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Scott v Williams

Tue 12th December 2017:

Supreme court divorce case. Contributors with analysis or opinion please comment, and if possible provide relevant links.

Dads On The Air

Wed 6th December 2017:

Many years back I was in contact with a variety of groups focused on men’s issues across the ditch, or our kwaussie cussies, however you like to discribe them. It was interesting to get an email on the progress with … Dads On The Air … The link will take you to their website. There […]

Elder Abuse – the new suicide

As the numbers climbed in the suicide statistics, the information dried up, the the system shut up, the media was gaged under the pretext that talking about the issue would cause copycat fatalities and unnecessary deaths, and for decades a few – at least a few us – fought against a determined administration that did […]

Sexism in Unemployment

Sun 3rd December 2017:

It is not unusual to see debates raging over female employment, especially when it comes to the higher-end income packages and any perception of a barrier to these being available on demand to at least the minimum 50% gender quota, which without justification excludes, those candidates hoping to qualify by self-entitlement to positions, that don’t […]

Check out this gender imbalance in Dept of Corrections

Fri 1st December 2017:

We came across this web page with a video clip for recruiting psychologists to the Dept of Corrections. It involves only female psychologists and shows them working with all male clients. It shows two females running a group, presumably in prison, with all males. We don’t think this is ok.

No doubt there will be an Appeal …..

Tue 28th November 2017:,tsf

The Gang of Women Who Marry and Kill

Mon 27th November 2017:

These women should move to NZ where they would be treated by our male-hating feminists as brave crusaders leading the charge to make the murder of men by women legal. They won’t need any gang to commit the murders here, just do it themselves then claim they were abused by the dead men. They will […]

Only a Male Dead So Let’s Not Get Too Fussed

Sat 25th November 2017:

These teenage students brutally bashed another male student who died. The Crown decided it was no big deal and reduced charges to Common Assault following which the Court discharged them without conviction and ordered permanent name suppression. Lucky for these offenders they didn’t (gasp) gently touch a female without her clear consent. Now that would […]

Protest Today Against Family Court Judge

Fri 24th November 2017:

Today (Friday 24 November) at 4:30pm there will be a ‘Bothering’ protest at 223 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, directed towards a Judge who has a record of alienating fathers from their children. An invitation is made to anyone who wishes to join this protest.

Tony Veitch – Don’t Give Up!! I Support You !!!

Thu 23rd November 2017:

A few days ago Tony Veitch was the victim of a couple of female news reporters who voiced their own opinion re how upset they were about Tony getting a new Job at Sky TV. These woman reporters forgot to report how much money Tony paid his ex girlfriend for compensation. They did not report […]

Landmark Win for Men’s Rights

Sun 19th November 2017:

Organizers of the Men’s Summit 2017 have reached a settlement after Mirimar Links Conference Centre cancelled the use of their venue in April at short notice on the grounds of feeling “uncomfortable” with men’s issues. The Human Rights Commission mediated the settlement and according to the Men’s Summit team this was the first time the […]


Thu 16th November 2017:

Is consent a political diversion? I offer my seed without reason I offer my egg without justification What are your thoughts?

Canada’s Prime Minister & Chief Feminist Justin Trudeau to visit NZ

Mon 13th November 2017:

Jacinda Ardern has invited Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to visit New Zealand where they will discuss “redeveloping a feminist international development policy”, among other subjects. See here Justin Trudeau is responsible for introducing new sex assault bills that stops evidence that proves consent for sex was given. In Canada any photo or video text, any […]

In a Parallel Universe

Thu 2nd November 2017:

What may have been published if the gender was different in this Herald Story: Family of schoolboy injured in dirt bike prank don’t want charges laid

Calls for Family Court Inquiry

Sun 22nd October 2017:

Our colleague Craig Jackson has joined calls from the feminist ‘Backbone Collective’ for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court. However, Craig’s concerns differ considerably from the feminists who believe the Family Court should believe everything women claim and do exactly what women prefer without question.

Girls’ Rock Camp

Sat 21st October 2017:

A rock music training day for teenagers of all genders except heterosexual males. Is this ok? Isn’t gender discrimination unlawful? Radio NZ (which should change its name to Feminist Radio) states the following:

Manslaughter by Susan Mouat

Sun 15th October 2017:

Susan Mouat caused the death of her husband by pushing him and thereby causing him to fall and fatally hit his head. She then lied about the event for years to avoid responsibility. Our previous comment in September was as follows:

New Zealand human rights submission to the UN ignores men’s rights.

On the MensRights subreddit, user “iainmf” has reported about a submission he made to the NZ government for the UN’s Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Committee.

Men’s Summit 2018 Friday 6th April

Sat 14th October 2017:

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs is pleased to announce the next New Zealand Men’s Summit will be held in Auckland on 6th April 2018. The 2018 Summit will build on the success of recent Summits in Christchurch and Wellington.

A Day of Remembrance

Thu 12th October 2017:

The Quantum Court That Amazes Observers

Sat 7th October 2017:

The father of a daughter whose mother illegally brought her to live in NZ has had The NZ Family Court deny his application to have the child returned to him in his home country. This is a Court that defies logic and the injustice dished out to the father is horrific. No one should be […]

Rachel Smalley’s Condescending Comments

Fri 6th October 2017:

NZ Herald femaleist (aren’t they all femaleists at the Herald?) Rachel Smalley today bemoaned the lack of females on the teams involved in negotiations to form a new government. She claimed, in her article titled “Hey guys, where’s the women on coalition negotiation teams?“: “And yet women are pretty good at preventing, managing and resolving […]

6 cents versus a $1-00 …..

Voting Age

Mon 2nd October 2017:

If you are a student of recent history you would know, it is not that long ago that the voting age was set at 21 years of age. More recently it was reduced to 18 years of age. The three year difference brings in another quarter-of-a-million, or there abouts, young minds into the political void.

Suicide and Reason

Tue 26th September 2017:

Zdenek (Sid) Hanzlik’s suicide is a very sad event and may have been triggered by several issues but without doubt the main protagonist was the Family Court and Family Law. The slide into the abyss of despair through a life without perceived meaning for many fathers is the needless separation and complications, in regards to […]

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