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For the past 40 years 70% of all suicide is men and boys

Thu 7th December 2023:

In Australia the 3 leading cause of male suicide is – Family relationship breakdown – Loss of access to children – Court and financial reasons Men and boys tie ropes around tree branches and hang themselves to end their situational distress. Men and boys are not at fault. Unacceptable behaviour from disgusting man haters who […]

Feminist Justice System Extends Well Beyond The Family Court

This was a rare case in which Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos challenged and brought about consequences against a woman for providing dishonest, conflicting claims and evidence in that arena of deceit. There seemed no doubt that the woman said things in Court that contradicted her sworn affidavits and that she lied at various times. […]

This is what you get with non disclosure of evidence.

Mon 23rd October 2023:

Andrew Malkinson now aged 57 spent 17 years in prison for a crime he never committed. – 10 of those years were because he maintained his innocence. – The police unlawfully destroyed evidence that would have cleared Andrew. – While assistance chief constable Sara Jackson wrote an apology to Andrew, it contained the following further […]

3 Men tried to take their own life after false allegations of a sexual nature.

Sun 22nd October 2023:

This is a 55-minute video. It is not a documentary. It is a summary of facts and reasons for sentencing by a Judge. Eleanor Williams aged 22 set out to destroy 3 men’s reputations. It included smashing her own face and body with a hammer she purchased. Williams made claims of being used by gangs […]

Russell can no longer have a fair trial

Sun 17th September 2023:

Right now a fellow man has been accused of multiple rapes in the media. He is rich, he is famous, he is popular. Now his future and wellbeing is in question. Russell Brand has claimed every single sexual encounter was consensual. What we have now is an open media trial that allows every single person […]

In It For You

Sun 27th August 2023:

In It For You You may recognise the phrase as the Labour Party Election Slogan for 2023. I thought it an odd phrase when I first heard it and tossed around what it might mean. Self promotion? Prime minister and Labour leader Chris Hipkins saying, I’m “In it for you”? Or the Labour Party is […]

Puberty Blockers

Fri 25th August 2023:

Follow the Science, they say, but I haven’t had time on this one. Sterilization in disguise? Population Control? Eugenics? Is it an issue for men more than women? I’m seeing the noise. Would that be any different to parents with school age children. What are they told?

Family Court Friction

This article is behind the Herald pay wall if anyone wants to contribute the detail in the comments. This has just been published which may be a follow-up rather the original article above. NZ Herald senior journalist Jane Phare has been investigating this issue for months, talking to the families, psychologists, lawyers and judges […]

Close the Ministry Of Women’s Affairs

Occasionally the collective body of women do disagree. A policy to close the Ministry of Women’s Affairs is being driven by the ACT Party. That being so out in the open is firstly a typical feminist, bite back at anything that dares to criticise us, but what we might also be seeing is a realisation […]

Act Party to abolish Ministry for Women

Thu 17th August 2023:

News Link – Act Party to abolish ministry for women “We shouldn’t have ministries that are there just for a type of person because every ministry should be serving every type of person.” Luxon is partly on board with the idea.

Father Expresses His Opinion About Parenting Order

Fri 11th August 2023:

This father’s expression of remorse following his act of martyrdom was sensible given he was looking down the barrel of a long prison sentence. It’s a shame though that so many people cave in to bullying and abandon their ethical positions by later agreeing they were wrong. Of course, we would never encourage the use […]

If I were the deep state this is what I would do to fathers and children worldwide if I wanted less of them.

Sat 5th August 2023:

If I were the deep state and I wanted to reduce population from 9 billion to 1 billion, I would destroy families and allow gangs to flourish. I would even pay the gangs to exist on that income without having to resort to crime for money. If I were the deep state, I would take […]


Tue 1st August 2023:

NZ MEN & BOYS CONFERENCE COMING SOON A one-day event to explore & discuss the struggles of Men & Boys in New Zealand. On Saturday 9 September 2023 at 8am

Shane Jones for Northland

Sun 25th June 2023:

Northland candidate for NZ First, Shane Jones is campaigning in some of the smaller centres across Northland and was in Pahia yesterday. The largest forestry operator in Northland [no free advertising] is a NZ First member and organiser of yesterday’s event. Jones matched the Party’s determination to root out the trouble makers behind the country’s […]

Marxism – The seizure and the means to control another mans production.

Sun 18th June 2023:

OK so let’s talk about some of the nonsense the working men have to put up with, who is behind it and where is all leading, has lead. Dr James Lindsay said Woke is the new name for Marxism. The seizure and the means to control another mans production. He said the working class is […]

SOS (Not The ABBA Song)

Save our Selfs The answer is, that it didn’t for Stalin himself who died in paranoid fear of life itself being taken from him by others who followed in his footsteps.

Meng Foon Resigns

Fri 16th June 2023:


Fri 26th May 2023:

Confusing as life may be sometimes I found this extraordinarily interesting. Looking at democratic journalism in a similar way to NZDSOS (NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science) that is a rebellion against insanity. Insanity in its original definition was,


In a perfect world men would be in love with all woman but chose only one to be their life partner.

Prostate Update

Mon 22nd May 2023: WATCH NOW A World Renown Prostate Expert at the Harvard Medical Center has discovered a “Zero-Gravity Hack” that Astronauts use at NASA that can help men relieve prostate problems. Frustrating I’m sure, if you hit the play button and found it was a picture. Not recently but I have clicked into a couple of […]

Loafers Lodge

Tue 16th May 2023:

I am going to take a guess that most if not all the dead from the Wellington hostel fire overnight will be male. I noted also that the cause is being treated as suspicious. The firefighter who led first crew into Loafers Lodge said his crew [is] struggling to deal with the aftermath. Clark Townsley […]

Woman Who Pretended To Be A Man Dies By Assisted Suicide After Realising How Difficult It Was To Be One

Sun 23rd April 2023:

News Link Here Journalist Norah Vincent and author of Self Made Man wanted to experience life as the opposite gender so she could write about it. Male privilege in the modern era is a myth. In 2020, it was found that 70% of homeless individuals were men. Men are four times more likely to commit […]

Parental Alienation – The grown child’s view.

Fri 14th April 2023:

Mothers do it for property, accommodation, income, resentment and spite. Fathers are the falsely persecuted, children are the victims. But it doesn’t end there. That is just the beginning of a lifetime of suffering for father and child. This clip is of a man who found out he was cheated out of a childhood without […]

In the Extreme

Sun 9th April 2023:

Covid Vaccine Wise In the extreme her young man was prohibited from using a public toilet during what Murfitt describes as “The irrational and discrimatory traffic light system” that former prime minister, Jacinda Ardern and former Director General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield used to support New Zealand’s vaccine rollout. Earlier today, I saw another meme […]

Feminism are selling something women who are not going to be happy about later in their life.

Sat 8th April 2023:

A calm and non-vindictive clip on how it works out for many women. Sadly, they only find out when it’s too late.

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