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Judge Timothy Druce

Sun 11th March 2018:

Anyone here had any dealings with Judge Timothy Druce in Auckland ? He is managing someone case that i know. Appreciated

Bettina Arndt – Speaks about how men have been left vulnerable in today’s society. And why men are committing suicide at a rate of almost 5 to 1.

Mon 19th February 2018:

Gendered Politicians

Thu 15th February 2018:

In a simple analysis; if a politician acts in a gendered way and seeks votes based on gender then you would expect them to represent their constituency in the same way? As the Green’s female leader position is currently being contested it may be interesting to observe this contest as a starting point, although a […]

Air New Zealand gender equity experiment

Sat 10th February 2018:

Sources indicate that men need not apply for the time being. In a step to upwardly adjust the ratio of female to male pilots a policy of hiring female only applicants is in place. Further information in relation to this especially any knowledge of a government directive would be welcome. My genuine concern here would […]


Fri 9th February 2018:

A Tauranga couple will launch their community men’s man cave this Saturday. The couple Mike and Charice also have a fire engine for sale if another men’s group is interested.

Part Time Prime Minister

News about our part time, celebrity, primeminister, expectant mother, and the political confussion is gathering some international attention. Of particular interest is the passage of articles on the right hand side. Not a Woman’s Weekly reader myself, but if you happen to pass by one you might justify a look only to assist with comments […]

Next of Kin Debate

Thu 8th February 2018:

A next of kin debate is surfacing after the body of a man remains unclaimed for 7 months.

Black book for men to stop them from being employed.

Mon 5th February 2018:

Recommended by Government to start tracking sexual misconduct in the workplace And there you have it!! Woman’s Minister Julie Anne Genter will set up a Government registrar for men who have allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace against them. No need for anything else. No investigation, trial, no jury, no lawyer, no judge, just […]

Psychologists Board

Tue 30th January 2018:

I recently went through the process of making an official complaint to the Psychologists Board regarding the conduct of one of their psychologists. Of course they decided not to reprimand the psychologist but it was pleasing to see how much time the psychologist had to waste addressing the complaint. So on that basis I would […]

Protests in Auckland and nationwide

Sat 27th January 2018:

G’day Chaps, Couple of protests running next month ( Organized by Families 4 Justice ) in Auckland CBD. Against the Family Justice System which include; NZ Family court – CYFS – NZ police and other associates. Expected 100++ people ! Anyone is welcome … Families 4 Justice WWW.F4J.ORG.NZ List of Event Screenshots Auckland CBD – […]

The Production of Isolation

A man’s worth is in his independence and his management of it. “How did you find out about us?” An obvious question to a man who had just walked in the door for his initial meeting with a Union of Fathers (UOF) representative. “My solicitor told me, “I’d be better off talking to you guys […]

Rene Naufahu and the Gender War

Thu 25th January 2018:

The Rene Naufahu case is a good example of our Courts and our society treating adult women as if they are children. Surely, if a man attempts to seduce an adult woman she has responsibility for whether she immediately tells him “no I don’t consent to that” (in whatever wording) or instead participates in the […]

Blenheim Protest Saturday 9th February

Wed 24th January 2018:

Information regarding this protest is obtained in the following article. Father walks away from Family Court Case and will join The Protest

Mental Health Inquiry NZ 2018

Not having seen the terms of reference it is hard to estimate how this might capture issues for men. I will update the text as information becomes available. RNZ How The Inquiry Will Work who will lead the inquiry

Please support my UN submission

Fri 19th January 2018:

Cover letter I am writing to ask you to support my submission to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. My concern is that men’s human rights issues are not being fully or accurately reported to the UN despite New Zealand’s obligation to do so. Examples of this are included my following submission. […]

Pregnant Primeminister

Well, there’s bound to be a few opinions on this one. You can’t miss the news.

Glitter Boobs and Feminist Hypocrisy Regarding Violence

Thu 11th January 2018:

The ‘Glitter Boobs’ story from the Gisborne ‘Rhythm and Vines’ music festival has been an international hit and our NZ Herald has published numerous articles on it, giving uncritical voice to Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller, Kiri-Ann Hatfield and Katie Ashworth and misrepresenting the events significantly. A bystander’s video recording showed Anello-Kitzmiller walking through the crowd with her […]

Christmas Eves-Dropping

Thu 28th December 2017:

I like to pay attention and be observant of the public picture, always looking for a story, and I have one I think is worth sharing. Supermarkets along with other industries help paint a social picture and this was the backdrop on this occasion …

Scott v Williams

Tue 12th December 2017:

Supreme court divorce case. Contributors with analysis or opinion please comment, and if possible provide relevant links.

Dads On The Air

Wed 6th December 2017:

Many years back I was in contact with a variety of groups focused on men’s issues across the ditch, or our kwaussie cussies, however you like to discribe them. It was interesting to get an email on the progress with … Dads On The Air … The link will take you to their website. There […]

Elder Abuse – the new suicide

As the numbers climbed in the suicide statistics, the information dried up, the the system shut up, the media was gaged under the pretext that talking about the issue would cause copycat fatalities and unnecessary deaths, and for decades a few – at least a few us – fought against a determined administration that did […]

Sexism in Unemployment

Sun 3rd December 2017:

It is not unusual to see debates raging over female employment, especially when it comes to the higher-end income packages and any perception of a barrier to these being available on demand to at least the minimum 50% gender quota, which without justification excludes, those candidates hoping to qualify by self-entitlement to positions, that don’t […]

Check out this gender imbalance in Dept of Corrections

Fri 1st December 2017:

We came across this web page with a video clip for recruiting psychologists to the Dept of Corrections. It involves only female psychologists and shows them working with all male clients. It shows two females running a group, presumably in prison, with all males. We don’t think this is ok.

No doubt there will be an Appeal …..

Tue 28th November 2017:,tsf

The Gang of Women Who Marry and Kill

Mon 27th November 2017:

These women should move to NZ where they would be treated by our male-hating feminists as brave crusaders leading the charge to make the murder of men by women legal. They won’t need any gang to commit the murders here, just do it themselves then claim they were abused by the dead men. They will […]

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