Men’s Centre North Shore

About MCNS

New Zealand’s first Men’s Centre was formed on the North Shore, Auckland in 1994. It became quickly apparent that the biggest demand for support services was from fathers alienated from their children following divorce or separation.

In mid-1997 MCNS began running regular public support meetings on a monthly basis, and by July 1999 the numbers of participants made it necessary to increase these to every week.

At the end of 2001, occasional attendances of over 40 per night saw the committee begin actively encouraging people to set up Men’s Centres in other areas.

By 2008 however, the Incorporated Society was just about defunct, due to the inability to secure stable funding.

Weekly meetings ended in July 2012, Jim Bagnal retired from phone duties in May of 2013.

More Information

As this website was originally owned by Men’s Centre North Shore, there is a lot of information about the organisation in the site’s archives. The best place to start would probably be their (designed for print) MENZ Issues newsletter.

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