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Sat 22nd June 2024

And just like that. Everyone knew the difference between boys and girls again!

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Mon 10th June 2024

June is mens mental health month.

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Watch this video here

June isn’t pride month.
June is men’s mental health month.

– 600,000 Men a year
– 58,000 Men a month
– 48,000 Men a week
– 2000 Men a day
– 86 Men an hour
– And almost 2 Men a minute take their own life due to mental illness.

Sat 1st June 2024

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan creates new new role of Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change

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News link here

A new low from women’s activist Jacinta Allan.

Comments by others were.

‘Are you for f***ing real? Do you despise men that much? Have you observed women’s behaviour as well? It works both ways,’ one woman commented.’

‘We need a minister for men. Not this! This is more posturing which will do nothing to solve the violence issue,’ a second person wrote.

Another woman claimed the role was ‘demonising men’ and urged the government to focus on bail laws and keeping offenders in jail.

‘You’re serious? What an absolute joke,’ she commented.

‘You’re demonising men when a very small percentage are offenders and almost all of them are people you’ve already let out on bail or are known to police already.

‘Most men don’t go around bashing women. We despise men who do, they are considered the lowest scumbags,’

Sun 26th May 2024

This is why fathers take their lives.

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This is what is happening to Fathers in Australia who are forced into the domestic violence and family law courts. Current policy enables years of ongoing emotional, psychological and financial abuse of Fathers which often leads to Increased rates of family and domestic violence and sadly suicide. #21fathers #endalldv #domesticviolence #suicide #notyourright #menshealth #FamilyLawReform #wearefordads #childsupportreform #call1300008600

♬ original sound – The ABF

The video will start automatically, you just need to click the sound on.

Typical story. Same sort of nonsense here in NZ. I am quite surprised that dad is still above ground.

Such action from this woman needs to be criminalised with penalties a murderer would receive. 25 to life. No contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Fri 17th May 2024

Shared Parenting in Japan

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Legislation changes in Japan are expected to pass by 2026.

The new system will be implemented by fiscal 2026 and allow couples divorced before the implementation to switch to joint custody by filing a request with a family court.

Thu 4th April 2024

10 Red Flags of the Female Covert Narcissist

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Some of the 2,580 comments on youtube follows. Link to all comments

1. Getting out of one of these relationships was one of the most emotionally painful things I’ve been through. A year later, I have healed and can watch these videos every once in a while and smile. I know now that walking away from her was the best decision I could have made. It must be so exhausting living with NPD, never being happy, always having to be right, the best looking etc. Time is their only true fear in life as their youthfulness fades away with every empty relationship. A never ending cycle that is always someone else’s fault.

2. Things that struck me in addition to what has been said here: 1) She called others narcissists. 2) She can’t stand being criticised. 3) One cannot clarify misunderstandings. 4) One cannot establish genuine emotional closeness. 5) If you allude to something, it was just a joke. 6) She doesn’t stick to agreements. 7) She ist self-righteous – and tells the world and me how sincere and good she is. 8) She is vain – even if she says, that she is so relaxed, easy going and down to earth. 9) She doesn’t always tell the truth.

3. OMG! I needed to hear this, this is the best description to date. Every red flag is 100% my life for almost 30 years. I have tried so hard to help her during the last 7 years (red flag 6) when the mask come off. I even told her she was like Jekle and Hyde at times and I thought she had depression or something. I blamed myself a lot and questioned myself every day to find where I went wrong, when in fact it was never me. I very much did give her the moon and stars and more, but nothing was ever enough. Even now, she can be all smiles and super affectionate in public (red flag 8), but walk in the door 10 minutes later and she is the devil… Its like flicking a switch on and off. Id say, I am with a text book narcissist and I only started to realise what a narcissist was via research trying to help her. I was too busy trying to please her and I unfortunately have reached Red Flag number10. I am now seeking ways discretely to help me regain my ‘self’ .. It is true for me, I have no idea of who I am, what I like, what I want etc.. I used to be so full of life and motivated. I hope every person, both women and men out there can be awake sooner than I was to this horrible thing.

Fri 29th March 2024

Lunatic Carol Adams say eating meat by white men is patriarchy and gender & oppression

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Carol Adams says white men eating meat is patriarchy and gender based oppression. She says animals and fish just want to have fun and have babies. What a load of crap from this pathetic male hating excuse for a woman.

Imagine if a man got up and said the same about a woman? Imagine if a man said women have too many clothes and limit that to 2 sets only, plus no wasteful resources like makeup, nail polish, jewellery, dozens of shoes and disposable tampons. Just use reusable washable rags. Then I added that if you refused, it would make you a man hater. How pathetic would that be.

Carol Adams should be sent to a mental ward or at the very least have intense counselling.

Carol Adams is not pursued by 99.99% of males or woman simply because she is not desirable. That face lift is long overdue, and for the sake of society she needs to start thinking about retirement in a secure unit. In short, keep your gender hating ideology to yourself.

If you are overweight of any gender, try a beef only diet for 6 weeks, you will start to lose Kg’s within a week to two. Keep it up for 3 months and then move to a low carps diet with mostly meat, eggs and vegetables.

Happy Easter except for gender hating women like Carol Adams and her band of undesirable cohorts. My blessing to the farmers. I’m off to have a steak now. Yummy.

Sun 10th March 2024


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I could give this post many different titles, and readers’ thinking would immediately focus on that issue, rather than the common denominator of ‘agency’ in each of those issues.

This is something very relevant to the situation we find ourselves in now (more…)

Wed 28th February 2024


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Paihia-(Northland, New Zealand) A small coastal settlement in the Bay of Islands,

The word doesn’t exist in Te Reo (Māori language) and local legend (more…)

Wed 21st February 2024

Efeso Collins

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From ONE News

Green MP Efeso Collins, 49, has died after collapsing at a charity event this morning.

Emergency services rushed to treat the first-term MP after he collapsed.

He was participating in a charity event for ChildFund in Auckland’s Britomart when the incident occurred.

Staff at the scene were visibly emotional and crying as medical work appeared to stop on Collins.

An organiser told 1News he had died.

The event, featuring high-profile Kiwis including Hilary Barry and MC Matty McLean, aimed to raise awareness and money “to bring safe, clean drinking water to children in the Pacific.”

Not having followed (more…)

A New Normal

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A New Normal : This phrase crept into our language as far back as the beginning of 2020:

This is our new normal. That’s the message from nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson after New Zealand increased its alert level in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

“nanotechnologist” I don’t recall that at the time but I did notice the phrase in Ardern’s language shortly after and it continued through the pandemic period until one day I noticed with some deliberate emphasis, Ardern added, welcome.

“Welcome to your new normal.”

At that point (more…)

Mon 19th February 2024


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The World Health Organisation (WHO) gained significant prominence through the covid pandemic.

As a result, WHO has become the debating arena for world affairs in the lead-up to the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) in May. (more…)

Wed 14th February 2024

Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process.

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If you want a violent society, then treat the children violently.

Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process.

Alienating parents systematically destroy their child’s close attachment with their other safe parent.

It is immense. It directly leads to child adolescent mental health problems. It is unacceptable.

Where are the laws to fully recognise parental alienation as a child abuse crime worthy of imprisonment.

It is time to rise.

1. Meet with your local MP or at the least email them the YouTube link to the video. Ask your MP how urgent they think it is, when and how they propose to tackle the problem.
2. Put the video link on your X page and all your social media.

Sun 11th February 2024

Paulette Main allegedly falsely claiming almost $450,000 from the Ministry of Justice’s Family Legal Advice Service.

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The Serious Fraud Office has filed charges against former Bay of Plenty lawyer Paulette Main for allegedly falsely claiming almost $450,000 from the Ministry of Justice’s Family Legal Advice Service. Ms Main has entered not guilty pleas to all charges.

The trial call over date is 14 February 2024. Happy valentines for the 14th!!!!

It highlights just how lucrative it is to be a family court lawyer.

RNZ News link below reports 1500 false claims, 30 charges. Charges include obtaining by deception and two charges of obstructing an SFO investigation.

SFO Process link here

News link here

Sat 10th February 2024

Broken Bonds: One of hundreds and thousands of untold Stories of the Family Court Injustice in New Zealand

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Broken Bonds: One of hundreds and thousands of untold Stories of the Family Court Injustice in New Zealand – NZ Family Court Watchdog Community Group


Broken Bonds: One of hundreds and thousands of untold Stories of the Family Court Injustice in New Zealand

The story is based on True events. The names and details of the people used / dates / location in this article are fictitious to protect the parties’ privacy.

New Zealand Family Court was criticized as being monocultural and not fit for purpose The Family Court proceedings are perceived as daunting, lengthy, and expensive for many families. Many parents reported that they are treated unfairly and like criminals in the family court system.

We have personally known many parents who have chosen to end their lives, because they haven’t had any support or guidance through the complex process of separation and dealing with the Family Court. Many have experienced severe mental health strain due to their involvement in the Family Court proceedings and their struggle to access to their children. Many parents we’ve known ended their lives or abandoned their children after despair.

In 2008, a Principal Family Court Judge had called for more support and help for families going through the family court system . Also in 2004, another Judge had attacked the Family laws  which tended to alienate the parents, generally fathers, who had lost custody and the judge had highlighted that the family laws lack in sophistication.

Additionally, the 2018/2019 findings of the independent panel who examined the 2014 changes of the family court were very concerning. First, the panel chairperson Ms. Noonan had called for an urgent change in the family court system and laws, also she mentioned that the current family court system “is not fit for purpose”, she also said that the same issues had been raised in 1987 and she was shocked that so little had changed and she heard from many people that they felt being treated as criminals in the family court.

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Mark’s Story

The harrowing story of Mark exemplifies the heartbreaking realities faced by many parents within the New Zealand Family Court system.

In May 2022, Mark made the difficult decision to separate from his partner and left the family home to avoid further conflict. Subsequently, Mark was served with a without-notice temporary protection order (without hearing his side of the story) by a family court bailiff. This protection order application was unjustly based on false and exaggerated allegations that would later be proven by Mark.

The mother, through a vicious lawyer, deliberately chose not to file an application for an interim parenting order, so Mark is able to have contact with his children safely in supervised contact. Instead, she only filed a without-notice application for a protection order, which was granted on 10 May 2022. This deliberate omission aimed to disrupt Mark’s contact with his children, knowing that it would be grossly impacted without a parenting order. The mother and her lawyer were aware of Section 86 of the Family Violence Act 2018, which mandates that if a protection order is granted, it applies for the benefit of any child of the applicant’s family. So, these children and the father were banned from having contact with each other.

They did not want Mark to have quick access to his children; instead, they wanted Mark to struggle through the family court to get access to his children, and disgustingly, they achieved this. Despite having legal representation at the time she initiated the protection order application, the mother’s lawyer failed to file for a parenting order requesting dad to undergo supervised contact with his children. Her lawyer should have advised her to initiate a parenting order application along with the protection order application. This would have allowed the same judge who dealt with the protection order to make an order for supervised contact between Mark and his children. The judge who granted the protection order on the without-notice track also had the power to make a parenting order for Mark to undergo supervised contact with his children but failed to do so.

Why did the Judge who dealt with the protection order not make an order for Mark to undergo supervised contact with his children pending the hearing?

If the mother’s lawyer had filed a parenting order application along with the protection order, or if the judge had exercised his power, Mark and his children wouldn’t have had to wait 10 months for contact.

Following the issuance of the without-notice protection order, Mark found an incompetent legal aid lawyer who did not consider that his contact with his children is urgent, and with no urgency, the lawyer filed for a parenting order in September 2022 so Mark can have access to his children, three months after the issuance of the protection order. Often a lawyer of child is appointed in such circumstances, which took over 4 months to be done, and the lawyer of the child did not attempt to push for an interim contact between Mark and his children. The Lawyer of the child waited until a week before the court hearing and wanted to meet the children; however, the mother has refused to do so, and the FC Judge just swept it under the carpet without any consequences for her wrongdoings. Mark’s lawyer refused to file the parenting order on the urgent/without-notice track but instead filed it on the on-notice standard track (process 3-6 months), claiming Mark’s contact with his children was not urgent from the court’s perspective. Mark had to wait for months and months for the parenting order to be dealt with and put before a Judge.

Finally, at a hearing happened in August 2023, the judge made an order that Mark to have unsupervised contact with his children (giving both parents to make this decision, which is ridiculous considering the mother’s misconduct) and dismissed the protection order.

Yet the mother’s inappropriate actions and the involved lawyers and Judges faced no repercussions. I am not being negative but believe it or not, this mother she will keep wanting to destroy the dad’s relationship with their father and she will do maliciously using the family court system, as many parents are able to do so.

The temporary protection order tragically severed Mark’s bond with his 16-month-old baby and his 7-year-old for a grueling 10 months. Mark was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and suffered serious mental health issues, impacting his career, job, life, and most importantly, his relationship with his children. Despite baseless allegations, Mark was effectively barred from any contact with his children during this agonizing period. The toll this took on Mark, as well as his children, cannot be overstated.

The dismissal of the protection order in August 2023 was a belated victory for Mark, yet the damage inflicted over those 10 months is immeasurable. Mark’s story is but one of countless others marred by the flawed and often unjust practices within the Family Court. The sheer magnitude of the suffering endured by parents like Mark demands urgent attention and reform.

Indeed, the details of Mark’s ordeal could fill multiple volumes, each chapter revealing the systemic failures and injustices perpetuated by New Zealand Family Court lawyers and judges. From the initial issuance of the protection order to the prolonged denial of parental rights, every aspect of Mark’s case serves as a stark indictment of a system in dire need of overhaul. Mark’s resilience in the face of such adversity is commendable, but his story serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for change.

No parent should be forced to endure the anguish and despair inflicted by a system meant to protect and uphold the best interests of families. As Mark’s case illustrates, the Family Court’s shortcomings exact a heavy toll not only on parents but also on innocent children caught in the crossfire.

Mark’s story must serve as a catalyst for action, sparking a renewed commitment to reforming the Family Court and ensuring that justice and fairness prevail for all families. It is incumbent upon us to heed his plight and work tirelessly towards a system that truly serves the needs of families in crisis.

  • No perjury in New Zealand Family Court. False allegations are allowed and facilitated by Judges and Lawyer in the family court.
  • The system is open for misuse and abuse – A one size fits all system created to destory families.
  • Parental alienation is facilitated and promoted by the Family Court Judges and Lawyers.
  • The systemic delays are just unbelievable.
  • The Crown servants should face repercussions for their wrongdoings.

This is not a one-off story; hundreds and thousands of parents go through the same process every day in New Zealand, the vast majority impacted are fathers but also some mums. The Family Court system is a dysfunctional broken system that is in dire need of an overhaul. And we wonder why the suicide rates and mental health diagnoses are high in New Zealand.

The way Mark was treated is inhuman and extremely traumatic. The resultant damage of such treatment is irreparable. Those Judges and Lawyers should be held accountable and should be charged with negligence of their duty of care.

This happens very often in the New Zealand Family Court. Tell me, is this in the best interests of the children involved in this case or the father?

New Zealand is a first world country? Waiting for 10 months to be heard is absolutely bizarre and breach of people’s natural justice.

Can we please share it ?? New Zealand people have no idea whats happening in New Zealand Family Court.

Wed 7th February 2024

Wana have a peek at the future when boys have been alienated from their families?

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Sadly, America is already there. Ignore the destruction of boys’ relationships with their fathers. Ignore the damage caused by the family court and NZ will get there too.

TFW No GF is a non-scripted documentary. It’s a shocker. The full movie is on Telegram.

Step 1 Install Telegram App on your phone.
Step 2 Install Telegram on your PC.
Step 3 Click on this link.
Step 4 Click install

There are changing times coming. You want some real news ignored by the controlled media? Install these links.

Mon 5th February 2024

Dad can’t resume contact with child until Family Court delay clears (Surprised … NOT)

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Article link >> 

NZ Family court is the best tool for “Parental Alienation” (Must read)

Fri 2nd February 2024

The harm this woman has done to her children has been so extreme, it should be considered just as serious as rape and punished accordingly

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Mr Michael Chriswell father of 5 children had them abducted from him for 10 years. His eldest son asked him to rescue him from the extremely alienating mother.

I understand Michael may now live in New Zealand.

The harm this woman has done to her children has been so extreme, it should be considered just as serious as rape. She is not fit to be a mother. She belongs in prison.

If you are able to add to this from your own situation, please put it here.

Further links here

Wed 31st January 2024

Personal Integrity v Professional Credibility

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The protection of credentials.

Over the past century this is often referred to as self regulation by professional society.

The formation is designed to weed out the unprofessional person who uses the society’s reputation for a credibility beyond their own competence.

We’ve seen this tested in cases such as the Cave Creek tragedy and the CTV Building in the Christchurch earthquake.

In those cases both engineering situations.

More recently we’ve seen a different test of the strength of such societies – not a preservation of credibility but of their survival instinct. This happened during the recent Pandemic and more specifically related to the medical profession.

This is not a situation where I need to declare any conflict of interest and it’s coincidence that the doctor concerned was a police surgeon in Northland prior to the recent covid pandemic.

Dr Wojcik produced a video about covid which he posted online and in my case I saw this on Facebook and watched it twice because of its dissenting nature.

I would have watched it again but it wasn’t accessible because it had been censored as misinformation.

At that point the censorship of NZ Facebook was being managed by the Australian Press Association but having watched it twice I was puzzled as to what the misinformation might be.

I asked specifically what it was that justified the censorship tag.

The answer I got though lacked the credibility of professional journalism and without explanation the total censorship was removed although the video retained a lesser tag based solely on a reference to a situation in the United States.

In terms of what became of this doctor, he was expelled from his society and reduced to an alternative medicine practitioner, in Whangārei.

In many people’s minds he would be ‘a cooker’ and one might wonder how such incompetence ever existed in our medical society.

Another doctor who was suspended from practising after complaints that he was spreading Covid-19 and vaccine falsehoods has been found to have committed professional misconduct.

This case is currently before the Medical Tribunal but looking carefully at the text the words dance around disputing that the doctor was actually wrong about what he said.

“When considered as a whole, the tribunal is satisfied that the established particulars cumulatively amount to conduct likely to bring discredit to the profession … and are sufficiently serious to warrant a disciplinary sanction. Therefore, the test for professional misconduct is met.”

In simply language his crime is making the rest of them look silly.

Of course this isn’t something isolated to New Zealand, because we had a few silly doctors.

It’s a global situation and one where the dissenting doctors look to have much more credibility when political personalities like Dr Anthony Fauci can’t produce any scientific evidence for their demands of social distancing.

“It just sort of turned up.”

That’s acceptable?

But the cumulative action of some of these dancing doctors and the political rhetoric shared with politicians at the time is looking very much like “professional misconduct”?

I’m not passing judgment on that especially since New Zealand hasn’t had a covid inquiry yet but I do note that these men who have been persecuted to date had the courage of their convictions.

Tue 30th January 2024

State of Grief

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I once said to myself if I write a book it should be called, ‘State of Grief’.

That was more than 2 decades ago but is as relevant today as it was then.

You could approach that in so many ways as an individual depending on your circumstances.

But as a society as with any culture it comes back to basic anthropology where the piazza needs a commonsense.

This is what we lack in New Zealand. We’ve never developed our culture. We can’t agree on that.

What we have done though, is develope our identity, whether that is Kiwi-can-do, clean green, cheese makers or sailors.

The one big eyesore is that we don’t respect our children.

One side beats them to death before they are born and the other after.

This is the significant defining obstacle to one people that may be as deliberate as it is consequential.

There is a simple truth here, that a society that lacks respect for its children doesn’t deserve a future.

Sat 13th January 2024

Statins and Alternatives

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Cardiovascular conversation for the unhealthy Western World that we are growing into.

Thu 14th December 2023

Double Standards? Of Course.

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A man is being prosecuted for manslaughter for killing a fetus after his car hit a pregnant woman while he was street racing illegally. An interesting case indeed.

When it comes to pregnant women, the fetus is not considered to have any human rights. She can legally kill the fetus and others are legally allowed to kill the fetus on her request. She can drink, drug, starve, exercise or abuse herself to her heart’s content with impunity thereby harming the fetus and eventually giving birth to a disabled baby who will require enormous resources from her society for the baby’s lifetime.

However, when a pregnant woman foolishly attends an illicit street race as a spectator and a male racer unintentionally runs his car into her, the fetus magically acquires human status including a right to life! Suddenly, police and media are referring to the fetus as a “baby girl” and a “deceased child”, as if a human being with rights.

We’re not sure what the law says about all this. Let’s see how the case unfolds and the depths of hypocrisy our feminist-saturated Courts will sink to.

To be clear, the driver deserves prosecution for breaking road laws and for harming the woman through illegal activity causing high risk to others. The woman deserves prosecution for encouraging illegal activity.

Epilim Warning

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Safety Alert 7 December 2023

Sodium valproate (Epilim) use in people who can father children:

important new safety information
Update to original communication

The Epilim data sheet and consumer medicines information leaflet have been recently updated with additional information about sodium valproate (Epilim) use in people who can father children.

Educational resources are also being updated.

The additional information includes the following.

Use of sodium valproate in people who can father children within the 3 months prior to conception may increase the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in the child.

The potential risks to children fathered more than 3 months (the time taken for new sperm to be formed) after stopping sodium valproate are unknown.

If stopping sodium valproate, continue effective contraception for 3 months.

Do not donate sperm while taking sodium valproate and for 3 months afterwards.

Correction to the retrospective observational study results following reanalysis of one data set.

Thu 7th December 2023

For the past 40 years 70% of all suicide is men and boys

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In Australia the 3 leading cause of male suicide is

– Family relationship breakdown
– Loss of access to children
– Court and financial reasons

Men and boys tie ropes around tree branches and hang themselves to end their situational distress.

Men and boys are not at fault.

Unacceptable behaviour from disgusting man haters who cause such situational distress in families has caused 2500 deaths per year. These people and the system need to be legislated out of existence. Causing such distress should be a criminal offence carrying a lengthy prison sentence.

Feminist Justice System Extends Well Beyond The Family Court

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This was a rare case in which Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos challenged and brought about consequences against a woman for providing dishonest, conflicting claims and evidence in that arena of deceit. There seemed no doubt that the woman said things in Court that contradicted her sworn affidavits and that she lied at various times. The Family Court decided in favour of the ex-husband whom she had accused of all manner of depravity and violence. She was then prosecuted for perjury (something that needs to be done much more often in that den of fabrication), found guilty and sentenced for perjury although that conviction was overturned on appeal (we wonder what gender the Appeal Court judge was in that case…). Now High Court judge Rebecca Ellis has reversed the Family Court judgment on the basis that J Callinicos was wrong to conclude the woman had committed perjury and claimed that J Callinicos teamed up with the ex-husband’s lawyers in order to treat the woman unfairly. OMG, Family Court judges plus ‘lawyer for child’ team up with the woman’s lawyer in a majority of cases! Oh, and the ex-husband’s lawyers shouldn’t have asked probing or pejorative questions of the woman; of course, that’s only ok when done to men, huh?

J Callinicos was not in fact constrained by a robust standard of proof in reaching his determinations, only the ‘balance of probabilities’ standard. When that standard is conveniently (routinely and daily) used in the Family Court to determine that unsupported allegations by women against men are factual, that’s all good and the relevant judge is quite within his/her rights to do that. But when the same standard is a applied in a way that finds against a female litigant’s preference, a female High Court judge decides to condemn it after applying to the matter quite a different standard of proof.

While we would like to see the standard of proof improved for Family Court, the current rules still pertain at present and we don’t like to see this hypocrisy. We hope J Rebecca Ellis’ handiwork is challenged in another higher Court. For example, there would need to be robust evidence that J Callinicos ‘teamed up’ with the ex-husband’s lawyers. Is this a case of the women in our system teaming up when Family Court decisions don’t suit their sisterhood?

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