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Sat 22nd October 2016

Italian Court Fines Mother for Alienating Children

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:56 am

Woman fined €30,000 for bad-mouthing her ex in front of their kids. The feminists will probably attribute this to Italy still being in the dark ages in showing any respect at all towards men and fathers. The masculinists will probably see this as an initial gesture intended to justify future financial gouging of men believed to bad mouth their children’s mothers, in typical male power and control tactics. However, we like to think this ruling might be another indication of a tidal change building in gender politics.

Thu 20th October 2016

Judge Mary O’Dwyer

Filed under: General — WayneBurrows @ 3:02 pm

Judge O’Dwyer spoke last month at the National Council of Women’s conference. In that speech she spoke about family violence. To me this is an extreme conflict of interest as she sits in the Family Court. Especially so when she expressed the erroneous view to the National Council of Women that “all” statistics and research show predominantly women and children as victims.

Today I have made a complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner. I am sure it is not too late to made amendments so I have copied my complaint below. I will be interested in any feedback/suggestions.

1. I wish to make a complaint about Judge Mary O’Dwyer who is a judge in the Family Court.
2. My name is Wayne John Burrows.
3. My complaint is that Judge O’Dwyer demonstrated bias in speaking at the National Council of Women’s Conference held from 15-17 September 2016.
4. In her speech Judge O’Dwyer stated “the statistics and the research all show that predominantly the victims of this violence are women and children”.
5. This statement is far from accurate. There is much research that shows that men are as frequently or more frequently the victims of violence perpetrated by women. For example the Dunedin cohort study found as reported in an article by Magdol et al that 34% of men were victims of physical violence by their intimate partner compared with 27% of women. Similarly 22% of men and 37% of women perpetrated physical violence against their intimate partner.
6. Judge O’Dwyer’s statement using the universal quantifier “all” is so far distorted from reality as to show a clear gender bias in her thinking around family violence. Professor Murray Straus for example has written about 30 years of denying gender symmetry in partner violence.
7. As a Family Court Judge, Judge O’Dwyer will often be called upon with incomplete and conflicting information to adjudicate on who a (primary) perpetrator of violence is within a family relationship – the majority of which are heterosexual relations. If Judge O’Dwyer believes as stated that “the statistics and research all show that predominantly the victims of this violence are women and children” then it is inevitable that the woman will be presumed to be victims and by inference the man the perpetrator. Judge O’Dwyer will often be called upon to rule on balance of probabilities and if her view is that ‘women are predominantly victims’ then in her mind on balance of probabilities other things being equal the woman would be the victim and the man the perpetrator.
8. I submit given Judge O’Dwyer’s public statements about the extreme gender asymmetry in family violence that she is unfit to sit in the Family Court.
a. At paragraph (65) of the Guidelines for Judicial Conduct, judges are expected to exercise caution when expressing views on controversial subjects.
b. I submit that the gendered nature of family violence is such a controversial subject.
c. Judges should avoid using their judicial office to promote personal views.
d. I submit that Judge O’Dwyer’s stated view of all statistics and research show predominantly that women and children are victims is precisely that – a personal view. It is not factual – all research and statistics do not support Judge O’Dwyer’s personal view on this matter. As such Judge O’Dwyer should have avoided expressing this view publicly.
e. The purpose of not expressing personal views publicly is so as not to give the “appearance of capture by particular organisations or causes”. Judge O’Dwyer expressing these views to the sympathetic audience at the National Council of Women’s Conference strongly suggests that she is captured by that organisation and their views on family violence. Moreover the predominant feminist view of family violence as an expression of patriarchal dominance is a cause that is supported by Judge O’Dwyer’s expressed opinion that is contrary to the facts.
f. “Judges should avoid expressing opinions on matters which may arise in litigation and which may lead to concern about the impartiality of the judge”. Who the perpetrator of violence is is a common function of a Family Court Judge in for example issuing a Protection Order under the Family Violence Act. Judge O’Dwyer has not avoided expressing opinions on that matter by speaking publicly at the National Council of Women’s Conference.
9. Paragraph (65) of the Guidelines for Judicial Conduct also states that if a matter of public controversy calls for a response from the judiciary then that response should be made by the Chief Justice or head of jurisdiction or with their approval.
a. I have tried to determine through the Ministry of Justice whether such approval was given to Judge O’Dwyer but have been unable to do so.
b. Therefore I submit that investigation should be made into whether Judge O’Dwyer was granted approval by the Chief Justice or the Principle Family Court Judge to make a statement at the National Council of Women’s Conference.
10. Paragraph (72) of the Guidelines for Judicial Conduct requires that judges not be members of any organisation that discriminates on the basis of sex.
a. I submit that the National Council of Women is such an organisation. Their raison d’etre is to promote issues from a (discriminatory) women’s perspective.
b. I submit that Judge O’Dwyer should be investigated as to whether she is a member of any women’s organisations including the National Council of Women.
c. If Judge O’Dwyer is a member of any women’s organisations then I submit that those memberships should be made public. I believe this is in the public interest as Judge O’Dwyer has sat in the Family Court adjudicating primarily between men and women.

Wed 19th October 2016

Murder? My Arse!

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:37 pm

I would love to be a fly on the Jury wall (6 males 6 females) at the murder trial of Gable Tostee.
I always knew this guy was in for a tough time but never this tough. Every piece of gossip about Tostee has been wrong. Phil Vine from 3D reported that he plied Warriena Wright with alcohol but in fact footage on CCTV showed her picking up beers and Tostee paying for them. In her txt she tells him that if she is tanked up she is more likely to be “a freak between the sheets”. Evidence shows she was violent toward him throwing ornamental rocks at him and more. The neighbours say they could hear her screams yet she never requested anyone to call the police whilst she was out on the balcony. Facts show she was heavily intoxicated and out of control.

Now, here is this important issue…… whilst not written into law it would appear that men are responsible for women’s safety whilst on their property or in their company. Should Tostee have thrown her out on the street (he said she was too drunk to be out on the street alone) and she was raped or worse he would have been in the clear. The Judge is clearly pissed off that at least 1 juror is taking an emotional stance.

Even if found not guilty the punishment will be in the process. Huge stress and a legal bill in the 6 figures. NZ is not the only place where the Police prosecutors are political.

Tue 18th October 2016

Is it worth the fight? Updating a parenting plan to reflect actually time in care

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — George04 @ 3:54 pm

Hello All, quick bit of background. I’m the father of a 4.5 y/o girl living in AKL and have been separated from her mother since just after birth. I went through the Family Court back then to get regular visitation as the mother would not allow it. She went as far as accusing me of beating her to try and stop me getting access, fortunately her lies were rather transparent. In the end a judge ruled that i got 1.5 hrs on a Tuesday and Thursday after work and 10-3 on a Sunday. She also has a 9 y/o daughter from a previous relationship whose father isn’t around (she got a protection order on him and he was only allowed supervised visits which didn’t last long).

Fast forward a year and I have my daughter every weekend and a Wednesday night as my ex is either working or wanting to go out ect but always on her terms and a constant threat of going back to the parenting order if i didn’t do what she wanted like having her older daughter for the weekend also…. Over the next 1.5 years she went from hating me to wanting to get back together and everything in between. Has brought 4 new boyfriends into fold for it only to last a couple months then they move out. I learnt not to engage with her and concentrated on raising my daughter the best i could. She has an awesome relationship with me and my family and so does her older daughter (calls by parents Nana and Grandpa and i even get a Dad from time to time). Then earlier this year came the accusations of meth use from her family, a home invasion at her house (thankfully my daughter was with me) and even more hostility towards me than normal.

This time round has been a true test. CYFS won’t act on any of the above, the Police said there is little they can do and her family backed out of intervening and getting her to rehab and removing the kids. She has thrown punches at me but again no one will act on it. Lawyers advised me against lodging a without notice application due to no actual evidence of drug use and the likely hood of a judge sending it back to mediation. So I went the mediation route which i had hoped would at the very least end up with our 2 year plus arrangement becoming the new parenting plan. How wrong was I…..

She went into mediation wanting one thing only and that was for my visitation to be every second weekend. No chance of any compromise, she said from the outset that that was all she would agree to.

So here I am, unsure of my next step. She made a comment about my daughter telling her i kick her which is complete rubbish but obviously a warning of the tactics she will use should i carry on to court.

Has anyone had there visitation cut when trying to get what you have acknowledged?

Is there such a thing as the status quo when dealing with a fathers visitation?

Any ideas or thoughts on my situation would be appreciated.

its OK for a mother to take children away… but not OK for a father

Filed under: General — goose @ 7:05 am


You promised to bring them back? We get this statement each and every day but it rarely makes news, however when the tables are turned it’s a crime and she reaches out to the media.

Mon 17th October 2016

Donald Trump and the War Against Men

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:45 pm

We don’t much care about the US elections and we’re not fans of Donald Trump for many reasons, but allegations by women about ‘groping’ are not among them. These allegations from women suddenly coming out of the woodwork two weeks before the US election are eagerly supported by mainstream media propaganda machines, most of which are now feminist gutter press.

Surely, if these women were so incensed by Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assaults they would have complained some time other than just prior to the election?

If they have any truth at all, the most publicized allegations suggest that the circumstances involved Trump trying something on with women with various degrees of encouragement and participation. The point that media don’t acknowledge is that men are expected to take the risk of making the moves towards sexual liaison and thereby to take the risk of rejection or objection. The truth is that if a male does not make some move towards intimacy then he risks being seen as not interested in her, not being virile enough, being too boring, and he may well not be of further interest to her. (more…)

Tue 11th October 2016

Female Teachers Stand By While Pupils Fight

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:02 pm

This story today raised some interesting issues. The video recording shows two female teachers at Rosehill College standing right next to some male students who start a fight, punching each other violently with other students egging them on until they intervene when one fighter dominates. The teachers do nothing to intervene.

The female principal attempted to justify the teachers’ inaction, claiming they were calling for backup on their walkie talkies while shouting at the boys to stop. No evidence of that was apparent on the video’s sound recording. The principal also said that teachers had been told to prioritize their own safety, but that if those teachers had been males they may well have intervened by restraining the pupils. (more…)

It’s OK for a Woman to Joke about Serious Violence Towards a Man

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:11 pm

Anika Moa has her own NZ television show and when recently interviewed by a male journalist about her show , this is what she said:

Anika Moa narrows her eyes and says, “I’ll cut your balls off.”

As if that wasn’t menacing enough she then intensifies the threat.

“Then I’ll eat them! Like Hannibal Lecter.”

With that she makes those famously creepy slurping noises – thip-thip-thip-thip – before roaring with laughter.

“I won’t! I won’t!” she says, patting my knee reassuringly and wiping fake laugh tears from her eyes. Suddenly, she drops silent, that stone cold stare returning as she growls, “I’ll bite them off instead.”

This was reported in the NZ Herald yet nobody seems to have batted an eyelid about it. Ho ho ho. Soon after this, Anika Moa was inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame, a national heroine. (more…)

Ministry of Justice Spreads More Misinformation

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:19 pm

The signs are bad for planned law changes concerning family violence. This ‘fact’ sheet produced by our Ministry of Justice safer-sooner-factsheet provided misinformation right from the start by claiming “We have the highest reported intimate partner violence in the world”. That statement is utter nonsense and the NZ Herald recently had to retract the same claim following our successful complaint to the Press Council. We understand the NZ Herald got the claim from the Ministry of Justice.

The World Health Organisation produced a paper dated 20 June 2013 titled ‘Violence against women: a ‘global health problem of epidemic proportions’: New clinical and policy guidelines launched to guide health sector response’. It tells us:

For intimate partner violence, the type of violence against women for which more data were available, the worst affected regions were:
South-East Asia – 37.7% prevalence. Based on aggregated data from Bangladesh, Timor-Leste (East Timor), India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand.
Eastern Mediterranean – 37% prevalence. Based on aggregated data from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine.
Africa – 36.6% prevalence. Based on aggregated data from Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

New Zealand is not even included in this list of the 28 worst affected countries. (more…)

Tue 4th October 2016

David Seymore on identity politics

Filed under: Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 9:10 am

On 29th September the NZ Herald published a response by ACT’s David Seymore to an article by Lizzie Marvelly attacking him for suggesting that the Ministry for Women be converted to a Ministry for Gender.

Sun 25th September 2016

Documentary on NZ Family Court

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:15 pm

Radio NZ today played a documentary on the NZ Family Court and the 2014 law changes. It provided some interesting figures and raised (but did not ask) some important questions: We pulled out six issues arising in this documentary and discuss them here. (more…)

Sat 24th September 2016

Most Prostate Cancer Treatment Doesn’t Save Lives

Filed under: Men's Health — JohnPotter @ 5:59 pm

A 10-year outcome study just published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine shows that men diagnosed with prostate cancer who chose to forgo treatment were no more likely to die. Surgery and radiation therapy often have severe side effects such as incontinence and impotence.

Mens needs wants and desires dont feature highly on the agenda of modern marriage.

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — MurrayBacon @ 7:05 am

Bettina Arndt is currently co-hosting a new relationship programme which has just started on Tues nights, 9-11 pm on Sydney radio 2UE. It can be accessed online:


She’s planning to start off softly but if the programme develops she’s hoping to cover some of the more meaty topics she has been writing about recently. But in order for this to happen the programme needs to attract listeners and callers to the talk-back programme. So could you please listen and persuade others to do so. And please call in and contribute to the discussion.

Thu 22nd September 2016

What Happens when the Custodial Parent gets a Custodial sentence?

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Nebman @ 9:37 pm

I have shared care with my ex of two of my kids aged 9 and near 11.

Their mother has committed an offence that is shortly due to see her incarcerated for anywhere up to 4 years or possibly more. In reality she will only serve 1/3 of that so in all likelihood, will be out in 12-18 months depending on actual sentence length.

The Mother and I are the Natural Guardians of the children and there are no others. She is adamant that the children will not live with me while she is inside but my lawyer does not think there’s anything she can actually do to stop me just picking them up after D-day and just taking them.

Successful Complaint to Press Council

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:29 pm

A representative of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs has achieved a small success in a recent complaint to the NZ Herald about this article (that the Herald has now amended). Although the Herald probably won’t concede the important matters regarding misrepresentation of Protection Orders, failing to identify its real victims in most cases (i.e. the respondents), the nature of most breaches and the lack of balance by reporting only the comments of female supporters of the Protection Order regime, even so the exercise has required this editor to become aware that his paper is misleading the public and that MoMA, on behalf of NZ men, is watching. If anyone can be bothered, a follow up email to that editor would help bring home men’s concerns and a more realistic knowledge about Protection Orders. Following is the main correspondence: (more…)

Wed 21st September 2016

Wolf Whistling May Soon be a Hate Crime in England

What the F**k is the world coming to?? Are women becoming so protected and so offended by and afraid of the world that a man can not even whistle at one without being charged with a crime. THEY HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!.Needless to say it will happen in NZ sooner or later to.

Sat 17th September 2016

Surprise Surprise, The Chief’s Stripper Lied

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:15 pm

Told you so. Let’s see how much prominence our misandrist media gives to this information.

Many people appointed themselves judge and jury regarding this lying stripper’s allegations, making the same mistake that our Courts so often make in taking a sexist position favouring women’s tales. Will we see apologies from the following people to the Chiefs for unfairly judging them, to the Rugby Union for unfounded allegations of a poor investigation, and to the public of New Zealand for manipulative misandrist propaganda? (more…)

Mark Williams Fathers Reaching Out Seminar in Auckland

Filed under: General — realkiwi @ 11:18 am

Mark Williams is a well known UK advocate for supporting fathers in their Perinatal Mental Health. He has been active in support work and media awareness, helping his wife through her postnatal recovery after a trauma birth and getting through his own journey.

Mark is speaking at the MARCE Conference in Melbourne and made a special connection with New Zealand when he saw the 7Sharp TV article on Father and Child’s local work in this field.

Fri 16th September 2016

Random News Round-Up

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:53 pm

We think it’s time for a bit more fun with another round up of recent news. No other media seems to want to present men’s perspectives in news items but thanks to MENZ Issues it happens here.

Female Hypocrisy Concerning Sentencing of a Male

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:08 am

Lynch mob calls for harsher punishment of Nikolas Delegat for repeatedly punching a police officer have claimed that his wealth, status, ability to afford a good lawyer and his skin colour all led to a light sentence. The skin colour issue became a major focus especially after the ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) released an analysis of pre-charge warnings vs prosecutions from police in different regions around NZ and towards Pakeha vs Maori accused.

Unfortunately, the IPCA didn’t see fit also to undertake a further simple calculation to compare the rate of pre-charge warnings given to women vs men. If they had they would almost certainly have found that females are much more likely to receive pre-charge warnings than are males, and that the gender difference here is much greater than any racial difference. (more…)

Tue 13th September 2016

Our Prime minister reading a speech which was written by Amy Adams or which feminist politician ?

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 1:24 pm

WATCH: Major government Family violence announcement (Elections coming soon ……… )

Facebook video link

Stuff news link

Sat 10th September 2016

Chiefs’ Stripper Scandal

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:15 pm

The Chiefs’ rugby team stripper scandal has been in the news for weeks now. The only real scandal is how feminist forces have behaved and how media have milked it in such an unbalanced, misandrist fashion.

Stripper ‘Scarlette’ made allegations about the behaviour of Chiefs players who hired her to ‘perform’ at their end-of-season celebrations. Her allegations were of criminal offending for which the maximum punitive tariff is 20 years imprisonment plus lifelong punishment on a sex offenders register. She has used opportunities to spout her allegations through social media and news media, at the same time claiming she just wants to be left alone and refusing to cooperate with a Police investigation that might have led to her allegations being tested in Court through a prosecution. Convenient. (more…)

Thu 8th September 2016

Fathers Day Ambushed

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:22 pm

Thanks to Father & Child and other groups who have generously supported the spirit of Fathers Day this year. Unfortunately, misandrist and femicentric forces have used the commemoration as another opportunity to bash men. A previous post – thanks Jerry – drew our attention to a couple of articles. One was about the ’10 worst fathers’ shown in films and tv. The second was about step fathers, which at least honoured men in father roles and provided some useful information. Jerry was correct though in that an article promoting step-motherhood on Mothers Day would be seen as offensive by women, especially in the absence of other articles honouring biological mothers. This year I don’t remember seeing any article honouring dads, though I guess there probably were some.

A really nasty, patronizing article was written by ‘Emily Writes’ in the NZ Herald. It was called “Emily Writes: Father’s Day can be a struggle”. Well of course the headline is correct because many fathers struggle with Fathers Day due to being alienated, shut out or severely restricted concerning their role with their own children, or threatened with one of those scenarios during the horrible process of Family Court. But none of that is what the article is about and Ms Emily doesn’t mention that stuff at all. For her it seems that the suffering of alienated, discarded and falsely accused fathers doesn’t exist or if it did it doesn’t matter.

Wed 7th September 2016

Arrears Remitted Anyone??

Filed under: Child Support,General,Law & Courts — Had_Enough @ 6:24 pm

OK, so it seems under the new legislation that us paying parents (love the term “paying”) can get our arrears remitted if we apply and if we have been paying our liability more often than not. So, I contacted IRD CS about this on the 1st of April and was informed that I should call back in June and they may look at wiping the 2% portion of my arrears which in my case is about $9,000. So I called back in June and was informed that my application would be processed and I would be told of the outcome in 2 months. Surprise surprise, here we are almost 3 months later and still no word as to whether the arrears would be remitted and no time frame given as to when I would be informed of the outcome. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences, good or bad, with getting arrears remitted???


Wed 31st August 2016

Fathers’ Day Weekend Activities

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Events,General — Brendon Smith @ 11:59 pm

For those who are lucky enough to have their children this weekend,
or any who seek comeraderie in positive activities for families…

Father and Child and Family Start Manukau offer free fishing on Sat.
off the old Mangere bridge 10am – 2pm – free bait and a few free lines..

Plus Fathers’ Day BBQ / Picnic at Ambury Farm/Park, Mangere Bridge,
11am – 4pm, Bouncy Castle, free food and low cost soft drinks,
families welcome, music and resources for keen dads…

Celebrate the day, rain, wind or shine!
We hope to see you there,
ph 5251690 for see here for Eventfinder details

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