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And just like that. Everyone knew the difference between boys and girls again!

Sat 22nd June 2024:

June is mens mental health month.

Mon 10th June 2024:

Watch this video here June isn’t pride month. June is men’s mental health month. – 600,000 Men a year – 58,000 Men a month – 48,000 Men a week – 2000 Men a day – 86 Men an hour – And almost 2 Men a minute take their own life due to mental illness.

Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan creates new new role of Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change

Sat 1st June 2024:

News link here A new low from women’s activist Jacinta Allan. Comments by others were. ‘Are you for f***ing real? Do you despise men that much? Have you observed women’s behaviour as well? It works both ways,’ one woman commented.’ ‘We need a minister for men. Not this! This is more posturing which will do […]

This is why fathers take their lives.

Sun 26th May 2024:

@itsaboutabrotherhood This is what is happening to Fathers in Australia who are forced into the domestic violence and family law courts. Current policy enables years of ongoing emotional, psychological and financial abuse of Fathers which often leads to Increased rates of family and domestic violence and sadly suicide. #21fathers #endalldv #domesticviolence #suicide #notyourright #menshealth #FamilyLawReform […]

Shared Parenting in Japan

Fri 17th May 2024:

Legislation changes in Japan are expected to pass by 2026. The new system will be implemented by fiscal 2026 and allow couples divorced before the implementation to switch to joint custody by filing a request with a family court.

10 Red Flags of the Female Covert Narcissist

Thu 4th April 2024:

Some of the 2,580 comments on youtube follows. Link to all comments 1. Getting out of one of these relationships was one of the most emotionally painful things I’ve been through. A year later, I have healed and can watch these videos every once in a while and smile. I know now that walking away […]

Lunatic Carol Adams say eating meat by white men is patriarchy and gender & oppression

Fri 29th March 2024:

Carol Adams says white men eating meat is patriarchy and gender based oppression. She says animals and fish just want to have fun and have babies. What a load of crap from this pathetic male hating excuse for a woman. Imagine if a man got up and said the same about a woman? Imagine if […]


Sun 10th March 2024:

I could give this post many different titles, and readers’ thinking would immediately focus on that issue, rather than the common denominator of ‘agency’ in each of those issues. This is something very relevant to the situation we find ourselves in now


Wed 28th February 2024:

Paihia-(Northland, New Zealand) A small coastal settlement in the Bay of Islands, The word doesn’t exist in Te Reo (Māori language) and local legend

Efeso Collins

Wed 21st February 2024:

From ONE News Green MP Efeso Collins, 49, has died after collapsing at a charity event this morning. Emergency services rushed to treat the first-term MP after he collapsed. He was participating in a charity event for ChildFund in Auckland’s Britomart when the incident occurred. Staff at the scene were visibly emotional and crying as […]

A New Normal

A New Normal : This phrase crept into our language as far back as the beginning of 2020: This is our new normal. That’s the message from nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson after New Zealand increased its alert level in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. “nanotechnologist” I don’t recall that at the time but I […]


Mon 19th February 2024:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) gained significant prominence through the covid pandemic. As a result, WHO has become the debating arena for world affairs in the lead-up to the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) in May.

Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process.

Wed 14th February 2024:

If you want a violent society, then treat the children violently. Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process. Alienating parents systematically destroy their child’s close attachment with their other safe parent. It is immense. […]

Paulette Main allegedly falsely claiming almost $450,000 from the Ministry of Justice’s Family Legal Advice Service.

Sun 11th February 2024:

The Serious Fraud Office has filed charges against former Bay of Plenty lawyer Paulette Main for allegedly falsely claiming almost $450,000 from the Ministry of Justice’s Family Legal Advice Service. Ms Main has entered not guilty pleas to all charges. The trial call over date is 14 February 2024. Happy valentines for the 14th!!!! It […]

Wana have a peek at the future when boys have been alienated from their families?

Wed 7th February 2024:

Sadly, America is already there. Ignore the destruction of boys’ relationships with their fathers. Ignore the damage caused by the family court and NZ will get there too. TFW No GF is a non-scripted documentary. It’s a shocker. The full movie is on Telegram. Step 1 Install Telegram App on your phone. Step 2 Install […]

Dad can’t resume contact with child until Family Court delay clears (Surprised … NOT)

Mon 5th February 2024:

Article link >>  NZ Family court is the best tool for “Parental Alienation” (Must read)

The harm this woman has done to her children has been so extreme, it should be considered just as serious as rape and punished accordingly

Fri 2nd February 2024:

Mr Michael Chriswell father of 5 children had them abducted from him for 10 years. His eldest son asked him to rescue him from the extremely alienating mother. I understand Michael may now live in New Zealand. The harm this woman has done to her children has been so extreme, it should be considered just […]

Personal Integrity v Professional Credibility

Wed 31st January 2024:

The protection of credentials. Over the past century this is often referred to as self regulation by professional society. The formation is designed to weed out the unprofessional person who uses the society’s reputation for a credibility beyond their own competence. We’ve seen this tested in cases such as the Cave Creek tragedy and the […]

State of Grief

Tue 30th January 2024:

I once said to myself if I write a book it should be called, ‘State of Grief’. That was more than 2 decades ago but is as relevant today as it was then. You could approach that in so many ways as an individual depending on your circumstances. But as a society as with any […]

Statins and Alternatives

Sat 13th January 2024:

Cardiovascular conversation for the unhealthy Western World that we are growing into.

Double Standards? Of Course.

Thu 14th December 2023:

A man is being prosecuted for manslaughter for killing a fetus after his car hit a pregnant woman while he was street racing illegally. An interesting case indeed. When it comes to pregnant women, the fetus is not considered to have any human rights. She can legally kill the fetus and others are legally allowed […]

Epilim Warning

Safety Alert 7 December 2023 Sodium valproate (Epilim) use in people who can father children: important new safety information Update to original communication The Epilim data sheet and consumer medicines information leaflet have been recently updated with additional information about sodium valproate (Epilim) use in people who can father children. Educational resources are also being […]

For the past 40 years 70% of all suicide is men and boys

Thu 7th December 2023:

In Australia the 3 leading cause of male suicide is – Family relationship breakdown – Loss of access to children – Court and financial reasons Men and boys tie ropes around tree branches and hang themselves to end their situational distress. Men and boys are not at fault. Unacceptable behaviour from disgusting man haters who […]

Feminist Justice System Extends Well Beyond The Family Court

This was a rare case in which Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos challenged and brought about consequences against a woman for providing dishonest, conflicting claims and evidence in that arena of deceit. There seemed no doubt that the woman said things in Court that contradicted her sworn affidavits and that she lied at various times. […]

This is what you get with non disclosure of evidence.

Mon 23rd October 2023:

Andrew Malkinson now aged 57 spent 17 years in prison for a crime he never committed. – 10 of those years were because he maintained his innocence. – The police unlawfully destroyed evidence that would have cleared Andrew. – While assistance chief constable Sara Jackson wrote an apology to Andrew, it contained the following further […]

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