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Thu 24th February 2011

Men Going Their Own Way

More evidence of “Market Failure” in the Marriage Contract market-
From Wall Street Journal:
Where Have The Good Men Gone?
Kay S. Hymowitz argues that too many men in their 20s are living in a new kind of extended adolescence.
“nearly seven in 10 25-year-olds were married; by 2000, only one-third had reached that milestone”
See the full article at
Now that the “Social Agencies” are starting to admit that most of the child abuse, youth crime, and domestic abuse issues all stem from the breakdown of the institution of marriage, and women everywhere are asking “where are the men?”
The question that needs to be asked is “Why would any man want to commit his life to one woman, and comit to raise a family?”
Family life has become so unattractive to men, and made into a form of legal and financial suicide, that our western civilization needs to consider if it still has a future.

Tue 22nd February 2011

Child reaches Three – Off to Work

Filed under: General — glenn @ 7:54 am


Today a new way forward is being announced requiring solo parents to seek work when the youngest child reaches three years of age. Goff reckons it is a dumb idea, – well because he is in Opposition, and that is his job. He says the costs of childcare will offset the benefits of working. Assuming, of course, there are jobs out there.

I don’t suppose this new legislation will provide a further incentive for solo mums to go find another sucker sperm out there, and make sure that they always have a child under three, and someone else to fund it? The sucker donor, or the sucker Welfare system.

Nah, that wouldn’t happen. Would it?

Yeah Right.

Mon 7th February 2011

Another protester being harrassed by police

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 10:55 pm

An Uncle of a niece has been protesting outside ‘Child, Youth & Family Services’ (CYFS) for years, trying to find a way to bring her back to the family. His sister had hooked up with a man who had a negative past and CYFS took her child from her. The man then told the extended family it would be in the family’s interest to stay away from the first ‘Family Group Conference’ (FGC) and so they didn’t attend. From that moment on, CYFS excluded the extended family and when they pushed to see their niece, grandchild, great grandchild etc, they were place on supervised access for 7 years. (more…)

Fri 4th February 2011

CYFS protester held at gunpoint

Filed under: Gender Politics — Julie @ 10:35 pm

At 4.45pm, February 4th 2011, a CYFS protester was held at gunpoint by police while on a mobile phone to another police officer. He was also on his landline [home phone] at the same time, to his lawyer over his case when the police phoned and asked, “Had he phoned the hospital?” (more…)

Wed 2nd February 2011

False accusations in custody cases

Filed under: Gender Politics — Julie @ 11:14 am

Scotland’s DIVORCED fathers falsely accused of abusing their children during custody hearings are demanding a change in the law.

Pressure group False Allegations Action’s spokesman, Eamonn Kelly said: “There are doting dads who have been falsely accused of the worst kind of abuse against their own children. It’s calculated to destroy a father’s relationship with their child forever and to wreck his personal life too”¦”¦ We’ve noticed that when the claims are proved to be groundless, there is no investigation. The police do nothing, the courts do nothing.” (more…)

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