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Sat 29th November 2014

Feminist Media

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:20 am

The NZ Herald this morning has shown the extent of its white knight complex as it gallops to rescue the honour of the Samoan woman in Australia accused of throwing her baby down a drain to kill it.

Apparently, she is

a loving auntie who adores children and appears entirely devoted to her family in Australia and Samoa.

and (more…)

Do Our Judges Live In The Real World?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 4:36 am

I asked myself that question many years ago and after being through the mill came to the conclusion that they do not.

If you live in NZ, or in a Western country for that matter, you probably know who DOTCOM is and what he does for a job. Well, not apparently if you are on the bench.

Judge Nevin Dawson asked what his post-raid business was, Dotcom said he helped create Mega, a “cloud storage website”.

Judge Nevin Dawson: “A what website?”
Dotcom: “Cloud storage.”

Judge Dawson noted and said: “Cow storage.”

Dotcom, looking exasperated, corrected: “Cloud storage.”

I rest my case….

Fri 28th November 2014

The People’s Blueprint

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 9:26 am

The Glenn Inquiry into child abuse and domestic violence, set up in September 2012, has reported back with recommendations in its second report, announced here Glenn Inquiry Domestic Violence a Disaster.

UPDATE: Report is now available for download here: The People’s Blueprint.

Released the day after the fatal stabbing of a women with a protection order there is no doubt room for a kneejerk reaction similar to the homicide that brought about the original domestic violence legislation.

We see the usual dinosaur-feminist attitude from the patron of the Glenn Inquiry, Dame Catherine Tizard … (more…)

Thu 27th November 2014

New Zealand’s first ‘human trafficking’ trial

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:42 pm

And guess what? It’s about ‘trafficking’ 18 Indian men. Unfortunately, no journalist will acknowledge that all previous publicity has misled the public to believe that human trafficking is all about women being kidnapped and exploited. It’s not; by far the most exploitation and abuse is of men.

Are protection orders more harm than good?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:31 pm

Woman dead, two hurt

The woman killed in a triple stabbing on Auckland’s North Shore this morning has been identified as Heidi Welman Scott, 41.

She is the partner of Brent Scott, who is in custody after a police manhunt.

The other two victims, both of whom have been in hospital, are Welman Scott’s daughter, Taryn Welman, 22, and her boyfriend, also 22.

Police have confirmed Welman Scott had a protection order against the accused, who had been scheduled to appear in North Shore District Court this afternoon charged with contravening that order.

Visible G-string Friday

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:45 am

This story starts back here with Roger Sutton – another scalp for feminism followed by Andrew Litte feminazis’ new top white-knight and A big THANK YOU to Roger Sutton
following Sutton’s resignation from CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) after a complaint of sexual harassment.

Amongst Roger Sutton’s impropriety is his ‘Visible G-string Friday’ comment, for which he’s taking a beating.

Of course sexual references and innuendo are about as rare as wide-mouth frogs, should never happen, and apparently women need to be protected from this. (more…)

Tue 25th November 2014

A real HERO

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:20 pm

This article brought great joy and admiration to my heart. It is like a desert out there looking for women that my daughters can emulate so this was an important and well timed article. So often we hear of female hero’s who are no more than moaners about their lot in life. It is only when the subject of oppression is male that a moaning bitch is thrust forward as a strong independent woman. The reality is that most of these hero’s have no character at all and simply climb on a band wagon swept along by a tsunami of propaganda. The Pippa Doyle’s and Whoopi Goldbergs are a dying race.

The Other Side of Partner Violence: A Counter-Balancing Review of International Studies and New Zealand Reports on Intimate Partner Family Violence

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:46 pm

Here’s our report The Other Side of Partner Violence: A Counter-Balancing Review of International Studies and New Zealand Reports on Intimate Partner Family Violence, Jackson C, Laven H, Roberts V (November 2014)

The other side of partner violence

A big THANK YOU to Roger Sutton

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:32 am

What is really annoying me is the reaction from some quarters to any praise for Roger Sutton’s work during his time at CERA and for his dedication to the rebuild of Christchurch.

The petty-skirt brigade would have Sutton strung higher than the engineer responsible for the collapse of the CTV building; the comparative media coverage particularly on ‘Stuffed News’ points to the total loss of objectivity that can be suffered by journalists and web editors when women’s stories hit the political arena. (more…)

Mon 24th November 2014

Andrew Little, Feminazi’s New Top White Knight

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:34 pm

In one of his first statements, possibly his very first, about matters other than his freshly elected role as leader of the Labour Party, Andrew Little showed his true colours. He sided with feminist ideology against Roger Sutton, calling for him to be kicked much harder for his so-called ‘sexual harassment’. (more…)

Sun 23rd November 2014


Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:57 pm

Media Release:


Co-author Hans Laven of a new report ‘ THE OTHER SIDE OF PARTNER VIOLENCE: A counterbalancing review of international and New Zealand reports on Intimate Partner Violence ‘ said today that their report would identify serious flaws evident in the recently issued Glenn, Tolmie Death Review and Herbert reports that supported their own erroneous beliefs that it was usually the male that was the perpetrator of family violence and the female was invariably the victim. These findings were not supported by neglected New Zealand and international studies which are ignored by the recent reports and women’s lobby groups.

“Our review reveals that statistical data has been manipulated and anti-male gender bias is a strong theme running through these reports”, claimed Mr Laven.

The report is to be released to the media and other stake holders on Wednesday 26th November and is bound to reignite debate on the true causes of family violence.

The authors of this report are Craig Jackson (educational consultant), Hans Laven (registered clinical psychologist) and Dr Viv Roberts (registered medical practitioner).

Wed 19th November 2014

New National Flag

Filed under: General — triassic @ 10:02 pm

Flag soon to be flying over the graves of countless thousands of male soldiers who died in an effort to keep our women and children safe…….


Mon 17th November 2014

Roger Sutton: Another Scalp for Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:40 pm

(NZ Herald, 17/11/14):

In a joint statement, Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Christchurch City Council chief executive Karleen Edwards expressed sadness at the loss of “a stand-out leader for our city and region”.

Yet one of these women was part of the Clark government that was responsible for much of the feminist excess that has made New Zealand unsafe for males and has now given rise to the resignation of the man she is lauding, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority boss Roger Sutton. Although we don’t know the full story, a female colleague made a formal complaint against him for sexual harassment that he claims was his normal behaviour to most people and consisted of hugs, ‘inappropriate’ jokes and comments and calling women ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’. (more…)

Tue 11th November 2014

Futigive Killer Phillip Smith

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 4:26 pm

I think this story is worth following.

There is comment from his estranged father.

He used a passport in his birth name of Phillip John Traynor, and was not stopped at the border as his conviction was under his Smith alias. (I am wondering if that is he mother’s maiden name?)

From what I have seen in the media so far this is a story about a father who lost contact with his son in his infant years.

The child latter went wayward and tried to make contact with his father in his teenage years, which didn’t work out, and he went on to a life of crime which included murder.

The Father wants him locked up for life because he is evil.

There is plenty of comment going on around the case which we can link to in comments.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this case.

Mon 10th November 2014


Filed under: General — mopardad @ 9:06 am

Hi All, im after links to or copies of recent DV studies showing the ratio of abuse inflicted by each sex, needed to prepare myself for any rebutal using the old studies showing its a man thing. I did have some but cant seem to locate them. Thanks.

Sun 9th November 2014

IRD… Confuse Say…

Filed under: Child Support — BrokenHeartedDad @ 9:57 pm

So I’m just a little confused with the IRD and how they work out “nights per year” for child support.

Sat 8th November 2014

Male oppression.

Filed under: General — dunnuffinwrong @ 3:34 am

Do you feel guilty about Male oppression?

This man found the answer as he got in his car. !

Insomnia !!!

Filed under: General — dunnuffinwrong @ 2:21 am

Insomnia is a common effect for those falsely accused of violence.
Imprisonment is another.

Fri 7th November 2014

Women Want Men Convicted Without Sufficient Evidence

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:14 pm

Three women yesterday protested outside the Auckland Central Police Station and media rushed to give them publicity. Groups of men have mounted many protests against systemic misandry, exploitation and sexism that contribute to more males committing suicide each year than die on the roads, but media almost always ignore the male protesters. Men just don’t matter much.

The three females yesterday were complaining that, in the absence of sufficient evidence, police chose not to prosecute anyone in relation to the ‘Roast Busters’ story. What the women are actually demanding is that men be prosecuted at any female’s behest even when the evidence isn’t there to justify prosecution. They seem incapable of considering broader ethical matters of justice and fairness, instead insisting that our law-enforcement and justice systems should exist only to meet women’s preferences. (more…)

Wed 5th November 2014

Rape reform advocate & professor gets $701,500 to explore barriers to reform

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — Lukenz @ 11:50 am

Criminologist Jan Jordan author of “The word of a woman” has just been awarded $610,000 + GST to explore barriers to rape reform.

Mon 3rd November 2014

Survival meals

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:50 pm

Some of us know what it is like to have to flee a violent woman, or be routinely removed from our houses and shoved out on the street, because society thinks a woman is always right.

Guys have to spend the night(s) in a police cell, or if they are lucky on someone’s couch or in their car because they have been banned from their home.

This post is about survival tips and how to stay alive when you get shoved out in the cold by feminism.

How did you cope, when you got kicked out?

If you have a tip or a good recipe that makes life easier for the post-separation bloke, post it in the comments below.

Sun 2nd November 2014

Quality of the Decisions made in Preparing the Domestic Violence Act

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 8:54 am

It is important to look back and see the quality of the decisions made in preparing the Domestic Violence Act.
Those who don’t know history, are forever doomed to keep repeating it…………
(Think Big, DV Act, Building Act, these alone total $100 billions of opportunity wasted and social self harm.)

The act was prepared based on off the cuff suggestions made by Sir Ron Davison, after he had reported on the Bristol murder suicide. His report was based on looking through a single familycaught$ file, but without looking at relevant medical records or taking any advice from medical people about the mental health issues involved and without taking any advice from people with criminology or sociology training. He accepted the familycaught$ file as gospel, without any checking, as is standard legal practice, certainly not sociological research practice and quite against common sense.

The largest single lesson is that legal practice does not necessarily give criminological skills. In fact where legal workers think that they are skilled criminologists, just without training, they are socially very dangerous. At no point was manipulation of the familycaught$ considered as a possibility. Such an omission sees naive and unprofessional from an experienced legal worker. The flow on effects onto all parties and in particular children, was given no thought at all.

Careful reading of the prior research shows that the NZ Domestic Violence Act was passed, quite against the lessons provided by the police arrest studies.

Sat 1st November 2014

Preparing Legislation with the same care as Drugs?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 10:58 am

Legislation should be prepared and implemented with care. This is known as “legislation quality” and although given lip service in many countries, including NZ, it is more honoured in the breach! For example Attorney General reports noting that legislation breaches basic human rights, but it is passed anyway, under urgency. Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.

It is difficult to communicate why this is so, as most people expect legislation to work fully with desirable effects and have no adverse outcomes at all. Especially in the social sphere, it isn’t that simple. Maybe an analogy with introducing new drugs will illustrate these types of issues?

Drugs are meant to be tested for efficacy before being introduced. Then they are meant to be carefully monitored for adverse outcomes.

Similarly, the efficacy of new legislation needs to be checked before passing into law. After passing into law, it also needs to be monitored for adverse outcomes, with the same care as drugs. If this is not done, then problems that could have been stopped while they are small, progress on to be unnecessarily huge problems. Again, this concept is called “legislation quality”.

In the same way that this concept may be taken from medicine to law, disastrous examples can also be taken from medicine to law.

Sun 26th October 2014

Violent Women a Problem

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 6:51 am

MoMA Media Release

24 October 2014



Black Ribbon campaigners have noticed an increase in reports of female physical violence. On the streets this month they received disclosures such as a wife throwing knives at her husband, a partner assaulting her male friend with a bat, a girlfriend trashing a boyfriend’s computer, a woman smashing her partner’s cd collection, and a mother thrashing her children.

Spokesman Kerry Bevin said that the increase in reports could be due to a greater willingness by people to disclose what has long been a hidden problem of female family violence.

“Surprisingly, women are telling us about what happens to their brothers and what their friends are doing to their boyfriends.”

“Most people recognize that women commit significant verbal and emotional violence in the home, but women’s physical violence has been downplayed and excused. It’s time we came to our senses about women’s true contribution to the whole range of family violence.”

Bevin called for women to respect men’s requests to lay off, and to refrain from haranguing and provoking men and teenage boys in particular. He wanted women to realise that non-physical forms of violence cause serious harm too.

“Violence includes spending household money without consultation, bad behaviour through excessive drinking or drugs, blaming a man for not earning enough, constant attacks on his self-esteem, and forgetting that the home is a ‘shared’ environment that also needs to reflect men’s interests.”

Bevin also labelled as violence the readiness of women after separation to plunder as much as they can of a man’s assets, to exploit him financially in an ongoing way instead of allowing a clean break, and to manipulate contact with his children.

“All these forms of female violence need to be addressed because they cause immediate harm as well as downstream violent and suicidal consequences.”

“There is hope that real reduction in family violence will be achieved as people realise that true gender equality requires both men and women to take responsibility for their behaviour.”


Fri 24th October 2014

Feminist Abuse Children To Get Point Across

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:01 am

I don’t think I have ever seen a more offensive or abusive use of children to make such a video. The hard core feminists who wrote scripts and taught these young children to make this clip should be jailed for destroying these girls childhoods.

It’s up to adults to work out adult problems and not adults to exploit a child to make a point. And I simply do not believe the end justifies the means.

Extremists become dangerous to main stream society when left unchecked. That’s right. Officials from Government ministers, police and other child protection agencies that are more than weary to take any steps against feminists who abuse children like the ones who did in this video.

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