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Update on Identity Politics

Thu 21st February 2019:

Identity Politics. I can’t remember where I first encountered this but regardless I’ve always been a bit ho-hum, disinterested, who can be bothered with that stuff. And I’m sure a lot of us feel the same – can’t we just have our live’s back. And then there’s another lot of us who get all technical […]

Concerning Stuff

Tue 19th February 2019:

Haven’t we all been concerned about Stuff, the news site, Stuff, that is? Or frustrated, annoyed, at the very least? We’ve even had few scraps here about how to confront the beast. About 15 years ago I was sitting in a café in Ponsonby discussing

Jordan Peterson changes lives for the better

Fri 15th February 2019:

I recently happened to meet a 23-year-old Canadian girl who is visiting New Zealand so I asked her if she knew the Canadian, Jordan Peterson. She said she not only knew of him but had been viewing his videos on YouTube as well as reading his book ‘12 Rules For Life’.

Next Generation Window Sticker

Thu 14th February 2019:

This is doing the rounds on social media and I see the question asked; could it just as easily relate to New Zealand? Could you see the same sticker on Conservative Party vehicles at the next election? That aside

Professor Jordan Peterson in NZ

Wed 13th February 2019:

I have to put this one forward. A shameful performance from Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action when Mr Sean Plunket interviews him. Interview link click here.

Paypigs Pay-Pigs or Pay Pigs?

Tue 12th February 2019:

Have you heard of Paypigs? Don’t worry, neither had I but there it was out of the mouths of babe’s … well more like early to mid twenties girls. You could imagine the outcry if it was boys calling girls something along the same lines. It didn’t take too much to gather from the conversation […]

Family Violence Act 2018 and Information Sharing

Mon 28th January 2019:

The Family Violence Act 2018 is due to come into force in July. Information sharing is but one part of this law that further abandons fundamental principles of justice and civil rights in favour of feminist ideology and aspirations towards total control over men. Men’s supporters’ submissions were mostly ignored in the creation of this […]

A Homeless Report – NZ Style

Mon 21st January 2019:

When the Mayor of Auckland started the Mother-of-all Homeless-count during 2018, it followed along the lines of our historical perceptions – the old men and the occasional woman sleeping rough, usually with an alcohol problem and not keen on any help from the Salvation Army or these days a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. We […]

Campaigning for Mens’ Rights

Tue 15th January 2019:

Surely it is time for a political party to stand for Men. Surely the Women of such a party would like their Men. Since when did politics play nice and fair. Since when was there a party that did not Dare. ..and Discrimination has already been played and played hard, now it is time to […]

Avoid Women at all Costs

Wed 9th January 2019:

This article illustrates the inevitable outcome of the empathetic nonsense that the #metoo was based on. With more women gaining political power comes the danger of policies based on empathy rather than compassionate reasoning. A 1995 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology showed that women involuntarily imitate other peoples’ emotional expressions more than men. […]

A New Year Surprise

This is published Written by; Serafin Dillon (Couples and Family Therapist for Walk the Talk in Nelson) You may not agree with its entirety and contructive comments I am sure, will attract some interest. OPINION: Violence, in all its forms, is abhorrent, however, men alone cannot stop violence against women and men alone cannot stop what […]

This May or May not be A Stick

Thu 27th December 2018:

It’s been a bit quiet on the post front lately and not wanting anyone to suffer confrontation withdrawal syndrome here is something to keep you occupied until the New Year. On, the other hand, you may wish to take this post seriously and discuss the reasons for arguments and how this might be improved.

Meanwhile Men are doing the Business…

Sat 22nd December 2018:

Massive movements are being made and Men are going ahead in the field of alternative vehicles. We only hear about Tesla really but it is starting to rev up out there. Could it be that Men are still doing the business and are still by their mere nature of brain and brawn striving to make […]

Grace Millane Tragedy Exploited by Feminists

Sat 15th December 2018:

Our heartfelt empathy goes out to the family and associates of Grace Millane. Losing one’s child must be one of the most traumatic experiences humans can face. The unpleasant circumstances of Grace’s case can only serve to increase the pain and devastation. Much of the NZ population has experienced deep sadness, shame and anger. Grace […]

Gender War Newsreel December 2018

Fri 7th December 2018:

Whenever you look you will find in the news media many examples of discrimination against men. Let’s look at some recent ones.

Snoopy’s Day

Sat 1st December 2018:

Look, there’s got to be something better to do than whipping each other with one-eyed feminists. Thank God it’s the 1st December and we can all pull out our treasured version of Snoopy’s Xmas If you haven’t got your own, hit the link and enjoy a YouTube treasure. [With lyrics] “With Snoopy dead in his […]

Movember 60km challenge

Fri 30th November 2018:

Got it done. 62.4km. Last run dedicated to Huxtable. RIP Bro Thanks to all my sponsors.

The Spinoff For Women

Thu 29th November 2018:

In a post yesterday The Female Funding Failure we took a top down look at the Feminist concept of throwing money at the development of women and its perverse rather than positive outcomes. Comments there already are bringing that down to a local level and the direct effect on New Zealand society and the form […]

The Female Funding Failure

Wed 28th November 2018:

Older observers will/may recall their youthful beginnings, their adventure into the world, and the road or perhaps the hard road to finding their place in society. Work to your strengths. Do what you love and never work a day in your life. Describe it how you like there was still an expectation and I think […]


Tue 27th November 2018:

I can’t imagine what life might have been like without my father in my life. I certainly can’t imagine life with just my mother. My Father:..strong, reliable, busy, had a lot of friends, stalwart of a community, farmer, cop, publican, fencer, not the hobbyist guy..good with his hands,, but the range of his skills was […]

The What if of The Big IF

Mon 26th November 2018:

Carrying on from a previous post Intersectional Feminism – A Man’s View I’m not sure about you but I have at least one question. Is this an argument of convenience? If the current Feminist design is to reject individual females who may have been successful in their own right, does this continue what appears to […]

Peaceful Protest against the misandrist clementine ford – Auckland

Sun 25th November 2018:

Hi all, You might have heard that Clementine Ford is in NZ using one of Auckland city council’s venues to promote her book Boys will be Boys and infesting people with his toxic ideolgy. Bring your sign and join us or at least send an email to Phil Goff. This “thing” (doesnt deserve to be […]

Sunday Thoughts for Men

In a world that can’t stop writing, talking, thinking, you’re here on the net, perhaps connected to other social media, thinking about a selfie perhaps – is that a man thing? Or is the face off in a women’s world a slap in the face for men? Has that narcism turned men into shrinking violets? […]

Ardern and Little Don’t Want to be Unfair

Sat 24th November 2018:

Aw, isn’t that nice, our government doesn’t want to be unfair! Of course, that doesn’t apply to any of the many men treated unfairly on the basis of false allegations especially in the Family Court, or the many men whose hard-earned assets are plundered courtesy of our ‘relationship property’ law, or the many men having […]

Intersectional Feminism – a man’s view

Fri 23rd November 2018:

Warning: participation is not recommended if you value your sanity. In a recent post The Social Purity of Feminism we can see how much the cutting edge of Feminism has changed its relationship with the society around it. It is sometimes hard to see how much we were already a Feminist compliant nation before the […]

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