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Who is Matt King

Sat 21st May 2022:

Matt King may be an unknown quantity to most people around the country but that is fast changing. A former Northland MP and National Party (Member of parliament) for one term, King lost his Northland seat by the narrowest of margins in the 2020 election to Labour’s media-bomb campaign. He parted ways with the National […]

Young mans life destroyed by police.

Thu 19th May 2022:

4 Years later, AU$100k, a 3-day trial and a not guilty verdict. During those years he suffered, – Lost of job – Death threats – Scared to leave the house – Destruction of career – A Barrister who pushed him to plea guilty to get a lower sentence. – Financial loss – 7 Months in […]

Child Support Benefit Recovery

I haven’t seen any detail on this. I caught a voice clip in relation to an end to child support payments going to the state and to now be paid to the (it said mother) but I assume other parent. Affecting some “14,0000” children I assume rather than parents. [Part of Budget 2022]

FENZ – Firemen Doing Nothing

Times have changed but even though women firefighters are not uncommon these days, the Fire and Emergency Service is still primarily a male domain and highly reliant on men volunteering to support their communities, it’s not just those engaged as paid professionals. This is another industry and one of several on the periphery of the […]

NZ Human Rights

Sat 14th May 2022:

There’s plenty of posts on this site regarding the Human Rights Commission ignoring men’s issues. There’s a very good post here on just how confused the Human Rights Commissioner is about human rights so when the PM leaves the Human Rights Commissioner waiting 100 days one has to ask the question, did the government ever […]

The NZ Male Doctor

From New Zealand today, found on Twitter, as they say, and it struck me as very odd. Before I continue, let me say, I’ve had various dealings with female doctors for over 40 years and that has never given me any cause for concern but when I see a female Doctor seemingly proud of the […]

Bob lets us know what our children are being taught.

Tue 10th May 2022:

What business is it to even ask such questions of a child. I thought schools were a place of learning not to push ideology. Not to force a child into discussing that personal nonsense and to withhold it from parents. It is not education. Bizarre as it is to our elected leaders, parents raise children […]


Tue 3rd May 2022:

Woman Murders 5-year-old boy Michaela Barriball, a woman aged 27 took Master Malachi Subecz’s into her care 11 months ago. She proceeded to carry out daily assaults. – Picked him up off the ground by his hair – Thrown him into walls – Held him underwater when in the bath – Verbal abused him – […]

How to end suicide in NZ

Wed 20th April 2022:

Link – NZ Mental Abuse of a Prisoner Link – Andrew Little hiding suicide deaths Link – Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce. Link – IRD Disclose the number of deaths of the non-custodial parent Link – Bipartisan approach to mental health off to bad start It […]

Many will not understand it

Tue 12th April 2022:

The founder of Dubai, Sheik Rashid, was asked about the future of his country, and he replied, “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I ride a Mercedes, my son rides a Land Rover, and my grandson is going to ride a Land Rover…but my great-grandson is going to have to ride […]

Change by Redefinition

Sat 9th April 2022:

I was reminded of this last week overhearing a conversation between two women walking along the footpath, “Have you noticed how people are changing the meaning of words?” Ok, some of us have been aware of this mischief for years if not decades in the legal games of the country. I see we are back […]


Mon 4th April 2022: Is there such a thing as MASCULIST ART? Is there a way to insert photos directly? In inline web page positions? Thank you.

On Pedophilia (Suppressed on Blogger)

HACKED FROM MOST PLACES ON MY HARD DRIVE- almost lost this in its entirety. Somebody does not want you to read this or know it Ever!

The Amazing Inspiration

Do you notice how often we are sold the idol through various media? The three generations of academic women holding hands at a graduation ceremony. Modern authors, if you can be bothered reading the genre writing about women breaking free from their apron strings to boldly go where so many men had gone before and […]

Family Law Inquiry – 3 Men a day take their lives in Oz.

Thu 3rd March 2022:

A must-watch video. List of 29 Recommendations Family Law Inquiry

The Family Court – Same Story – Different Dad

Sun 27th February 2022:

Men, if you are thinking of letting her move in with you, thinking of starting a family, this video is for you. If you are a child from a single parent family, and you wonder why your dad wasn’t there, or worst died by his own hand. Now you know. If you are an MP, […]

Family Law Inquiry – Australia

Sat 5th February 2022:

A good address from Malcolm Roberts. The Australian politicians see and hear the destruction done to families, those politicians took action and dissolved the Family Court. Our NZ politicians are ignoring the public and turning a blind eye to families and their distress.

The Family Court – Fraud and Suicide – Where to find your Dad.

Fri 4th February 2022:

The Wikipedia page says the definition of the term “Fraud” in law is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law (e.g., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud or recover monetary compensation) or criminal law […]

‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Sir Cliff Richard

Sun 30th January 2022:

News Link Here ‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Well, that’s a good question Cliff. The answer is, “we wouldn’t like to prevent others coming forward.” You wonder how that resolves or excuses the Met Police, who contacted the media and arranged to video the raid on Cliff’s […]

Mothers Parental Alienation – Crazy Making – Jays response.

Tue 18th January 2022:

Part 1 Part 2 – Jays Response The comment section tells it like it is. Fathers who love their children and a blind family court narrative that is completely destructive towards families. That narrative is to dad bash and make unbalanced decisions. It is no wonder western society is crumbling under the weight of young […]

How 2 children remember their mother

Sun 16th January 2022:

I search Kathleen Dehmlow and found there was an article how the children should forgive her for something that happened a long time ago. Here’s the thing, the children were not children when they wrote this. They had lived their lives. A destroyed childhood by their mother. Had to be raised by grandparents for many […]

Alleged Corrupt Heads of Bench Judges Exposed by Lawyer Tony Ellis & Journalist Karl du Fresne was watching.

Wed 12th January 2022:

District and Family Court Judge Pete Callincos sent a woman to jail for perjury. This is what happened next. Audio Part 1 Audio Part 2 I know in my heart these Judges will be exceedingly in agreement with this publication as it is in line with those same Judges who are always telling the accused […]

Full term abortion law while country distracted with pandemic. – Dads rights are nil. Baby’s rights nil.

Tue 11th January 2022:

. There are many good reasons to have an abortion. Medical issues for mother or child. I consider late abortions repugnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant, there are plenty of contraception methods available. Those who votes against are listed here.’_positions

More Sexism

Sun 26th December 2021:

Do we take this lying down? We all know it should be Ken in the wheel chair.

Family Court – What does parental alienation do to a child? – What do the children say when they grown up?

Thu 23rd December 2021:

No tears for the children who were left behind. Family court judges who destroy loving fathers, and on not so common occasions, loving mothers relationships with their children will have no place in a future society. Hopefully will face justice themselves. I hold the Government to account for these repugnant atrocities. These children and the […]

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