Protest at Psychologist's office Auckland 14th Feb 2002 

This week protestors paid a visit to another group of Auckland psychologists who are perceived to have an anti-male bias. Gail Ratcliffe in particular is notorious for writing Family Court reports that are negative about fathers. Suzanne Blackwell gets mixed reviews - one Union of Fathers member contacted organisers after the protest to say that he felt she treated him fairly, but other men think differently. Eileen Swan does not, to our knowledge write Family Court reports, however she first appeared on this website following the 2000 NZ Psychological Society Annual Conference where she was photographed handing out material criticising visiting Professor Elizabeth Loftus' research methodology and ethics in an effort to undermine Loftus' condemnation of Recovered Memory Therapy.

From across the road JimB Warrior tells passers-by that their neighbours are part of a bureaucracy which destroys families.

Brent has a turn on the megaphone, while Judge Dread holds a picture of Dr No (you can't have your kids).

Someone from number 88 called the police, but he agreed that the protesters were acting within the law and took no action.

Next week: Ben Easton's Trial                        The previous protest was on February 7th 2002


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