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Fri 22nd May 2015

The feminist dichotomy

Filed under: General — triassic @ 1:41 pm

Oh! how it gives me joy to see the discourse amongst women around the latest policy on solo mothers required to be abailble for work when their youngest is aged 3.
Day care centres are a product of feminists demands as a way of releasing mothers from the ball and chain of children (placed on them by those bloody controlling partners) that halted all joy in life for them. Of course that is all bull shit as is most of their ranting. I await eagerly how history will record the events taking place now where the most important time in a young child’s life are thrown into a care centre that can never give the attention and emotional stability that a parent can provide. Some how I think they will manage to blame a pony tail
pulling PM for the debacle.

Sun 17th May 2015

Churches and the Men’s Movement

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:49 pm

There have always been some areas of agreement between religious followers and the men’s movement. However, this overlap is probably quite small. When it comes to particular issues, the churches seldom acknowledge men’s issues or even the impact on families and societies of male denigration. Churches still tend to favour anachronistic discriminatory attitudes toward women, something men’s movement people seldom agree with.

Here’s an example. A pamphlet from the Baptists was given to school students (to study in comparison with other points of view) and tells them that couples in de facto relationships who have children involve a father who is ‘such a coward he can’t even ask for her to be his wife’ and that the mother is ‘nothing more than a cheap prostitute who allows herself to be used for his sexual gratification in exchange for what seems to be a stable and secure home life’. (more…)

Administrative review

Filed under: Child Support — Time @ 4:54 pm

Originally when my ex wife and I split we had two houses. One was the family home and the other, a rental we co- owned with my ex brother in law.We also had additional debts that my ex had raked up. So when I decided to keep the family home and my ex, took the half share in the other home. I took on the extra burden of a much larger mortgage and took on much of the additional debt. Primarily so the children could come home to familiar surroundings. This was when we had a week about arrangement for child care. Unfortunately both children have since been brainwashed by their mother and mother in- law. And I no longer have custody and haven’t seen my children for over a year.

Ground 9
You are the paying parent and the assessment does not take into account that you have previously made payments, transfers or property settlements for the benefit of the child.

Does anyone know how I would approach this in a administrative review? Or if it is in fact even worth even attempting to challenge?

Fri 15th May 2015

Is the worm turning?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:07 pm

Jeremy Kyle gives his audience a verbal thrashing after they laugh at a man who ended up in hospital after having to jump out of a 3 storied flat to escape after his female partner locked him in. Caught off guard by Jeremy’s anger the audience soon sobers up when they realise that the domestic violence door swings both ways…good on you Jeremy.

Sun 10th May 2015

Sperm donor births; the best interests of children?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:43 am

This article, ‘More career-minded single women seek IVF treatments’ informs us of the constant increase in the number of women seeking to be impregnated to have children with no intention of providing them with a father or contact with their biological father. As we have come to expect, the article avoids wasting time on any responsible journalism that might explore the consequences of this baby market to fulfill women’s self-serving wants. The article looks more like an advertisement to attract more sperm donors in support of the very lucrative fertility company, and given the corruption of modern news media it would not be surprising to find that the article was incentive for some hefty advertising planned by the fertility firm.

In my book planned single parenthood is premeditated child abuse. It’s also another example of feminist arrogance in acting as though men can be redundant for raising children. Time for a campaign to convince men not to become sperm donors. Such a campaign will at least stimulate discussion about issues around children’s interests and the importance of fathers.

Fri 8th May 2015

Some Recent News Stories of Interest

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:01 pm

Are man-minding services offensive?
This humourous man-minding service is apparently spreading around retail places, offering to look after women’s husbands / partners to relieve the women from care-giving of their man-children and to let them shop in peace. Most men seem happy to take the joke in good humour but then most men don’t think about the implications. Feminists of course, that group claiming to want gender equality, aren’t bothered when men are treated in ways that would be totally unacceptable for women.

Tue 5th May 2015

Section 139a COCA seeking leave

Filed under: General — jackboy @ 3:46 pm

Hi Team, I am looking to vary a parenting order before the first two years are up and I first need to seek leave of the court for this to happen (the other side are opposing)

Im looking for anyone who may know how to meet the threshold for overturning section 139(a) COCA, the section requires you to prove there has been a material change to circumstances of- any party/Child to the previous proceedings.

Any one with some case law that gives me some thing to reference when a judge actually approves the courts leave


Sat 25th April 2015

Who are the Female Heroes of today?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:36 pm

The pony-gate scandal fascinates me due to the interest given to its trivia. It has piqued my scientific curiosity concerning the human brain and the paradox of its complexity and how poorly this potential is utilised.

I recently attended a public lecture at Waikato University from Warwick Holmes, an Avionics engineer who worked on the European Space Agencie’s Rosetta space project, where, after 10 years of orbiting the solar system 4 times, the landing craft touched down on a comet after travelling 16.5 billion KM. That’s around an hours travel from Earth at the speed of light. This feat is incredible and an outstanding achievement. It not only reflects the brilliance of the crew who worked on the project for 25yrs but it also has ongoing importance in discovering how life began. This comet is made from matter created before that of our solar system 4 billion years ago. I eagerly await the outcome.

The point of this post is to juxtapose the media’s poor coverage of this event last November as well as the recent visit of Mr Holmes in comparison with the coverage of the pony-gate affair. We live in a dumbed down society where scientific achievement is poorly reported.

Man shaming and victim blaming by Karen Woodall

Filed under: Gender Politics — MurrayBacon @ 10:48 am

Man shaming and victim blaming: an A-Z of male suicide
Apr 14, 2015
I caught the end of the Panorama Programme on male suicide in the UK last night. Whilst I know something about the statistics around male suicide and understand some of those things which stack up against men, causing loss of hope and a spiral into despair, even I was shocked that 100 men are killing themselves every week in the UK.

100 men every week. It is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 50. It is happening in our country right now and yet, apart from the exhortation to ‘talk about it’, we have, as yet, no national strategy, no national awareness of what is happening and no real idea of what to do about it other than telling men they need to talk about it.

Wed 22nd April 2015

The ponytail ‘pulling’ prime minister

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:26 pm

Today Prime Minister John Key sparks debate on the issue of ponytail pulling. (I’m not pulling your leg)

Should men be allowed to pull women’s pony tails?

Should men in power be allowed to grab hold of a woman’s power pony? (more…)

Sun 19th April 2015

Sexism in Television

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:35 pm

I just watched what I think was the first episode of “I am Innocent” (TV1 18/03/15), that I recorded some weeks ago. Interesting that it focused on three female teenagers unfairly convicted and jailed for a sadistic mob attack on another young female teenager. I guess the show’s management team realised that they could only attract public sympathy from the outset by focusing initially on unfair treatment of females even though this is a relatively rare event. The episode also gave some indication of how much more humanely women prisoners are treated than men. For example, the young women although convicted of extremely violent offending were allowed to have their own television sets and to wear their own comfortable night attire.

I also just watched an episode of ‘Fair Go’ from some weeks ago. It involved someone getting a ticket for driving offences based entirely on allegations from a member of the public claiming to see the offending actions. The Fair Go team and some others they interviewed were appalled that police would ticket and prosecute based simply on one person’s accusations in the absence of any other evidence. They must not be aware that for sexual allegations men are routinely prosecuted and that juries are allowed to convict on exactly that basis. For other offences carrying significant penalties, police do not prosecute and depositions hearings do not allow cases to proceed in the absence of good corroborating evidence. Unfortunately for men, sexist stereotyping will have more influence on a jury considering uncorroborated sexual allegations than on the judge who will rule on this man’s uncorroborated ticket.

The denigration of men: Ridiculed, abused, exploited

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 10:25 am

I suspect most of the men here already know how poorly they and their mates have been treated in today’s society. Left broken and unable to recover financially and mentally. Barred from some professions, less covered with health issues and totally unprotected in regard sexual allegations the moment the allegation is made. Paying for but being unable to see their own children.

The constant mainstream bellowing of feminism is at odds with statistics compiled in this article.
OK so this clipping is from a UK newspaper. But I see little difference between any western democracy and NZ.

One of the things this news story reported on is the future of boys and just how many will be treated so badly by feminism as they get older in life. Quite a grim outlook for the next generation of men.
There is such a wide range of topics in the news story touching on almost every imbalance that has made men second class citizens.

Seems odd to read it in a main stream newspaper. Story here.


Thu 16th April 2015

Photographing Boobs and Bums is ok

Filed under: Men's Health — Downunder @ 1:24 pm

The case of Errol Standeven

The police had no complaints from any of the women, who did not know that Standeven was photographing them walking and exercising, but it had a complaint from a man who said he was “disgusted” when he saw what Standeven was doing.

These are photos in the open in public places. (more…)

Mon 6th April 2015

Student Loan Debtors Choosing Bankruptcy

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 9:59 am

The big question here; If a student loan debt (a debt to the State) is expunged by bankruptcy, why does a child support debt still exist after bankruptcy?

Sun 5th April 2015

Japan’s Support of International Child Kidnapping Continues

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — sharingiscaring @ 5:12 pm

(despite its ‘show signing of the Hague convention’)

In the first known case to make it to Court after Japan’s signing of the Hague Convention the judge did exactly as many of us knew it would. It made its entire rulings based entirely on Japanese Family Law and ignored The Hague guidelines which Japan stated in the year previous that it would uphold.

Thu 2nd April 2015

How to have a working Child Support system.

Filed under: Child Support — Vman @ 5:14 pm

I have been on both sides of the NZ child support system. It is a system that has completely failed by any useful measure. It is an income tax on some people based on their marital status which has nothing to do with supporting children.

Opposition parties welcome CYF overhaul

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 11:03 am


Anoither possible waste our taxpayer money…….

Thu 26th March 2015

Not Sure

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:23 pm

I don’t know how to title this post.

Dive squad return to search for missing boy

It does need some discussion!

Please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — sharingiscaring @ 11:57 am

Hi guys,

Could you please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court?

Wed 18th March 2015

Search continues for missing 11-year-old

Filed under: General — goose @ 2:56 pm

Since when was a “suspected” breach of a parenting order a nationwide witch hunt?

Tue 17th March 2015

Dear IRD…

Filed under: General — goose @ 7:42 pm

Dear IRD , you win, we lose, goodbye.

this will be on a number of peoples headstones from now on.


Ex’s Lawyer – Filed application to withdraw as counsel on record (Update of Revamp family court – Part 4)

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 3:27 pm

Ok, so those who have been following my updates…. last post (menz.org.nz/2015/update-family-court-revamp-part-3/)

Have had a lot of activity on my case in the last 2 months, from a directions conference where ex’s Lawyer and Lawyer for child got dragged though the coals for this continuing to be going thought the court as it should be straight forward, and gave them 2 weeks to convene a round table to discuss contact, and if no agreement is reached, to file updated evidence within 4 weeks. (more…)

Sat 14th March 2015

Penis transplants

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 7:16 pm

Successful transplant operation although it may not be quite what you think.

Thu 12th March 2015

Is Fatherhood A Wise Choice?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 6:41 pm

This article provides a wealth of wisdom for any male who contemplates having children. If after reading this you still have a desire to proceed, please visit a therapist first.

Whilst children have the potential to bring great joy and meaning to your life, this article clearly shows that the social structure now exists for that potential to turn into the most excruciating pain you can ever imagine. There is more to enjoy in life than off-spring and you may just need help in seeing the alternative meaning to life.

Tue 10th March 2015

Do you want to know what a REAL MAN is?

Filed under: General — goose @ 12:57 pm

Do you want to know what a REAL MAN is?

A real man does not get into a situation where he has to pay tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers just to see his own flesh and blood on a regular basis. A real man does not subscribe to the mentality that the mother gets custody of the kids post break up or divorce and resign himself to the fact that he will see his kids only every other weekend.

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