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Tue 21st February 2017

Pharmac Called Upon to Subsidize Feminine Products

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:13 pm

The claim is that schoolgirls are missing school because women can’t afford tampons so Pharmac is being asked to subsidize them and other ‘feminine hygiene products’. Pharmac seems to be taking the request seriously and checking to see if its role could include this. Will the National govt court the female vote again for this year’s election by throwing money at this demand as they did for Herceptin?

Our internet search found no research or statistics to support the claim that girls are missing school in significant numbers because they can’t afford tampons. The claim seems a cheap attempt to justify yet another demand for special treatment of females.

Feminine hygiene products are claimed to be basic essentials, and they include deodorants. No statistics are provided to show the level of educational or health problems resulting from a lack of deodorant.

Exercise is important for health so perhaps Pharmac should buy us all sports clothes and equipment. Toilet paper and soap are quite important to health and if neither are used this will probably impact on school attendance, so perhaps Pharmac should subsidize those. Shoes are a reasonably fundamental need and without them we are susceptible to foot injuries, so free shoes all round courtesy of Pharmac? The problem is that all these health essentials apply equally to males so that would be no fun at all.

The femaleists calling for Pharmac money for tampons dismiss any special need for boys such as hygiene products or shaving gear, even though boys are not allowed to attend most schools if they don’t shave.

Food is a pretty fundamental need for health so perhaps Pharmac should buy us all food. Or maybe just free food for women; now there’s a good idea. AND YOU HAD BETTER NOT DISAGREE BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL BE MISOGYNIST.

Is it worth it fighting for my children.

Filed under: Law & Courts — aanz @ 10:49 pm

Been separated for 9 months now with a 5 and 9 year old and fighting for shared custody. I have picked away and gained a 40:60 split interim parenting order so far – wasn’t cheap going to court to get that. Now going for the full order. I have always made it clear from the start I want 50:50 and believe this to be in the best interests of the children who are happy in both houses – and it seems logical and fair – and i work from home so am always there even if they are not at school. Today at a settlement conference the judge basically tore me to shreds saying “it makes you look controlling if you want 50:50 as it gives you a change to take control” – (yes I or my lawyer have no idea what SHE was going on about either) and “you’d be wasting your time trying for 50:50 at a final hearing. Is this normal? I’d kinda assumed only my ex’s lawyer was so spiteful. Is it worth me fighting for 50:50 shared care or am I simply wasting my time and money.

You are invited for a Pre-planning meeting in Auckland against the family court system

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 10:26 pm

G’day brothers,

A pre-planning meeting will be held in AUCKLAND at 1.30pm to 3.30pm -Saturday 25th February 2017 at Glen Eden Public Library. Click here Poster

The attendees are just a group of fathers – mothers- grandparents -step mothers and fathers who are victims of the corrupt family court system. The response have been very good and many people interested but would love to have more people on board.

We need to keep trying … we cannot just give up and ignore.

The main meeting agenda is organizing a demonstration/ march at auckland district court and other locations.

Please join us … RSVP please email Zayne zayne44@hotmail.co.nz


We would love to have all men groups current and ex-organizers and leaders at the meeting.

Lets stand up together and be heard …

Psychologists Board

Filed under: General — Eric @ 3:04 pm

I have recently lodged a formal complaint to the Psychologists Board regarding the professional negligence of Sarah Calvert in her role as court appointed psychologist. This relates to her conduct back in 2011 when she was engaged to write a s133 report.

Has anybody had any experience in these matters and what was the outcome?

Sun 19th February 2017


Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:42 pm

The Alien series with Sigourney Weaver are well known science fiction movies.

I have never thought of them with a feminist/anti-feminist twist before, and I have no idea why this suddenly occurs to me now.

Weaver portrays the futuristic ultimate feminist independent amazon warrior and if you’ve seen the movies falls in love, so to speak with the Alien.

If you look at the Alien’s behaviour, destroying anything around it in order to provide a safe ‘nurturing zone’ regardless of the consequences, you could view the Alien as a portrayal of the ultimate feminist – the superfeminist of the universe – based on an extended view of our own extreme feminist.

I’m left wondering if that is simply coincidence or whether the script writer was thinking along these lines?

But then, I’ve always wondered about that part of the movie – the relationship between the Alien and this human female, and the captivating fascination the Alien had to the mind of a ‘human female’.

Tue 14th February 2017

How did they determine that 1 in 3 women REPORT experiencing (IPV) Intimate partner violence ?

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 11:36 pm

NZ women refuge, NZ white ribbon and the Its not Ok campaign, SHine org and all other feminist/ government organisations get the DV statistics from NZ violence clearing house at Auckland University.

I have been in touch with the NZ violence clearing house and they made it clear for me that all their statistics and figures, so they clarified that their statistics and figures are determined from the New Zealand Medical Journal .

Those bias misleading statistics ” 1 in 3 women REPORT experiencing violence in NZ” are determined based on a research and study which was done back in 2004 (12 years old ) by THE NEW ZEALAND MEDICAL JOURNAL ( attached the link) funded by some feminists and many other biased corrupt government departments. The outdated research/ study authors were two feminists (Janet Fanslow and Elizabeth Robinson).

If you read the research, you will find that the survey/ study/research was done using 2,855 women aged 18–64 years from north Waikato and Auckland only, which make up 0.0017843% which is less than 1% of the total NZ females population ages 15-64 years old. ( No figures or stats how many women are partnered or ever partnered ).

And don’t forget that those women ONLY REPORTED experiencing violence ) so there are no evidence or proof or any police convictions or charges or any evidence that if they have really experienced Violence. They just completed the survey and their experience of Violence never checked if its was genuine or not. I assume that many of those will be psychological ( i feel scared / threatened / harassed ).

I agree that many women and men victims are out there and both need support regardless of their gender, but the stats “1 in 3 women experience violence in NZ” is just SCAM.

What the hell do you call this ? They are just brainwashing people and putting fear in them based on a rubbish research and study was done 12 years ago.

Mon 13th February 2017

Logie’s Bill Will Increase False Allegations

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:19 pm

Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Bill won’t be supported by government but may get through with support from the government’s minor coalition parties.

In principle it may be reasonable to require employers to provide paid leave and flexible hours to assist someone who has been subjected to domestic violence, especially if they are in the process of changing residence or taking other steps to deal with it. However, this Bill is a dangerous ideological onslaught and contains no safeguards against misuse. (more…)

Information and Education meeting in Wellington this week

Filed under: Child Support,Events — realkiwi @ 8:36 pm

Hi All Child support/tax paying Dads around Wellington,

Father and Child and Kidsneeddadz are hosting an information and education evening

Thursday 16th in Lower Hutt/Petone Wellington
7.30-9pm at the Public Library 7 Britannia St, Petone

The speaker is Elizabeth Moss from the IRD talking on the subject of Child Support, with lots of time for questions plus discussion afterwards and refreshments.

Contact Stu Miller 021 810 321 or
Peter Crosland 027-281-6272

Further education and Info evenings will be held in Wellington and Lower Hutt,
topics include; Parenting Skills/Courses, Healthy Nutrition and Getting Ready for Baby.

Sun 12th February 2017

Family Court Judge Somerville Retires

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:45 am

Perhaps of interest to the many fathers who were shafted and their children who were harmed by this particularly male-blaming judge.

Thu 9th February 2017

Extremely experienced McKenzie Friend required for complicated PRA proccedings

Filed under: General — Andy @ 12:25 pm

Can anyone recommend a top professional McKenzie Friend specialist in Auckland.
The case is complicated and involves real estate based on a claim of a constructive or sham type trust, company that was simply an extension of a person, a business and de facto relationship. Large amount of evidence and most probably end up in HC or higher. Over $28k down the gurgler and I hadn’t even got into court fro a hearing. Had 4 FAM Court hearings since (self rep) and case going to be assigned to one judge. Been going on for year and half

Can’t borrow any more from friends/family and can’t get legal aid according to lawyers. Learnt if you provide to much factual evidence to prove untruthfulness and dishonesty in ex’s affidavits, Judges indicated and supported by ex’s lawyer to much to read and it gets struck out.

However Judge says can reapply to have parts admitted but puts hurdles in way. Don’t think lawyers/judges like self-litigants playing in their sandpit, so to speak… I don’t blame them, but I misguidingly believed it was a justice system NZ ran and not a legal system where it appears lies can be told with impunity and when you produce evidence of such, you get whacked by the system.

Any help would be appreciated… ideally need high profile ex-lawyer, QC or Judge that has seen the light:) and is now a professional McKenzie Friend specialist


Wed 8th February 2017

Snake Oil Advice from ‘Relationship Expert’

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:05 pm

This article is typical of the trivialization of marriage and relationships in western countries. This ‘relationship expert’ encourages people to trash their marriages and disregard any commitments they made simply because they are experiencing a bit of lust towards others or a desire for ‘a bit of excitement’. No mention that any research supports his beliefs. His advice is terrible, and if children are involved it’s very irresponsible. One may as well advise parents to put their children up for adoption if they find themselves feeling dissatisfied as parents, or to commit a bunch of crimes if they find themselves wishing they could have free accommodation.

It’s incredible that a major NZ newspaper like the Herald would think it’s ok to publish such socially destructive stuff especially when it’s not based on anything reliable.

Sun 5th February 2017

Did you hear the one about the bloke that walks into the police station?

Filed under: General — dunnuffinwrong @ 6:34 pm

A man walks into a police station at 9 am one sunny Saturday morning with an incredible story.

He says to the police officer behind the counter that he is here to report an violent brutal assault that occurred to him a couple of hours earlier.

The officer ushers the man into an interview room and LISTENS to the mans tale. (more…)

Sat 4th February 2017

Women Should be Allowed to Murder

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:44 pm

Or so many people believe. This case in which a mother murdered her autistic young adult daughter is another incredible display of justice favouritism towards women. While one can empathize with her difficulties, she deliberately murdered her daughter when she had other options. Who the hell gets 4 years imprisonment for murder? Oh right, a woman does. (more…)

Thu 2nd February 2017

Misleading researches and information about the ‘1 in 3 women”

Filed under: General — Zayne @ 10:38 pm

The IT’S NOT OK CAMPAIGN which is run by the MSD appears to have deliberately misquoted the research of the NZ violence clearing house. I have been struggling to get clear information and stats from the NZ violence clearance house which is run by two feminists – Ms. Gay Richards and Ms Nicola Paton.
On the It’s not OK campaign website its stating that

** 1 in 3 women experience physical and/or sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime***

On the NZ violence clearing house its stating that;

**** 1 in 3 (35.4%) ever-partnered New Zealand women REPORT having experienced physical ****
There is a significant difference between what one experiences and what one reports experiencing. Its obvious that the Its Not OK campaign have deliberately misquoted the research to make it more appealing for the public and ensure the message that 1 in 3 women are definitely experiencing violence in NZ.

Screen shots

It is NOT OK campaign It is NOT OK campaign
NZ Violence clearing house NZ Violence clearing house

More Prisons, more police, intimidation of beneficiaries equals a better NZ

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:22 pm

Our government’s idea of changing people’s lives for the better: more prisons, more cops, uniformed guards intimidating beneficiaries at WINZ offices; yeah, nice.

English has set new targets for police and one of them is reducing family violence deaths. A laudable aim but if the government thinks that will be achieved by their discriminatory ‘protection’ order system, greater enforcement of unjust ‘protection’ orders, greater persecution of men and more white knighting to rescue women from domestic arguments in which they’re not getting their way, then the government had better think again. The current draconian, discriminatory system will only serve to increase division, fear, resentment, violence and domestic killings.

Meanwhile the social justice warriors are over-reacting to the Trump policies on visitors and refugees from certain countries, largely Muslims. That policy results from the many victims of Muslim terrorists in the US and is intended to protect US citizens from future Muslim terrorists. The policy will result in inconvenience to a number of innocent Muslims who might have planned to travel to the US. NZ’s domestic violence and sexual offence laws treat men with a much greater level of injustice in honour of alleged victims of domestic violence and sexual offences, and the effects of this injustice on falsely targeted, accused and convicted NZ men include imprisonment, life-long labels and discrimination, trashing of their families, damaging or trashing men’s relationships with their children and damaging numerous children’s lives through father deprivation. Trump’s order has nothing on the injustice and stupidity we practise every day towards innocent NZ men. And now English will provide many more police to enforce that injustice more effectively. Nice work.

Men commit suicide several times more often than people are killed through domestic violence. Wouldn’t a campaign and funding to improve the lives of NZ men and to reduce men’s suicide rate be a much more effective way of changing NZ for the better?

Sun 29th January 2017

Dishonest Promotion of Prostitution

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:54 am

Did anyone notice this article in the NZ Herald with the title ‘Kiwis reveal experiences with sex workers’? The title suggested the article might provide us with some tales of warning and insights about keeping ourselves, our wallets, savings, health, marriages and reputations safe should we ever become customers of the prostitute industry. However, the article instead is simply a blatant sales promotion tool. One wonders whether its a paid infomercial, an industry piece accepted by a newspaper that always seems keen to publish anything promoting femaleism, or the product of a journalist wanting to promote prostitution as a general support for femaleism and women’s wealth. News article it certainly isn’t.

The article was based on a thread on Reddit and one wonders whether that internet company had any role in having it published. The responses in the Reddit thread included various angles but the article only mentioned those positive about becoming a customer of prostitution. Some of the positive responses in the Reddit thread may well have come from prostitutes or brothel owners keen to normalize prostitution, to encourage men to think positively about paying women professional rates for uneducated and untrained work. Why didn’t the article include the following kinds of responses that were in the Reddit thread? (more…)

Sat 28th January 2017

Journalist tries to defend Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:47 pm

Dawn Picken in the Bay of Plenty Times wrote an article called ‘The F word’ (another version exists also with a longer title). Here is our response to her:

Dear Dawn

We were interested in your article about ‘the F word’ published 27/01/17 and we believe a number of your assertions deserve critique. It would appear that you haven’t come across any of the substantial body of sound, rational consideration of your feminist claims, or if you have then you have chosen to disregard it and to maintain your allegiance to feminism, in which case the following will be a futile exercise other than as a catharsis for the writers.

“I subscribe to the definition of feminism that says everyone, male and female, should have equal political, economic and social rights.” (more…)

Wed 25th January 2017

The Success of Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:40 pm

Feminism is really succeeding at having men treated as worthless. This man was injured in an assault by a group of vicious, thieving females and onlookers stood by watching without intervening. The story reflects a number of things.

1. Some women are seriously violent just as some men are seriously violent.

2. Contemptuous, uncaring and hating attitudes towards men have been fostered by feminists permeating society to the extent that people find it entertaining to see a man being terrorized and injured by women.

3. Police found the group and arrested one female? What about the others? Oh yes, we forgot, they’re female.

4. The one female police have arrested is much less likely to be charged than a male would be. If she is charged she is much more likely to get diversion, to be referred for psychiatric assessment, and/or to be discharged. In the unlikely event she is convicted of anything her sentence is much more likely to be a ‘helping’ rather than a punitive sentence and will certainly be much more lenient than any male would get for the same violence.

NZ first in anti corruption….Yeah Right

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:13 pm

The organisation “Transparency International” has just voted NZ first equal for the least corrupt nation through perception , alas without scrutiny of the Family Court. One of the great things about having a secret court system is that no corruption can be detected by society. I may have had a more honest out come in my battle to father my children had I been born in Somalia. Oh well, never mind, I just need to man-up and accept that family court judges just do their best for the good of the children…… oh shit, sorry, I just vomited.

Sun 15th January 2017

Alice Williams, male-basher

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:01 pm

This article, ‘Things I’d do if I wasn’t afraid of appearing masculine’ by Australian intellectual lightweight Alice Williams is a piece of destructive, sarcastic male bashing. We sent the following response but we don’t expect any reasoned reply. Why the NZ Herald would choose this rubbish from what must be a vast array of good, newsworthy and socially responsible articles on offer from around the world is difficult to understand, but can only reflect the editors’ wish to promote feminist ideology, to cause harm to men and to damage social cohesion. Note also that the NZ Herald did not provide any facility for readers to respond; this has become a common ploy by the Herald to ensure that critics of feminist b.s. are given no opportunity to be heard.

Our reply sent through Ms Williams’ own web page was as follows: (more…)

Thu 12th January 2017

Special Treatment for Women

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:32 pm

Special privileged treatment of women by our judiciary and media continues as normal.

In one case this week, the Coroner found that a woman killed an innocent person by driving into the victim’s car in a suicide attempt. The killer refused to cooperate with the police investigation claiming she couldn’t remember, she refused to give evidence at her trial for manslaughter and it appears that the Court also disallowed relevant evidence, so the jury didn’t have enough evidence to find her guilty. However, the Coroner was able to consider all relevant evidence and the truth was clear. The killer woman had a history of suicidal thoughts and her father had previously called police to report she was suicidal, telling police that “there is also a chance she might just drive into someone and kill herself or someone else”. Yet even the Coroner tried to downplay her culpability by expressing a belief that she made a ‘snap decision’ to drive into the victim’s car and that she didn’t mean to cause any harm to the victim. WTF? These just seem to be convenient ways for a white knight to reduce a woman’s blame. The Coroner also ordered name suppression for this selfish killer. Are women to be protected from all accountability for their wrongdoing? She’s probably out driving again as we speak.

In another case, teenage woman Lana Tutty is wanted by police who have issued a mugshot and appeal for information. However, the police refused to state what crime she is alleged to have committed. Why? This doesn’t seem typical for males wanted by police. An article on Stuff reported she faces charges for Assault with Intent to Injure and Wilful Trespass. This is serious stuff and surely the police owe the public a warning that she is dangerous. Also, without knowing the nature of the charges against her the public are less likely to feel motivated to assist police. Note also that the NZ White-Knight Herald’s story on this case attempts to turn this violent offender into a folk hero. It states nothing about her alleged crimes or dangerousness but focuses only on her ‘thumbs up’ response to the police release, how many ‘likes’ her response received and what a successful fugitive she is. Ho ho ho, what fun when a woman commits serious violence and tries to evade police.

Mon 9th January 2017


Filed under: General — mopardad @ 2:14 pm

I will use this post to keep people up to date.

First port of call, a letter to Chief Justice, not expecting it to achieve any results although it will send a clear message I am coming for them.

Tue 3rd January 2017

Contempt of Court

Filed under: General — mopardad @ 9:11 pm

So as part of addressing the failings of the FC I did inform PFCJ Ryan that he is racist along with Von Dadelszen, Boshier and Callinicos. Ive been researching contempt of Court in readiness for them should they get their knickers in a further knot, and was just wondering if anyone has used a term in a formal letter to a Judge or in Court documents that may have constituted an act of contempt of Court??!!


Filed under: General — mopardad @ 6:32 am

Hi all,

Im after copies of the rulings that are mentioned on the “NZ Family Court Precedents (Case Law)” page if anyone has these, I am collecting evidence to take on the Crown and need evidence to show that the FC has been inconsistent.

Cheers folks.

Sat 31st December 2016

Heading towards divorce in a civil war – need advice please!

Filed under: General — Marion @ 7:55 pm

Hi folks,
Divorce is inevitable and she is out for revenge. There is no case of domestic violence or infidelity or any form of abuse or deny access to fund, no reasons are given. I am the sole bread winner and been supporting and providing for the last 2 decades. we have 2 children 16 and 7 and assets worth over 1.0M.

I read the divorce kit provided by this wonderful website and quite frankly what I could be facing scared the hell out of me. She is after the money as she doesn’t work and her family are asking for money. She is making my life an epic hell at the moment.

If we divorce now I will end up paying the child care and spousal maintenance.

I contacted two male lawyers trying to get a legal advice and they both advised against initiating a divorce.

My main concern is the welfare of the children as the money is theirs. I was even thinking of putting some fund away or send it overseas to to cater for the children. Is that reliable to do or it might backfire on me?

We both are migrants here without any families in New Zealand, so we don’t have the option of living with family.

One thing to add: I have been very careful in my communication with her, avoiding her as much as possible also she is trying to provoke me. I never sweared or threatened her. I know she does voice record all of our conversations.
I also have a written evidence from her social media showing she is literally planning a war against me and waiting for the right moment to struck and leave the country. Will that be of use in the court?

What you guys can advice based on your experience.

Thanks and Regards,


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