

There is often some distance between personal views and opinions and respective actions.

We could create a Timeline of events and links.

Comment on dates and events you are aware of, activities by groups, specific achievements that might develop the resource.

See our Timeline of Remembrance (more…)

Wed 12th September 2018

The Relationship Killer

Filed under: General — mama @ 9:15 pm

It’s the BIG,,, the BAD,,,,it’s RESENTMENT!

# and it tends to stem from,

#- What we feel someone did to us which was unnecessary mean or hurtful
#- What someone did not do for us
#- How we feel when someone has not done enough for us

I do not know too many men who would dwell on the above three things…does this mean that women feel more resentment,, and these feelings, do they surface because of unrealistic expectations (todays standards of)…are woman throwing a wobbly,spitting the dummy, behaving like spoiled children???

Take another selfie girls, remember to pout your best face forward.

# these from article
the main line of this post was taken from an article by Jill Goldson, she is on the Little Mr panel, and I have to say it gives me some faith that she be there.

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