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Do not post questions or comments relating to the appropriateness of another member’s post, or about the the moderating of this forum. In all cases, please report activity that you believe contradicts these rules, or questions about the moderating of the forums, to the forum moderator.

Keep it Legal & Confidential

The content of any post is solely the responsibility of the poster. You may register using a pseudonym if you want your identity kept secret, however your email address (which is never displayed) must be valid. You are encouraged to discuss your experiences in the Family Court, but if you do you MUST NOT include any information which identifies you or your children. This site has subscribers from a number of government departments, and ill-considered MENZ postings are regularly produced in hearings as evidence of abusiveness.

Be aware that the webmaster will cooperate with authorities in supplying copies of posts and any information we have concerning the identity of a poster (ie: I’m not prepared to go to jail to protect your identity!).

Observe Copyright

Posting of material to which you do not own the copyright is not permitted. This includes the posting of large portions of articles from any other online or print publication, as well as posting large portions of posts from other forums or mailing lists (unless you are the author of the post). If a relevant article is online, provide a short summary , or a few carefully selected excerpts, and a link.

Be Respectful

Posts that are inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, rude, mean, nasty, or invasive of a person’s privacy are not permitted.

Be Relevant

Discussion must remain on-topic, and be posted in the correct category (or multiple categories if appropriate). No trolls, flames, jokes, virus warnings, or commercial advertisements are permitted.

Be Literate

When posting articles, try to check your speling, DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPS, use grammer proper, etc. Comments don’t matter so much, but readers should be able to understand what you mean.


Repeated failure to follow these rules will result in your membership being terminated with extreme prejudice!

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