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Protest at Henderson Court 30th October 2001 

Over a dozen people turned up to support Ben Easton (centre beside Judge Dread) at Henderson today. Ben is being threatened with jail because he refuses to do a Living Without Violence course. He was sentenced to the course when he walked out of a mediation session because the Judge refused to discuss Shared Parenting.

Darryl Ward of FARE (Families Apart Require Equality) told Scoop (link to full media release):

"New Zealand has an epidemic of false or frivolous accusations being made in the Family Court for the sole purpose of denying children the right to love and care from one of their parents, usually their fathers. The victims of such false or frivolous accusations are often forced to attend 'Living without Violence' or similar courses, which are akin to both the Spanish Inquisition and the Chinese Cultural Revolution".

Ben's parents came along too.
New Zealand grandparents like them have no rights to see grandchildren after a domestic violence order is issued against a father.

Ben's case, which has already dragged on for many months, was put off until February 2002, so he will be a free man over Christmas. Protesters intend to be back.

Across the road, people took turns in telling Court staff what they think of family law in NZ.
Doug (speaking)  was stabbed by his partner in the arm with a fork. Police turned up with the ambulance, but failed to arrest the offender or lay charges. Two days later, Doug was issued with a Domestic Protection Order! After that, when he attempted to visit his daughter in hospital, police arrested him for breaching the order and held him in custody.

Previous protest (Albany 14th Sept)


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