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Demonstration in Cuba Mall, Wellington 8th Sept 2001        Page one 

Today's "Mock Family Court" in the Cuba Mall was inspiring! The 2 Jims were joined by between 30-40 men and woman from throughout the men's movement. Thanks to all who could make it (I appreciate that a number could not get there because of having the kids). Kiran, Rob, Jim Bwarrior, Chris and Karen collected several hundred signatures in support of shared parenting. Judge Dread was in fine form. Union of Fathers executive was out in full force. The response from the public was astounding!!!!! Support is out there and growing!!
James Nicolle [email protected]   (photo below).

His Clairvoiyancy Judge Dread with his crystal ball.

Darrell Carlin promoting the Union Of Fathers blue dot. Buy a pack of labels and stick them on all Family Court documents so they know you are not on your own.

Bevan Berg educating two young women about why shared parenting is best for children:

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Last week's Auckland protest 28th August


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