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Mon 21st August 2017

Justifying the consequence

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 4:13 pm

In two generations the application of Feminist thinking and goals has turned the Western World inside out.

Today, the society around us, struggles to bear much resemblance to what many of us are familiar with, and likewise what is familiar to many has little attachment to the history it descended from.

It is a confused mess, and men are not completely but more on the loosing end of this rapid change.

We must reach a point, and perhaps we have, where no matter what a male behaviour is, we try and find a reason or a justification for it, simply to avoid continuing persecution.

This mirrors the behaviour of Feminism, finding no fault in women, through some unorthodox study, to make all women, normal and equal.

It is an impossible world – destructive world – that many, I’m sure, wish would just go away.

The real question is, what if anything are men trying to justify, because it is a consequence of the separation of the sexes, when we shouldn’t bother?

(There’s nothing wrong with us, and there’s nothing wrong with us either.)

Sat 19th August 2017

Are all kiwi men castrated?

Filed under: General — WrongGender @ 7:46 am

I keep reading about the feminist movement on this site and it amazes me that men give it more power than they should.
We all know the DVA Act of 95 is a sham, is bias and is essentially the instrument of mass social disruption that is used mainly to split families and turn men into Ghosts.
WE all know the courts will do nothing about it since parliament makes the laws and the courts act on it and basically enforce it.!
Those two above are what need changing. And unless we do, we are thoroughly @#$cked.
The first goes against human right and is gender discrimination and the second goes against common sense, common law should not be a matter of politic.
If laws are apart of government policies, who is to say what is right vs wrong?
I read so much about Feminists, I am surprised that it is actually the men that give it power.
So many men on this board do nothing but bitch about them and have a very unhealthy focus on this movement. Even to the point of publicizing their most inane achievements.
What amazes me most is that men in this country talk more than women… so much more that if I was in a room alone and could overhear a conversation outside, from the topic and the quality of conversation, I would not be able to tell whether these are men talking or women.
I go to the pub and same. Men sitting around their drinks bitching and moaning about their wives and partners. IN fact, it seems kiwi men biggest assets is not the size of their balls but rather, how fast they run their mouths. Are we competing with women?

Thu 17th August 2017

President Trump Was Accurate About Charlottesville

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:06 pm

Trump may have bullshitted the working class in the US to vote for him believing he will care about their welfare rather than his own profit. However, his election was also related to a rejection of the claims of modern ‘social justice’ warriors including feminists, and a desire for free and frank speech that isn’t repressed simply because someone claims to be ‘triggered’ or offended by opinions they don’t like.

Regarding the Charlottesville violence, Trump was quite correct in criticizing both sides of the melee. The white supremacists, neo nazis, alt right supporters and other like-minded folk had a permit to gather at the park to protest against the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee. Others who disagreed with those opinions ignored a fundamental principle on which U.S. democracy was founded, i.e. the freedom to hold, support and express one’s own political views. They attended with clubs and other weapons to try to deprive the protesters of their democratic right. Of course, the steel-capped brigade inside the park were also armed and quite happy to fight. (more…)

Broken Families, Fatherlessness, Poor Discipline coming home to roost

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:00 pm

National promises boot camps for children who have become serious offenders with long criminal records, and to fine and criminalize parents whose children under 14 years are on the street after midnight. Yeah, creative stuff. So previous governments financially incentivized family demolition and sole parenthood (meaning mainly sole motherhood), then reduced parental authority and options for enforcing discipline, handing over the right to use force in discipline exclusively to agents of the state. Now government aims to punish parents for the predictable child behavioural results of those foolish policies largely of feminist creation.

Meanwhile, schools are becoming more and more dangerous places with attacks by children against teachers occurring from primary school onwards.

Nobody seems to want to mention the elephants in the room. The elephants as predicted will grow bigger and soon will be squeezing us all against the wall. At that point the system will either collapse or policy makers will face up to the importance of families, fathers and male wisdom in raising children.

Prostate Cancer? Who cares? They’re Only Men

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:42 am

According to Radio NZ Dunedin patients are waiting for many months, some well over a year, simply to get a biopsy after being referred by GPs for unpleasant symptoms and blood tests indicative of prostate cancer. Then when such cancer is diagnosed they are waiting for many more months to get treatment. Similar problems are faced by those needing heart surgery.

Of course, it’s purely coincidental that the conditions mainly affected are suffered primarily by men, and that services for women’s needs are not underfunded. As it is coincidental that the commissioner installed by government to replace the elected Health Board and who has overseen this particular division of resources leaving male services short, just happens to be a woman.

Tue 15th August 2017

The Gods of Leisure and Consumption

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:45 am

Oops, look out, he mentioned the G Word again.

But really, common, did anyone panic too much when Neil Gaiman, put American Gods on the market? Perhaps that was only because it was seen as a lucrative exercise, rather than a contemporary exercising of the mind.

If you were to read that book from an historically naive point of view, you might struggle for enthusiasm when it comes to following the story; yet anyone with a glimmer of our ancient Sunday Schools could pose a question that might remain an eternal mystery to the same reader.

He is one man, who I would suggest didn’t see a hole in the market, but rather that he saw signs of one of the reoccurring intersections in the sophistication of society.

He probably panicked at the realization and shouted, “We’re going backwards” rather than “Eurēka”.

I noticed something similar in one of the recent comments on MENZ when an economic discussion suggested that our remaining option was to retreat in the direction of Pennsylvania. That, I would suggest was a similar discovery, wrapped in golden silence.

I am not sure how many of our readers would be thinking along the same lines as I am obviously suggesting here, but this is the other side of the same coin.

You might ask, who would benefit most from the denial of that proposition?

The would-be Gods of Leisure and Consumption hoping to be born in our own house. Not imaginery gods, religious gods, or gods of literature, but earthly creatures hoping to obtain that status and recognition that historically has granted them eternity in the mythology of any culture.

Does this not concern men?

Should I not be writing this on Menz?

Or, should we all be getting on the same page in the same book?

I look forward to your thoughts.

Mon 14th August 2017

Media Stories about Today’s Man

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:52 am

Man, sole occupant of house, dies in fire

Motorbike hits pole, father of three will be remembered

Tetraplegic man, socially abandoned, calls to MP for help

They got a hug, before he died

Men dive for cover, as bullets fly

I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now.

If you find a story about any man in the news you read today, post a link in the comments.

Sun 13th August 2017

Employee Minimum Rights, ALL GONE, overnight

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 1:52 pm

It’s ALL gone!

    GONE – Relevant minimum wage must be paid
    GONE – Overtime paid at minimum wage per hour
    GONE – Four weeks’ paid annual holiday per year
    GONE – Eleven public holidays per year
    GONE – Payment of time and a half for working on public holidays
    GONE – Rest and meal breaks must be provided – Rest break must be paid

    GONE – Five days’ paid sick leave per annum after first 6 months, and 15 days can be carried over to a maximum of 20 days

    GONE – Three days’ paid bereavement leave for certain family members, one day for other people
    GONE – Up to 52 weeks’ parental leave


GONEKiwiSaver Employer Contribution (contracts don’t include KiwiSaver)
GONE – ACC employment claims are different for contractors.

GONEEmployment protection (you have to take the employee to court yourself)



In the process of it all vanishing, many, many, many New Zealanders, especially the younger and newer members to the workforce, landed in huge income tax, penalty and interest debt. Inland Revenue is encouraging employees on contract and owing to apply for bank loans to pay for the interest is much higher for tax.

    GST Penalty Interest – rate 9.21%
    Income tax underpayment rate: 8.22%


RETURN OF PAYE – pay (tax) as you earn

As of 1st April 2017, PAYE – ‘pay as you earn’ is back but re-branded as ‘Schedular Payments‘ – ‘scheduled pay as you earn’.

Many, many, many New Zealanders will have an added amount of tax to pay for they owe income tax, provisional tax, penalties and interest. Many of the many will not take a break during the year and many haven’t over the years of their employment redressed as contracts. Many are screwed when they get sick.

Dangerous Stuff

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:52 am

We are all too aware of the Feminist bent, in this woman’s magazine. It’s been the new, woman’s day, for a few years now, and a distant cry from the Dominion Post, its news-stand ancestor.

When it comes to admissions of age, yes I can remember the news criers on the street corners, “read all about it” stuff you need to know.

The first issue for me is an editorial issue, and the independence of the political thought that can be delivered through a news letter by one of our main news outlets. I’m no fan of the current political editor Tracey Watkins, who I expect will author these news letters.

The second issue is the subversive nature of digital photography, which I have written about in a previous post, Flatline Editing. How easy it is to adjust an image to suit the tone of the editor’s message. Manipulated photography is a dangerous political game, as some may have observed in other instances, and written words can co-operate with digital manipulation.

The third and most important issue from my perspective is the men’s voice in New Zealand media. This seldom exists these days, although I would admit, the Radio New Zealand website currently makes a more dignified effort in recovering from the tranquil depths of its former bias.

The business of news, is now into delivery of political persuasion. Morally, ethically, it is not their job, but in the pursuit of profit, men suffer once more.

Engaging With Dads Lecture at University of Auckland

Filed under: General — Brendon Smith @ 11:07 am

GreatFathers, Family Start Manukau, Father and Child present
Dave Owens, David Ringrose and Brendon Smith

On Engaging Dads Early, Converting Tricky Fathers into Involved Dads and Engaging Dads around Perinatal Mental Health issues.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from latest research, front-line experts and experienced support workers who have helped families and fathers, trained midwives, social workers and counsellors or presented on PMH and Dads, Tricky Teen Fathers and Engaging with Dads.

Hosted by: Joseph Madut – Masters Student University of Auckland, Social Work

Date: Tuesday 29th Aug 10am – 12pm
As part of our Week of Events leading up to Fathers Day

Faculty of
Education &
Social Work
74 Epsom Ave,
Auckland Uni.

Block N4,

Lecture Theatre
RSVP Optional PH 525 1690 TXT 021 892 980


Fri 11th August 2017

Media Stories about the Bad Gender

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:38 am

This story from London shows a video monitoring clip of a male jogger pushing a female pedestrian causing her to fall and almost hit by a passing bus. The news stories all implied that pushing her into the path of the bus was deliberate and apparently the male jogger has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm, interesting given that the female pedestrian did not suffer any such harm. The video evidence suggested the push was deliberate and the jogger deserves to be prosecuted and, if correct, punished for assault. However, an MRA view of the video noted some gender issues. (more…)

Mon 7th August 2017

Bottom Feeding

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Pedro1 @ 9:26 am

Most paid it little attention. Last Wednesday, when the news broke, the nation was preoccupied with discussing what most considered a far greater outrage: that a reporter had the audacity to ask new Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern saw motherhood anywhere on her horizon. The Ardern story on stuff.co.nz collected over forty reader comments. (more…)

Fri 4th August 2017

Barry Taylor Male Suicide Prevention Workshops

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:25 am

We have not yet attended these workshops so can’t yet endorse them, but the web page information suggests Mr Taylor is on the right track. We will send a representative to one of the workshops, and post this information here in case anyone else might be interested.

Link to view website https://www.taylormadetrainingconsulting.com/workshop-calendar

Tue 1st August 2017

Is Jacinda Ardern a Feminist?

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:36 pm

Web Link 1

Sun 30th July 2017

Court Action against the Government

Filed under: General — WayneBurrows @ 3:43 pm

Some of you may be aware of some of the issues that I have had over the past two or three years that have spilled over into issues with the New Zealand Police and the Ministry of Justice. I will spare you many of the details for now but I have been assaulted a number of times and threatened a number of other times. Court staff in particular seem to use intimidation as their go to means of attempting to control people. To me that is simply assault – a threat of force that causes the other person to believe they have the present ability to carry out, to paraphrase the Crimes Act. In the most recent example the court staff tried to remove me apparently under the Court Security Act (so they said) just for not following instructions or obeying requests. A power I do not believe they have under that act. I asked to speak to a manager and then asked to be allowed to check the legislation and then to act accordingly. Instead two officers jumped on me and forced me to the floor and called police.

Over the past two weeks I have tried to take action in the District Court against the police and the ministry of justice. Most recently that was denied because the court claims that neither the NZ Police nor the Ministry of Justice are an artificial person and so I cannot list them as respondents in court action.

That seems contrary to the Crown Proceedings Act 1950 which at s12 says

Subject to the provisions of this Act or any other Act, all civil proceedings which must be taken by, or may be brought against, the Crown under this Act may be commenced, heard, and determined in the same court and in like manner in all respects as in suits between subject and subject.

and at s14

Subject to the provisions of this Act and any other Act, civil proceedings under this Act against the Crown shall be instituted against—
the appropriate government department in its own name if the department may be sued apart from this section; or
the appropriate officer of the Crown in the name in which he or she may be sued on behalf of the Crown or of any government department if the officer may be sued on behalf of the Crown or of any government department apart from this section; or
the Attorney-General if there is no such appropriate department or officer or if the person instituting the proceedings has any reasonable doubt whether any and, if so, which department or officer is appropriate; or
any 2 or more of them jointly.

I am going to try to take the action against the Commissioner of Police and the CEO of the Ministry of Justice this week. My backup plan then is to take an action against the Attorney General (or the Crown).

I was referred by the court to a case DSW v Allan 1993 in which it was held that the Department of Social Welfare and the Inland Revenue Department were not separate “persons” but just separate administrative arms of the Crown who was the “person” to whom monies were owed in that case. To me this seems to be contrary to the Interpretation Act s29 which defines a person to include:

includes a corporation sole, a body corporate, and an unincorporated body

I would have considered a government department or the New Zealand Police as a body corporate.

The judge last week also claimed that the use of “he or she” qualified “person” so that I could not take action against an “artificial person”.

Does anyone have any experience or legal expertise that could help clarify for me who I need to name as a defendant in civil proceedings against the government.


Sat 29th July 2017

Fathers at Parliament Event

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:57 pm


The Fathers at Parliament Event will be on the lawn at Parliament on Friday 1st September from 11:00am until 4:00pm. This is the Friday before Fathers Day.

All are welcome, especially groups that support the role of fathers in our families.

MPs have been invited to attend. This is an opportunity for Parties to announce pro-family policy. Speeches, consultations and family activities are planned.

The Event is supported by the Ministry of Men’s Affairs (a community group), Union of Fathers, Father and Child, NZ Suicide Prevention Trust, Family Court Enquiry Lobby, Child Poverty Action Network, Wiseguys Retreat and their Friends.

The organizers wish every kiwi father a happy Fathers Day and hope you will be able to spend enjoyable time with your children.

Contact the Ministry of Men’s Affairs 022 594 8093 or 0274 799 745

Use of language ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 9:31 am

Isn’t it odd how this crime is described …. “she was a respected teacher who had made a fundamental error in judgement”. Could you imagine an article about a male teacher saying the same thing or would be instantly be labelled a paedophile ?

News Source http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11892675

Thu 27th July 2017

Stepfather-Stepson Relational Study

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Child Support,General — Sebastian N. @ 1:49 pm

Hi, my name is Sebastian Nunez and I’m a Psychology Honours student at AUT. As part of my dissertation, I am exploring the perspectives of stepfathers on building positive relationships with their stepsons (with the help of my supervisors Rhoda Scherman and Warwick Pudney).

As a stepson myself, I found the information on the topic is usually limited to the child/adolescent perspective, and I would like to shed some light on what stepfathers think, feel, and experience when developing a good relationship with their stepsons.

If you (or anyone you know) are over 18, have a good relationship with their stepson(s), and have an hour of your time to share your thoughts and experiences, your participation will be greatly appreciated. The “interview” (guided by what you consider to be important to discuss) will be conducted in a place, time and format convenient to you. Participation is completely confidential and voluntary (can withdraw at any point before write up), and a koha will be given as appreciation of your time.

If you would like to participate or know more information about this research, please contact me at stepfathers.research@outlook.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Thu 20th July 2017

Where are all the Children?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:34 pm

Natural reproduction hits an all time low.

Our fertility rate has dropped to 1.87

Whether men want children is probably not the issue here. Women are capable of aquiring a pregnancy if they want, knowing the decision will be fully funded by the State.

I’ve heard some misplaced fear amongst the younger generation, but even from educated women too, that they are doing the world a favour by having a single child. Haven’t they heard the world is past peek population – even China has given up its one-child policy.

Then we’ve seen media articles outlining the thoughts of young modern females, that have better things to do with their time.

It’s not an unrecorded phenomenon in developed societies, even as far back as the Roman Empire, with the decline in natural population generally seen as an ailment to a healthy society.

Is Feminist ideolody killing the Kiwi?

Are we going the way of the moa?

Virtual Justice

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — Downunder @ 10:50 am

Video links have been used for some time now, within the Justice System, to eliminate minor appearances, for a person in custody.

In September the Police arrest process in Central Auckland will be transferred to a new processing unit near Mt Eden Prison. Along with this will come virtual court appearances, where overnight arrests will be dealt with through video links.

This is a conceptual change to our Justice System, firstly in terms of bringing people before the court, to see the judge in other words, but secondly, isolating individuals from the outside word, from contact with other people apart from the processing staff.

It is a conceptual change in the traditional role of the Police to now deliver an offender to the processing unit rather than the court.

We have a century plus of court reporting, (some highly amusing records within the pages of history) but now there is a question of how much the media will see or could be stopped from seeing.

The majority of the arrested are of course men. These men will be in a new camp. A vague isolation somewhere between the Police and the Court, inches from the nearest prison.

Cost effective, convenient, carbon efficient, or another step in dehumasing the male of the species?

Wed 19th July 2017

Gender Equality, Non-Discrimination, Yeah Right

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:37 am

Special Grants only for women to promote leadership skills

Sun 9th July 2017

Protection Orders – Court of Appeal Decision

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:02 pm

News Source

This is mostly Catriona Mc whatsit blowing her own trumpet, but the actual decision may be worth looking at for those interested.

Thu 6th July 2017

Presentations from the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2017

Filed under: General — Ted @ 4:25 pm

These are now being published on the Ear For Men YouTube channel. The latest one at time of writing:

Augusto Zimmermann – The Abuse of Domestic Violence Orders in Australia

Wed 5th July 2017

Referral for Auckland Legal Aid Lawyer experienced in de facto /sham-constructive trust court proceedings

Filed under: General — Andy @ 1:09 pm

Can anyone recommend an Auckland or maybe Hamilton based legal aid lawyer competent in de facto relationship and sham/constructive family trust proceedings. Thanks

Tue 4th July 2017

Suicide And The Hidden Reality

Filed under: General — triassic @ 9:23 pm

The NZ Herald has run a story on youth suicide. Any story helping to drop the suicide rate is to be commended but why pick youth suicide as though that’s where the BIG PROBLEM lie. Check out this bar chart and you might see my point.
For the website go here

It should stick out like dogs proverbials where the biggest problem exists and where most help and public awareness should be focused. It is my cynicism around the NZH agenda that I note – in youth suicide the gap between male and female is a lot closer than in any other group. It is the one cohort where you could (possibly) state that suicide is not a gender issue. Over-all, and in any other group, gender is a major issue and is ignored as such by the media and mental health. To be fair, the lives of males have been dispensable and used as cannon fodder since time began so why should any body think to put a stop to that now?

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