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Mon 21st April 2014

University Research Failing Men

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Flyers published by the survey organisers have been ordered destroyed.

We have been aware for many years now, that universities around the globe have allowed biased research in their social science faculties by permitting the use of unethical research-methods, to promote the interests of women and the ideological interests of feminists; in particular research intended to support policy decisions at a central-government level aimed at providing funding to the women’s advancement industry. (more…)

Sat 19th April 2014

Pussy Pass for Judith Collins

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Crusher Collins 2

The situation surrounding New Zealand Justice Minister Judith Collins and her use of a ministerial warrant and taxpayer funds to further her husband’s business interests in China has been boiling along for some time now and as late as last week Prime Minister John Key was still supporting his minister in the face of rising opposition and continued media pressure.

Collins’ involvement in the Oravida Scandal was discussed here in a previous post on New Zealand Women and The Glass Floor (more…)

Fri 18th April 2014

New Zealand Women and the Glass Floor

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Oravida's Milk Maid Sml

The concept of the glass ceiling.

The idea that there is an invisible barrier of prevailing attitudes that stop women and minorities reaching their potential or place an impediment in the way of their right to advancement, to reach a level of achievement that would otherwise be obtainable if they weren’t part of a particular group. (my definition)

You have to accept there is some validity to the proposal; there would be situations that discriminate against individuals because of bias relating to a particular person, what ever the foundation of that may be – it is human nature that we discriminate toward our own personal interests. (more…)

Feminism and Housing

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:37 am

We had a discussion (here) which essentially revolved around what contribution the DPB made to the current price of residential houses in New Zealand.

Whatever your views on the DPB, and regardless of the fact that there are some 100,000 DPB households spread across New Zealand I don’t consider that the DPB should be included in any explanation of the current high house-price situation we are experiencing. (That’s not to say, that the DPB should be excluded from arguments relating to housing or the cost of housing.)

Feminism has had a significant effect on housing in New Zealand but recognising this depends on where you hang your arguments. (more…)

Thu 17th April 2014

Sally Ridge loses court case

Filed under: General — Ken @ 3:19 pm

I’ve got to say I’ve always thought of Sally Ridge as a rather pointless creature but what has always stood out to me is the dignified way the fathers of her children have kept out of the limelight. I’ve always felt sorry for the elder daughter who seems to have fallen under the mother’s influence for publicity.
Let’s hope she realises what a great father she has had who has avoided getting drawn into her mothers webs.
Good to see the judgement going the reasonable way in this case.
But Sally Ridge’s current partner, he must be nuts.

Wed 16th April 2014

latest press release from parents 4 justice

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — roo @ 8:42 pm

Separated mothers and fathers need to unite in the best interests of the child

“Changes recently introduced to the family court merely moves the bill from the taxpayer to the user and will make the situation financially worse for parents” says Amy McDonald, founder of Auckland based Parents 4 Justice.

Recently Parents 4 Justice launched their own justice system.

“We are a group of family court consumers so we have first hand experience as to the injustices of the current system – we have walked the walk. The financial and emotional impact of involving many government departments in family issues, including WINZ, IRD, CYFS and the Family Court, is devastating” says McDonald.

“Parents are being caught in a whirlwind of activity with each trying to fight for their own position when what is needed is a rational dialogue with a third party as to the all needs of the child and who can accommodate each need” says McDonald.
The current system does not allow this dialogue, contact and child support are two separate issues in the Family Court yet one can severely impact the other.

“In addition to the Family Court changes many lawyers are also offering other dispute resolution alternatives including collaborative law. Our clients have had experience with lawyers who have retrained as collaborative lawyers. One rang a P4J client yelling at him that if he didn’t enter the court system he would have his child removed from his care. This behaviour is disgusting. Threatening parents that you will take their children off them because you don’t wish to go to court is anything but just, as is taking up years of their life and ten thousand plus dollars in legal fees to sort contact arrangements when you are trying to recover from the devastation that is divorce. Putting parents under this stress is not in the best interests of the child at all” says McDonald.

“To train in an occupation that advocates adversarial tactics to resolve conflict and is very lucrative financially suggests that these values are also your own, changing your job title from lawyer to mediator or collaborative lawyer will not change your nature” says McDonald.

Of particular concern for Parents 4 Justice is the number of men who are being caught in the system. “Suicide statistics in men post divorce are tragic” says McDonald.

In a one year period to June 2009 Judge Peter Boshier, the then Principle Family Court Judge, identified 22 people who died whilst involved in family court proceedings. Eighteen were suspected suicides.

McDonald speaks to many parents going through the family court and notes a common theme often raised. “I hear repeatedly that family court officials seem to have difficulty determining fact from fiction and are exascerbating conflict – for example threatening suing the other party for costs and refusing to let their clients settle at mediation advocating a $30k defended hearing instead. Lawyers are trained to determine fact from fiction so this suggests there is an ulterior motive at play, they are certainly not rewarded financially for ending conflict between parties. What I know to be true is that parents are employing lawyers yet are not being served justice – and neither are their children” says McDonald.

“Our concern with the new Family Dispute Resolution service is that lawyers will continue to exascerbate conflict between parents, from afar.
We advocate for the child, but support both parents in how to do the same with the resources they have available. We are especially interested in talking to men who may be having issue in the current system. What we really need to do is to get mothers and fathers working together at an emotionally charged time. Lawyers merely take advantage of this situation” says McDonald.

The family court last year spent 142 million dollars of taxpayers money. Forty two percent of issues were around contact, such as shared care.
Parents for Justice is an Auckland based support group representing court consumers nationwide who deem their children to have not been served justice by the Family Court and advocate for parental involvement in a child’s life. For more information contact them at info@parents4justice.co.nz






Sat 12th April 2014

Family court revamp….

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 10:12 pm

As many of you would of heard, there is a new system now in place for Family court cases, focusing on Parents working together to get a solution, using the family court as a last resort.

I have been out of the court process for about 3 years now, and back in February I started looking into the least confrontational way of getting my parenting order back on track. Proposed an arrangement with my ex, which she said no way to, but said that I could see my boy when ever I am in town (He lives in Manawatu, Im in Auckland) It started off ok, with her letting me see him when I was in town, but quickly went downhill as everything else does. In the time that it took, the new system had kicked in.

The 3 years I was in court between 2007 and end of 2010, I was self represented, but when I started looking into the new system I couldn’t make any sense of it, there was nothing I could see that compelled my ex to take part, not to mention the hoops that you have to jump though to now get in front of a judge if they don’t take part. I found out that I was “Funded” so I booked time with a lawyer to find out how the new system works.

As it turns out I was the first client for the firm under the new system. Pretty much from the 2 hours I spent there (was supposed to be a 1 hour appointment but they were trying to work out what forms I needed to fill out so they could get paid.) I just confirmed what I understood from the website.

Brief overview of New System (To my understanding)

Separation/Disagreement about care of children – Both Parents take part in a Parenting though separation seminar (includes existing cases if the seminar has not been done in the past 24 months) This seminar is either 2 X 2 Hour sessions, or 1 x 4 hour session. The only sessions I have been able to find are during business hours, or Saturday mornings. So if there is only one provide in your area, it could take a number of weeks for both parties to take part as you can not take part together. The Seminar is supposed to teach you how to work together to take into account what is best for the child to reach an agreement on care of the child. However there is nothing that can force the other party from taking part. (But the court will not accept an application for a parenting order until you have a certificate saying you have attended, and taken part in Family dispute resolution Mediation.

After taking part in the seminar you should have the tools to be able to reach an agreement between yourselves, if you can’t, then you can take part in Family Dispute Resolution Mediation. Which is basicly a Mediation without Lawyers. If you earn more than $51,000/year expect to pay around $450 for this service. This is a two part process, the mediator will meet with each of you alone, and discuss your issues so they know what to focus on at the conference. Again there is nothing that can force the other party from taking part, if anything if they don;t take part, it will get you into court faster.

If you are unable to reach agreement, or only reach partial agreement at the mediation, the issues that can not be agreed upon are put in front of a judge, who will normally recommend a judicial issues conference, basicly a mediation with no lawyers, with a judge as a mediator. The judge can only approve a consent order at this stage. If there is still not agreement, Then the file is back into the traditional family court system well all know well…

At any time in the process above both parties can seek Legal advice (If you are earning under 51k then you can get legal advice for free) but a lawyer is not able to represent you, file documents for you etc unless Domestic Violence, Sexual abuse, or other high risk items are mentioned. If DV or SA are mentioned, then the file gets fast tracked into the traditional system.

I love the idea that there are no lawyers involved, but I can see it just been more hoops to jump though, and end of the day probably 90% of the cases that would of got into the traditional system, will still get there.

As I go though the programs I will endeavour to keep people updated with how it is working.

Fri 11th April 2014

Keep Your Eye on the Ball?

Every now and then, it is necessary to push aside all of the distractions and make sure that the main energy is focussed onto the most important issues.
It is necessary to identify actions that should have been taken place but didn’t, as much as the actions that did take place.
But what are they?

Wed 9th April 2014

UN Complains About Racism in NZ Justice System but Ignores Sexism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:49 pm

A powerful UN group has been visiting New Zealand as reported mainly on radio, as described here and here. Unfortunately the NZ journalists didn’t spell the UN group leader’s name correctly.

MoMA sent the following letter to the UN and plans to follow up with some media releases concerning this. (more…)

Prosecution Quality versus Corruption and Incompetence

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 11:13 am

Here is an article about a Washington State policeman, who was framed by his supervisor (who was also having an affair with his wife).

Clyde Ray Spencer article from National Parent’s Organisation website
Clyde Ray Spencer article from Glenn Sacks website

Washington State’s Wrongfully Convicted article from Seattle News about the investigating detective who found the evidence to exonerate Clyde Ray Spencer. There must be many cases which should be resolved, but where the evidence cannot be found 2 or 3 decades afterwards.

The cruellest point made in these articles, is that in almost every single one of these cases where exoneration has been the outcome, the perjurors have never been prosecuted or disciplined in any way.

This is a close echo of false complainants extremely rarely being prosecuted.

The other common thread, is prosecution not honouring the accused’s right to discovery of all information held by the prosecution, in particular information which might support a conclusion of innocence.

Jackie Blue Drops the Ball

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Exposing the fraud:

Dr Jackie Blue Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner at our Human Rights Commission is engaged in deliberate and provocative aggravation with advertising banners like this one below. “Wo to men” as the sign implies, gives us a clear understanding of the malignant attitude within the commission, one which is clearly aggressive to men. (more…)

Legislation Quality versus corruption

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Medical Malpractice Crisis was Bogus, says Florida Supreme Court
Posted on April 1, 2014 by Larry Bodine

law news now, legal news, legal news for consumers
The court said that there was no evidence of an increase in frivolous lawsuits or excessive jury verdicts in Florida. Also, the damage caps did “virtually nothing” to stabilize medical malpractice insurance rates.

State legislators created a phony medical malpractice crisis to enact laws that only served to increase insurance company profits, according to a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court.

Tue 8th April 2014

Brenda Pilott Engineering Domestic Violence Research

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Brenda Pilott

It is becoming increasing obvious that PSA secretary Brenda Pilott is actively involved in engineering ‘domestic violence in the workplace’ research to support changes to employment law.

Apart from what has been produced by Suzanne Snively (previously posted here) this is the only other New Zealand ‘research’ that I have found. (more…)

Mon 7th April 2014

Woman Blackmails Ex with Sex Tape To Keep Custody of Kids (allegedly)

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:39 pm

Woman Blackmails Ex with Sex Tape To Keep Custody of Kids


Yes a number of laws broken here. Making of an intimate recording without the persons consent for one. Blackmail.

All carry an indictable sentence. But will it?

What sort of woman would sleep with her ex just so she could record it and threaten to show it to his new partner in order to secure custody of their children?

Is there no limit to what what a woman can cause or do to a man and his children?

Sun 6th April 2014


Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:17 pm

But it’s treated as worthless and disposable by state-supported feminist ideology and our de-Family Courts.



Sat 5th April 2014

The Modern Truth About Domestic Violence

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I picked up a hitchhiker last week. He was accompanied by his smallish dog. I know what it’s like to have a dog. (S)he needs you, is a member of your human family and if you need to go somewhere there is often little choice but to take the dog. It was unusual for someone to hitchhike with a dog and his thumb was out somewhat tentatively, making it difficult to decide whether they were actually hitchhiking or perhaps just walking, so I drove past him initially. In my rear view mirror I saw he was in fact hitching and I thought he may have trouble getting a ride with the dog. The dog looked happy and healthy, my helping instinct was aroused and reassured, and I turned around. (more…)

Fri 4th April 2014

UK proposing new offence – emotional cruelty to children

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:08 am

Erin Pizzey is concerned that British families are under threat as never before from the Nanny State.

A proposed new law would introduce the new offence of ‘emotional cruelty to children’. Parents judged to be unloving, though not physically abusive, could face jail. The evidence could rest partly on the testimony of the children.

Rhiannon Brooker – Cries Rape 11 times

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Brooker is now standing trial for 11 false claims of rape and nine of assault, two of which include imprisonment allegations.

The dangers of being a man …

Rhiannon Brooker, 30, falsely accused her boyfriend of repeatedly raping and assaulting her, which saw him arrested, charged and held in custody for 30 days.

It then emerged that she (the trainee barrister) had used the allegations as “extenuating circumstances” in a failed attempt to dodge her (bar) exams, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Acidic feminists who rail against oppression in their perceived rape-culture should be up in arms demanding severe jail sentences for these self-centred misfits who minimise rape for their own advantage, but you will never see this because minimising the man is totally acceptable to them.

For the rest of us average minions living in this age of equality, is it time we looked at a specific offence for false accusations of rape?

parents 4 justice press release

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Family court consumers launch their own justice system

Auckland based Parents 4 Justice have today launched their resolve to the Family Court.

Already many of their clients are writing parenting orders usurping the courts authority and contracting it out to a third party experienced in child development. This party encourages the parents to reach agreement based on the child’s needs, but ultimately has decision making power if they cannot and is accountable to an independent body. Should a party compromise obvious resolve the person who is attempting to cooperate will be duly rewarded.

“ A stark contrast to the family Court who entertain psychologically abusive parents creating issue because it keeps them gainfully employed ” says Auckland based Parents 4 Justice founder Amy McDonald.

“The changes announced today by the Family Court will do little to curb the injustice that exists there. These reforms are the same package wrapped differently” says McDonald.

“Lawyers are trained in adversarial tactics that exacerbate conflict they are not trained in child development, they advocate on behalf of their clients not the child and seem to not be aware of some of the research, especially around shared care that exists, yet they push for it” says McDonald.

Shared care is often argued on the grounds of shared responsibility between parents but McDonald says that is rarely the case.

“Typically one parent takes on the majority of the childcare because they have reduced their hours of work or have more flexible work arrangements, whilst the other compromises the child’s schedule (activities and appointments) because they are unable to accommodate it in their contact time. Despite the child often being placed with caregivers, parents who are unavailable because of work commitments will not compromise their contact(146 over nights or 40% constitutes shared care) because it would cost them in child support. This puts further pressure on the main caregiver financially in being able to meet the child’s needs in the time in which they have contact. This person often also has day to day care and is also responsible for all costs associated with raising the child” says McDonald.

Anecdotally many of her clients report that their ex partner will spend more on lawyers fighting for shared care than paying child support to enable at least one parent to be in the child’s life more rather than the involvement of both parents being compromised.

The cost and time it takes for the Family Court to make decisions McDonald cites as a key injustice which the court themselves recognise.

“To have an issue heard before a judge (a defended hearing) costs $30,000 per party. Many of our clients went to court on a single issue and up to a decade later are still in a quagmire of legal argument, CYF’s investigations and psychologists reports” says McDonald.

Albert Einstein said ‘you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it’. “Neither can the judiciary solve this problem especially when they are paid by the system – that is a conflict of interest. Court consumers know the issues and therefore are the most well qualified to resolve them” says McDonald.

Over a decade ago the employment court abdicated decision making responsibility to an independent body, the Employment Relations Authority. Full time professionals are employed within it and therefore there is no financial payoff to exacerbating conflict.

“This is what we have modelled our own justice system on and we encourage court users who deem the family court to be ineffective to contact us. Similarly we are looking for professionals trained in child development who would be interested in acting as a third party to resolve disagreements in a timely and cost effective manner to do so, two hours at the most, not years” says McDonald.

Parents 4 Justice is an Auckland based support group representing court consumers nationwide who deem their children to have not been served justice by the Family Court. For more information contact them at info@parents4justice.co.nz







Thu 3rd April 2014

Get your Stomping Boots on

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Small, dark lives

This is the image and caption that appeared on the Stuff News website to front a Rosemary McLeod opinion piece on the killing of Glen Jones, the disabled Featherston man, attacked and killed by a vigilante group.

Rosemary McLeod can always be relied upon to defend the feminist cause by isolating and illuminating any woman who behaves in a manner likely to shame the elevated position of the female gender she holds so dear.

Centre piece, amongst her historical romancing of Featherston (more…)

Women research sexual coercion of men

This story was brought to us by Family First:

Posted by Editor on Monday, March 31, 2014
FoxNews 27 March 2014
A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances—and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the aggressor, according to new research.

Wed 2nd April 2014

Happify – The Science of Happiness is Here

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Man Blackmailed $414,000 – Alleged Sexual Act

Filed under: General,Sex Abuse / CYF — Lukenz @ 3:39 pm

Gentlemen, take note, this is the only way to handle a female blackmailer.

Good on the man for going to the police and laying a complaint. (more…)

Tue 1st April 2014

Public Service Association (PSA) – a feminised shipwreck

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The PSA – the Public Service Association/Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi by its own assessment ‘is a powerful public voice and a key player in New Zealand Politics’, although its antics this week, might have many wondering whether its ship has been high-jacked, and left foundering on the rocks of feminist dogma.

Representing 58,000 workers (70% female) in central government, state-owned enterprises, local councils, health boards and community groups the PSA’s stated objective is to build a union organisation able to influence the political, economic, industrial and social environments in the interests of the membership of the PSA.

Within the current organisation the PSA operates four formal groups or networks;

(a) PSA Pasefika
(b) Women’s network
(c) PSA Youth network
(d) Out@PSA

Even by this stage you’d be thinking (more…)

New Suicide Reporting Proposal

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Article from Scoop News

The Law Commission is recommending revising the restrictions in the Coroners Act 2006 regarding reporting suicide. The new restrictions would be limited to public comment by any person of the method of the suicide death, the place of the suicide where it is suggestive of the method and the fact that the death is a suicide. However, a death would be able to be described as “suspected suicide” where that is supported by the facts.

This will still (more…)

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