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Sat 28th November 2015

Child Support when Child is in Canada, whereabouts unknown

Filed under: Child Support,General — Had_Enough @ 1:24 am

My youngest child (16 and a half) lives with her mother in Canada. She was born and raised in NZ but her mother was allowed to take her to Canada, against my consent, about 18 months ago. Anyway I phoned Child Support this morning because my daughter and her mother have both disappeared. My daughter has been taken out of her school, the phone goes unanswered and I have no idea where they have moved to. I asked the CS lady how it can be that they continue to take large sums of money from me each month when they have no reliable way of knowing what the mother’s income is, whether or not my daughter is working full time or even if the two of them are still alive. All these factors would potentially affect my assessment if my daughter and her mother were living in NZ. The CS lady told me that if they can’t contact the mother she will just assume that the situation remains unchanged and that I will have to keeping paying child support as usual. SURELY THIS IS A JOKE!!! CS are telling me that they have no way of knowing whether or not the mother is still entitled to CS however they will just assume she is even though they have no idea where she is or what her circumstances are. Does anyone out in MENZ land know anything about CS liability when the mother and daughter have dual citizenship and live in Canada?? Oh and by the way, the money issue is the least of my worries. My daughter lives with a crazy woman in Canada and could be in a very bad living situation but that’s another story and something I am taking up with Child Protective services in Canada. Thanks guys.

Fri 27th November 2015

URGENT : NZ/AUS/UK Precedents of son with father, daughter with mother

Filed under: General — sharingiscaring @ 10:28 pm

Hi all,

This support group has been more help than you could all ever imagine.

Over two and a half years ago my Japanese wife and her rich adulterous Japanese boy friend planned an international child kidnapping of our two small children which was, by a miracle, stopped.

The Court battles to prevent their lose forever are now at the end. It has cost me everything and more to stay in the struggle not to lose for my children to Japan. My former wife is of course now living with the rich older Japanese man who forever reject offers of peace and compromise.

My wife applied for full custody of both children (= losing them overseas). I understand that when marriages fail sharing must apply in some form, but with the break up of overseas (Japanese) marriages its so hard to enforce any sharing. Thus I have applied for full custody of our daughter with her mother, and full custody of our son with his myself, his father.

I have no money for lawyers and am representing my son and myself.

Can anybody please provide any precedents of cases in NZ/AUS/UK Precedents where custody of the son was given to the father and custody of the daughter with mother please?

Thank you all,
And please keep supporting each other.

Yours faithfully,

The Pussy Pass Remains Alive and Well

Filed under: Gender Politics,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:09 am

While we have more recently seen occasional examples in which female offenders were given sentences comparable to those given to males, the pussy pass is still evident in most cases.

This female manager behaved violently towards a subordinate, then repeatedly boasted about and celebrated her violent bullying on social media. She was found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon (even the minimized charge represented a pussy pass given by the prosecutor), then was DISCHARGED WITHOUT CONVICTION! because a conviction would have cramped her style in her future management career. Her name suppression was also continued and she was given an opportunity to make this permanent. No male who behaved as she did, taking all her bad behaviour into account, and expect such leniency. (more…)

Thu 26th November 2015

The Rot of Secrecy Now Spreads Through Tax Funded Departments

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:02 am

Government organisations we pay for are becoming increasingly secretive and controlling over information about their activities. The latest example was highlighted in this week’s media reports about our Police demanding that researchers sign onerous contracts before Police will release information. Those contracts give Police the right to control and censor what those researchers write, and Police assume the right to ‘blacklist’ any researcher who doesn’t sign the contract or who breaches it in any way. (more…)

Wed 25th November 2015

Yet Another Homicide Provoked by a Protection Order

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:26 pm

We have long predicted that protection orders will increase risk for applicants, and there have now been numerous examples of partner homicides that probably would never have occurred if there had been no protection order.

If the guilty verdict against Michael Preston this week was the correct one (even though it appeared to be based on circumstantial evidence and the dangerous reasoning that “It couldn’t realistically have been anyone else so it must have been the accused”), then his case is yet another example of a partner killing provoked by a protection order. She was killed within hours of a protection order being served on her ex-husband Mr Preston, against whom the Family Court was collaborating with her regarding care of their children.

When will we start to get real about the implications of threatening fathers’ relationships with their children? When will we get real about the true risk-increasing effects of protection orders, at least in situations where the respondent posed any signficant risk at all. The feminists and white knights of course live in denial and hope that by making the Domestic Violence Act even more unjust and draconian, that will somehow magically make protection orders more effective. However, the only way to do that would be a ‘final solution’, putting to death or imprisoning for life every male accused by a female of presenting a risk. Anything short of that will increase risk. For example, even if all protection order respondents, or those said to have breached protection orders, are immediately sent to jail, you can expect that when they are released they will be much more bitter and twisted, feeling abandoned and very threatened by their own country, and some will lose hope and/or seek revenge.

White Ribbon Day: Misguided, Confused, Duplicitous

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,White Ribbon Campaign — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:50 pm

On this auspicious offensive occasion of 2015’s display of blatant sexism called White Ribbon Day, we might consider the following characteristics of this campaign. (more…)

Sun 22nd November 2015

Challenge – Handling excessive and inappropriate stress

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 10:22 pm

For a long time, I have been concerned that too often the familycaught$ uses trial by fire, for deciding cases.

As you read the examples that I have listed below, possibly other examples will come to your mind? If so, please add a comment, giving little more than the essential details to show the nature of the real issues and the way that the familycaught$/CYFs used inappropriate pressure or irrelevant issues, to decide the case. If you wish to supply more detailed information, please contact me personally and supply that privately.

Sat 21st November 2015

The last thing they saw was their mother holding the scissors

Filed under: General — Equality @ 4:40 pm


A story of two young boys killed by mum with scissors. Its a bit historic now, but its a little bit of balance from Fairfax I guess.

Thu 19th November 2015

Sexist Aspects of the Deportation of Australian Convicts

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:40 am

Absent from media consideration of this issue is any recognition of the sexism that will be inherent in the process of deportation. Firstly, we can safely assume that it will be all or at least disproportionately males who are subject to the process of deportation. Given that women commit about 50% of the most serious family violence towards children, about 25% of the most violent intimate partner violence, and a smaller but still significant proportion of other serious crime, we might expect some significant proportion (perhaps between 10% and 30%) of the deportees to be women but there is no indication that any of them are. This will be due largely to the lower tendency for women to be prosecuted or convicted in the first place including the higher rate with which their criminal behaviour is excused for mental health reasons, and much greater lenience in the sentences given to convicted females. (more…)

Mon 16th November 2015

Silent Victims – violence by women against men

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 1:50 pm

There was an excellent article on domestic violence published in the Weekend Australian on Saturday:
Silent Victims: both mothers and fathers can be violent – by Bettina Arndt.


And once again, NZ shows itself to be a sexist country ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 7:54 am

Male health is less important that female health.


Thu 12th November 2015

‘Domestic violence debate dominated by women’s perspectives’

Filed under: General — WayneBurrows @ 6:13 am

A shameless plug …

‘Domestic violence debate dominated by women’s perspectives’

Wed 11th November 2015

How to murder your male partner and not get charged.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 4:53 pm


Firstly I do not condone family violence or abuse in any form. Or in the workplace for the matter.

The news article reads “A review of the law could make it easier for battered family violence victims who kill their abusers to avoid a murder charge”.

That suggests you won’t even get charged never lone see the inside of a court room.

I respect everyone needs a defence but a law that prevents someone from being charged is a bridge too far.

If you are a man, this law makes it OK for the person who murdered you to not be charged if they say you were abusive or violent.


It is completely unsafe and well beyond justice.

Sat 7th November 2015

Rape crisis in Europe ignored while UN funds other agenda

Filed under: General — realkiwi @ 11:27 am

The InfoWars people seem to be right on the money here, outlining how totally false statistics are used to paint young men as regular rapists, ie in USA universities, while a rape crisis due to dodgey immigrants is being ignored… reminds me of how our Womens refuges were delisted as a charity for false reports.. meanwhile the only father support organisations are struggling to survive…and there are no funds at all for male victims of DV..

infowars report on feminist miss

Sun 25th October 2015

Women muscle in on men’s sports

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:52 pm

Watched the rugby semi final All Blacks vs Springboks. Not sure what interviews were shown after the match on NZ television but the broadcast we saw involved an English female interviewer questioning the captains and others. She asked inane questions with hackneyed comments about the Springboks ‘asking a lot of questions’ of the All Blacks in the match and such like. There was no question of particular insight or relevance to the match, such as concerning the large number of penalties incurred by NZ that actually provided the Sth Africans with all their points. It seemed that a female interviewer was chosen out of some ideological principle but she lacked basic understanding of the game and bullshitted her way through. Women feel they must, and are entitled to, muscle their way into every male domain, and believe that men should not be allowed any clubs or domains of their own while female-only groups and services abound. Would we see a male interviewing the captains etc after a major netball match? We doubt it. But if that ever were to happen it’s likely that the man would learn something about the game and ask some useful questions.

Media may be recognising the public mood

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:30 pm

This editorial from the Herald on Sunday expresses criticism of Welsh police handling of an allegation against Mils Muliaina, in a rare departure from our media’s usual white knight feminist propaganda. It deserves some supportive comments we think.

The Fortunes of Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:16 pm

The fortunes of men (and I’m talking about the male of the species here) have waxed and waned throughout history, but there have been some defining moments.

Over the years some of those have been mentioned on this site.

What do you think are the defining moments in history for men, both negative and positive?

Paternity and Your Genes

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:31 am

Paternity is not in your genes, it is in your sperm.

Source story:

The guts of this story is that your genes and the genes in your sperm can be different.

The same can apply to a women and her eggs.

Sat 24th October 2015

Can anyone spot what’s missing from this report ?

Filed under: General — golfa @ 3:46 pm

Given the path that other recent similar cases have taken, I’m surprised the Police haven’t acted …. Maybe they have, but it’s not mentioned in this article? Know what it is ?


Thu 22nd October 2015

Control the male own the female

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:47 am

For centuries man has been domesticating animals for his own use. Whether it is for labour or production of food, control of the male is a key factor.

If there is a danger, in most cases it will come from the male – shoot the rogue animal.

In modern day New Zealand, where there are more cows than people propping up the dairy giant Fonterra, the same basic principle applies; control the male own the female.

The business of farming.

Humans being animals of the planet, the same principle can be applied. When you herd enough of us together into a confined situation, as in the development of civil societies, laws follow the principle, and humans start the process of domestication of their lessor beings.

The success, wants, needs, and demands of the city soon override our natural state of freedom.

The determination not to lose control of power, position, and privilege, becomes more and more draconian, as men are increasingly restricted and controlled, while women are herded into the stables of civilization.

The Free World is rapidly returning to the servile state, and to the new age of slavery.

Then will come the time, when we can no longer blame Feminism, only our own ignorance.

Tue 20th October 2015

Single fathers – solo dads and Social Services – Anonymous Survey

Filed under: General — realkiwi @ 4:34 pm

Single-fathers’ experiences and perceptions of social services – Anonymous Survey

Sharon Yella of AUT is currently conducting an online anonymous survey on single-dads’ experiences and perceptions of social services. Last year, Sharon did a study that showed that single-dads weren’t always treated right by organizations such as CYFS, WINZ and even Plunket. From this she realized we needed more voices on the topic about family services that engage with fathers.

To be considered a single father in this survey, you need to have your child/ren, around half or most of the time.

The survey should take less than ten minutes, so we hope you can do it, plus we need these stories, good, bad or indifferent! We would be grateful if you could please help us spread the word to all the single fathers around Aotearoa New Zealand, we know some of them are doing it tough.

Please help by adding your experiences here…
Surveymonkey for single-fathers

For the Participant Information Sheet or any questions, please contact: vtf7573@autuni.ac.nz

Sharon Yella, AUT and Father and Child Trust Thank you – Good Dads Make Better Families!

Mon 19th October 2015

What’s a male fairy tale? (A philosophical view)

Filed under: General — triassic @ 8:59 am

Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me ?”

The Princess immediately said, “No!” And the Prince lived happily ever after, and rode motorcycles and dated thin, long-legged, full-breasted women, and hunted and fished and raced cars, and went to titty bars and dated ladies half his age and drank whiskey, beer, and Captain Morgan, and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony, and dated cheerleaders and kept his house and guns, and ate spam and potato chips and beans, and blew enormous farts, and never got cheated on while he was at work, and all his friends and family thought he was flipping cool as hell, and he had tons of money in the bank, and always left the toilet seat up without umbrage in the home.

The End

Now that’s a male fairy tale!!!

Sat 17th October 2015

NZ Prison Suicides Experiment 1984 to 1988

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 4:54 pm

Illustration of Hazards From Failing to Monitor a New Social Programme Effectively

This analysis presents the prisons situation as an experiment.

The managers in prisons might choose to view the situation as resulting from prisoner violence, causing withdrawal of psychologist’s services, due to inability to safely protect the psychologists from violent prisoners.

Both viewpoints have some degree of validity, but if the managers were being prosecuted for the manslaughters, their incompetent interpretation shouldn’t protect them from proper legal accountability. (Officer, yes I am allowed to go faster than the speed limit, on nice days when I am in the mood to go fast.)

This example is included to show why it is important to monitor the performance of new programmes, to see that they are working as intended.
If you don’t know what the outcome will be, then you are doing an experiment.
If you don’t monitor the progress of the experiment, then you are unable to stop the experiment, if there are too many adverse outcomes.

Thu 15th October 2015

Trust in professionals

I have often commented about my views on the professionalism and skills of the peoples working in familycaught$. Although occasionally complimentary, most of my comments suggest that there might be room for improvement. My views are only those of a poor axe murderer, so I have little social credibility for my poor judgements.

I have just read a book about one particular medical misadventure. I was fairly shocked at the fanaticism of the central medical professional. However, what struck me on looking through the book a second time, was that the horrific outcome was only able to occur, through the weaknesses of the many other professionals involved.

In fact, I think that is the important conclusion. All of us make serious mistakes at some point in our lives. Nothing ventured, nuffink gained.

But what really affects our life outcomes, isn’t the number of mistakes made, but the quality of the process by which they are brought to our attention, the quality or how quickly we can sweep it all under the carpet, or turn around and constructively address these mistakes.

Wed 7th October 2015

URGENT : Precedents for Custody Retrials

Filed under: General — sharingiscaring @ 12:53 pm

Just found out that at 0900 tomorrow morning I must represent myself in an Urgent Application for the retrial of my Children’s Custody Trial which took place last week.

All my statements and that of my eight witnesses were disallowed* by the Court so a very one sided custody trial took place. Only the mothers evidence was heard and only her witnesses were heard.

Does anyone know of any precedents for retrials thank you?

Please help.
Sharing is Caring

* they won an application that all our evidence must be resubmitted and my lawyer neglected to mention it until the deadline had passed.

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