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Three Beers Jim

Wed 14th November 2018:

It might have been just another tradie’s shop – they’re a dime a dozen, aren’t they? He was a drummer in a band, quite a story he owned, with a feminist wife and a couple of confused kids. But Jim,

he always says “IT’S GREAT TO BE A GUY”…..

Tue 13th November 2018:

YEp…My GUY,,, he always reverts to this staple sentence. Adversity, Stress, Business..even when those things get in the way, he get back up, I do not hear him blaming,, he is an analyzer. Here recently the subject of hormone/chemical bodily response and reaction was talked about, I thought WOW, so that explains it. ” […]


Sun 11th November 2018:

Heres a quick video I made about Movember and what it means to me.

Abortion at a Woman’s Whim

Sat 10th November 2018:

Abortion tends to become an endless moral debate and this has previously been discouraged here. However, recent proposals by the NZ Law Commission deserve some consideration of this matter and its relevance to men. The Law Commission has long been a feminist force forwarding the exploitation and harming of men. In addition to their proposal […]

Family Income Sharing Arrangements – FISA – NZ Divorce

Thu 8th November 2018:

Currently under consideration by the Law Commission, (FISA) may become a permanent part of our Divorce Settlement legislation. Following the leading Herald article in their media feed authored as described; (Jeremy Sutton is a senior family lawyer, specialising in divorce cases where there are significant assets including family trusts and complex business structures) We find […]

Submissions and concerted action about Crown accountability

Sun 4th November 2018:

I know this site has some great minds and maybe a few retired people that can dedicate a substantial amount of time for the benefit of others. I think, in my not so humbled mind that what we need is a dedicated working group to offer submissions on all things affecting the population of NZ. […]


Fri 2nd November 2018:

Some things are so obvious they apparantly do not need saying…but it is okay, we have free speech and we can Babble if we want to…Mansplaining encouraged…


Thu 1st November 2018:

You know that feelin, when you feel like a bit of a dick, you’ve said too much, too little, so inarticulate that you may have buried yourself, kinda feelin… OH SHIT I am here again, I feel like a bit of a dick. but this is a gooood thannnngggg, this is shitting yourself around, 325 […]

The RACE to gathering PACE….

Rapid change is on the menu like never before, it is like a grab, a stab, use a fork if you must but feast you will. I am talking about a world that is lead in gathered fashion, a grab of what sectors of society wish for and aim to get. Minority groups abound, they […]

Living With InJustice

Sun 28th October 2018:

Is to be on your knees, Being a SURVIVOR of this one is to be a SURVIVOR of victimisation for sure, SURVIVING such a thing as this take guts, moral fibre, faith?, and all those wonderful things, These things may not be easy to find on your own and you WILL need BACK UP, But […]


Sat 27th October 2018:

Those whom have been apparently blind to a swell of mis-truths and dangerous exaggerations in recent times will surely be starting to see, these the judges and lawmakers…. It would be great to think that big change could be made, you know to say, a more european family style court system, if it were to […]

Announcement: Men’s Summit 2019 in Dunedin

Mon 22nd October 2018:

Organisers of the NZ Men’s Summit invite those interested in the welfare of men, fathers, boys and their friends to the Otago University Rugby Clubrooms on Friday 12 April next year. Speakers and workshops will address important issues affecting the well being of males. This significant forum, with a working lunch, in a venue overlooking the […]

Effectively Resisting the Feminist Juggernaut

Sun 21st October 2018:

Instead, we would like to see many more thoroughly violent responses from men when feminist violence is done to them. This excerpt is from MoMA’s original post on Jamie Lee Ross. Many on this site have advised that we can learn a lot from the “old hands”. With them making quotes like that I’m not […]

There’s a dangerous problem with the Believe Survivors movement

News Article Link I do not think I have ever seen a news article where the reporter was fearful enough to put “Name Withheld”. Mostly reporters like to receive recognition, appreciation and industry respect for writing newsworthy features. Indeed, I am surprised the Editor published this piece. The publishing of comments against the “believe survivors […]

Guardians of our Children,,self litigation workshop

Fri 19th October 2018:

What: Guardians of our Children “Make Them Proud” Self-litigation workshop When: Saturday 27th October Time: 9am – 3pm Where:


Did the shit have to get to the top before the reality sunk in for some people, or perhaps they sunk into it, might be a better analogy. This could be the year, and it would be a strange one if the first year of the Labour government after Hellengrad saw the emergence of a […]

Jami-Lee Ross vs Feminist Violence

Wed 17th October 2018:

While we may be critical of Mr Ross’ disloyal attempts to sabotage his leader and party (and probably other individual parliamentarians in the near future!) and/or we may also see him to some extent as suffering abuse for brave whistle-blowing, we applaud the fact that he has not rolled over and accepted feminist mischief against […]

Undisclosed Drug Use

The female of the species is well known for hiding what they think you may not like in order to get the attention of a male. Leaving aside alcohol and cigarettes, there are other addictions that are disruptive and sometimes dangerous within relationships. Meths use amongst females is perhaps more obvious but sugar and food […] not mediation..”MEDITATION”

Sun 14th October 2018:

( only one named mama could get away with a post like this here,,so here goes) I was talking with people the other day about the great need to look after yourself when you get caught up in the system. Some people will not have the luxury of time to find wisdom and they need […]

Court Favouritism Towards Females

While over the last year or two there have been some cases in which women were sentenced comparably to men, that remains a rare exception. Here’s a case in the news today. Compare that with this very similar case in which it was a father who responded to his child’s bully with a mild physical […]

GIVE IT MEL’LALLDE…..Melania and me…

Sat 13th October 2018:

I can imagine that people have reserved feeling /perception for Mrs Trump, First Lady and Statuesque Lady at the side of the President of the United States. I did have a smirk at her expense when observing for the third time her punished look of despair at having to be ‘the public office wife’ whilst […]

Suicide: ‘Don’t Mention the Facts’

Fri 12th October 2018:

Almost every article on suicide fails to mention the extent to which suicide is a gender issue, that men have over decades committed suicide around 3 times more often than everyone else. Here’s another one, a good article in most respects. Is it the editors who take out any reference to the gender issue here? […]

Police Proudly Parade Their Anti-Male Sexism

Check out this remarkable news item. Police white-knighting for damsels who are not in distress. “How do you know she’s consenting?” Apart from the fact she has her tongue in your mouth and her hand down your underpants? A better question might be “How do you know she won’t withdraw her consent retrospectively tomorrow or […]

Man dragged through caught to be taught lesson???..antismacking

Wed 10th October 2018:

When I heard on the AM show that a man was dragged through court for smacking his four year old child once on the bottom, they also slipped it in there that the mother thought he may have needed to be taught a lesson, the Father that is. Since when are Mothers an advisory to […]

Sydnee Shanunna Toulapapa

Tue 9th October 2018:

The Crown then appealed that decision, made by High Court Justice Peter Woodhouse, on the grounds that a conviction would have been proportionate to the seriousness of the offending. The Court of Appeal on Tuesday dismissed the appeal, saying that Toulapapa was the “dupe of the principal offender” – her cousin Nadene Manukau-Togiavalu. Regardless of the backdrop to […]

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