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Allegations of Corrupt Family Court Judges

Thu 19th November 2020:

Building further on my past 2 posts. One mans fight to see his son. It has taken 14 years so far and counting. He claims the mother lied. He calls out Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce for perjury and acting legally. He further calls out Judge David Burns and how has his verdicts have been overturned […]

Request 4 your ‘time’, ‘support’ & ‘wisdom’

Sun 20th September 2020:

It’s been a while since I posted here …. or anywhere, for that matter. And I need to overcome this hurdle quickly, because I’m venturing into an online magazine dedicated to ‘Empowering Single Parents & their Families’, both dads and mums. (btw, your input is valued and desired) Something is blocking my willingness to expose […]

Family lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting our courts

Sat 12th September 2020:

Building on my last post a family court lawyer exposes the domestic violence racket corrupting courts.

Ex Senior Police Officer Exposes Domestic Violence Order Racket

Tue 8th September 2020:

A system which gives women the right to make allegations of violence with absolutely no evidence which is then used to destroy men’s lives. I agree with the importance of protecting women from violent men. However without notice orders has become is now corrupting our judicial system every week. Bettina Arndt hears from people who […]

Did you experience no access to your children during Covid 19 even though you should have?

Thu 27th August 2020:

We are all used to rules. They are important to safeguard everyone. No one wants to spread the virus. And I am convinced lockdown saved lives and we are all better for it. That being said there were provisions made for shared bubbles. You had to be family and you had to live in the […]

Courts right to decide paternity

Sat 22nd August 2020:

As per the current family court policies it can be decided by the court to place paternal responsibilities on a father without proving paternity in many situations. Studies also show that as many as 1 in 10 fathers are not biologically the fathers of their children and can end up raising and paying child support […]

Mans Lawyer Ordered To Pay Ex Wife Half A Million + Costs When Trust Failed To Protect His Assets

Thu 2nd July 2020:

Firstly I am not a lawyer. If you need advice on trusts go to a lawyer who specialises in trusts. Large legal firms have specialists in each field. From what I understand. 1. Man goes to legal firm to get advice on how to protect his assets. i.e. his home. 2. Legal firm draws up […]

The new ‘F’ word in Town…

Tue 26th May 2020:

I have already heard it said by the new National Party Leader Todd Muller,,, it is the word FAMILY. There is a strength in that word alone. I was just watching old footage of the 1978 Election campaign, it was kinda pleasing seeing the senses of humour and the banter between the leaders of parties […]

Sexual assault at NZ universities

Thu 21st May 2020:

I’ve recently come across this Australian study of sexual harassment and assault on Aussie campuses: Though it’s been reported under headlines claiming it shows ‘widespread’ harassment and assault, it’s worth noting two things. One is that the definition of harassment is very broad, including ‘inappropriate leering or staring, sexually suggestive comments or jokes, and […]

NZ Menz Summit 2020

Sat 14th March 2020:

The 2020 Men’s Summit is planned to be held on Friday 3rd July in Hamilton at the Glenview Club, 211 Peacocks Road, Hamilton, NZ. It had been planned for April but organizers don’t want to contribute to any possible spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID 19 disease. Also, international speakers would be unable […]

Imperative reading if you intend to live with a partner for 3 yrs +

Wed 26th February 2020:

Property Relationship Act (How to make theft legal) You won’t get this from a lawyer PRA

how to proceed with my case ?

this started off with a without notice application based on violence and drug use also citing child neglect and untidy living conditions (majorly played up for maximum effect) i held onto my daughter for a week over our informal arrangements due to being threatened to never see her again, police did an uplift after an […]

Family Trusts to protect your house against gold diggers

Mon 24th February 2020:

New story here. Top NZ lawyer closed his family trust and others should follow suit I am not a lawyer so correct me if I am mistaken. A friend of mine has a prenup also called a contracting out agreement and a family trust which both have failed. There is an abundance of newer case […]

Back to the Future

Tue 18th February 2020:

I spied an advertisement I am not sure as to what exactly it meant a job vacancy for support/caregiver work but implying that Women need only apply I supposed that possibly their clients were mainly women..?? Do they not need strength to lift and support, to sing, to charm, kindness and great knowledge and interests […]

Self Representation Workshop – February 29

Fri 7th February 2020:

This workshop is designed for parents who have been left with no other option but to self-represent in family court. About this Event Family court is not for the faint of heart. Whether you are applying for custody or defending an application, this is the workshop for you. Knowledge of the unknown makes the process […]

Important petition closing soon

Wed 15th January 2020:

G’day Menz! We started a petition on the NZ parliament website in November 2018. “Sanctions on parents who misuse Family Court procedures” We have 800+ signatures so far. But we know that there are thousands of people are going through the same process. Could you please sign and share the petition if you agree. The […]

False MAF charge aftermath

Tue 24th December 2019:

Having spent 3 years in a relationship with someone (and having a child together) only to find that you have been accused of assault after separation can be rough. Having met my ex-partner while working as a teacher, we fell in love very quickly. The relationship was a wirlwind of ups and downs but that’s […]

Is male suicide genocide?

Sat 30th November 2019:

I’m going to ask you for 12 minutes of your time to view this video clip. Erin believes males are dying from being hated and being discriminated against. She says it is a form of genocide and it is being funded by the Government. Says the Government plays the paper trail and does not actively […]

Men as victims of Intimate Partner Violence – Masters research – can you help?

Wed 27th November 2019:

Hello I am currently writing a dissertation for a Master of Health Science – Violence and Trauma. My topic of research is: Men’s experiences of help seeking as victims of intimate partner violence; is there a need for change in community agency responses and/or family friends as first responders A rather long convoluted title at […]


Tue 19th November 2019:

On International Men’s Day I saw Ford vs Ferrari the movie…what a movie!… These kind of historic heights of Man, they were created because Man search for betterment, be it power from an engine or making of a country, this is our history and it is a great history full of valour and conquest.


Sat 26th October 2019:

The tables have turned for sure. The figures for Public Service workers, Ministry for Social development and now even general employment have women overtaken Men, though in the case of the first two mentioned sectors the percentage difference is in the extremes, public sector being around high sixtys to Mens high twenty percentages and similar […]

Getting Care Right For All Children UN

Sat 5th October 2019:

Getting Care Right for All Children: Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children Ensure that alternative care is a necessary, suitable and positive experience for children, with this free online course. Taking the UN Guidelines as a framework, this free online course will help you gain insight into how the unnecessary placement […]

Another poor bloke

Thu 3rd October 2019:

Please see link below Not only hell to go through, even though backed by the judge when found not guilty, judge awards costs against crown law but he still loses $200 000 Andres

Meeting with Paul Hunt NZ Human Rights Commissioner

Wed 28th August 2019:

I am meeting with Paul Hunt the New Zealand Human Rights Commissioner on 16 September. I plan to discuss with him the gender politics of the NZHRC which appears to me to be ideological driven rather than rights driven. I will address a number of issues that disproportionately affect men or where men are neglected […]

Communication What Goes On in NZ Jails and Caught$

Mon 26th August 2019:

Fellow jailbirds, we need to communicate to the NZ public about the realities of what goes on in her magesties caught$ and jail$. Should we be more active in communicating to the public by holding art exhibitions? TĀMAKI MAKAURAU // 2-14 SEPTEMBER // STUDIO ONE TOI TŪ Opening Monday 2nd September // 5.30pm Prison […]

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