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Shared Parenting Spell from Christchurch Wizard

9th April 2001

Media Release

Karla Osmers at the information table in Cathedral Square while the Wizard prepares his spell:

The guy in the blue/white shirt is Robert Lovell-Smith, Gordon Sim is to the left of him:

A few Christchurch fathers getting educated about Shared Parenting:

The spell taken to Wellington by Ben Easton:


Yesterday (9th April), in the Christchurch Square, watched by a large and attentive crowd, the Arch Wizard of Canterbury presented the following spell to an Auckland Men's group representative:

O God of Love, O Father above us, Soften the hearts, Of those who judge us,

Many men would perish rather, Than see their children hate their father,

 O God of Love, O Father above us, Soften the hearts, Of those who judge us.

This spell will be *cast* on government from the steps of parliament on Wednesday 11th April, at 12.30 pm. Sue Bradford, from the Greens Party, will accept the hand-written scroll, and will carry this message of support and hope to our politicians.

A bouquet of flowers will be extended to both Sue Bradford and Muriel Newman (ACT), to show appreciation for their public roles in speaking out and supporting the valuable role of fathers in their children's lives.

Parents have both a right and a responsibility to be involved with their children. Divorce is a reality that we cannot escape in today's society, and there are often men, women and children left wounded.

Sole custody with visitation places unequal power and responsibility onto one parent, and devalues the role of the other, sometimes resulting in one parent (usually the father) giving up, and absolving responsibility.

Strong emotions of hurt, anger, blame and guilt often arise from unfairness in the current family court system, and this makes it extremely difficult for many parents to move forward to a place where they can work together towards a shared goal.

It IS possible for parents to work together with respect for each other, outside the courts, to achieve solutions which are mutually beneficial to them both, and to their children. It becomes easier to agree when parents work together, rather than feeling they have to fight each other.

Many of us believe that the majority of parents want to see their children loved, cared for and supported by two responsible parents, and we think that supporting both fathers and mothers to be equally involved in their children's lives will be beneficial for children, and in the longer run our community, and our country.

Beginning with a presumption of Shared Parenting places both parents onto a level playing field, where they can work together to reach compromise and mutual agreements for the sake of their children (with support if necessary). It is time for the public to be proactive and start talking about these important issues, so that we can move forward to find solutions.

Karla Osmers,         Shared Parenting Campaign Contact.

Ph (03) 384 7388
email: [email protected]


The action in Auckland on April 10th

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