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Tue 9th February 2016

Father lodges human rights violations complaint against government with UN

Filed under: General — Vman @ 5:46 pm

A father-of-two has laid a complaint with the United Nations alleging a judge’s decision barring him from taking his children out of New Zealand to visit their dying grandfather violates their human rights.

The man, an American who cannot be named under New Zealand Family Court rules, laid the complaint on Thursday under the Human Rights Complaint Procedure at the UN after a six-year international battle for custody of his children.

The family moved to New Zealand in July 2010 under the agreement that they would remain here for three years, but six months into the move he and his wife split. The children were ordered to remain in New Zealand under the Hague Convention, the man said.

“My grievance is with the court system and Parliament because they have implemented a violation for human rights for families. There is a systemic issue with the New Zealand Family Court system, and I would desperately love not to drag it through the press.

“Filing the complaint with the UN becomes my last alternative. I have tried to work with the political and judicial system and it’s fallen on deaf ears. I don’t think it does anything for getting my children home, other than raise whether there was a human rights violation.”

The basis of the man’s complaint is that a High Court order preventing him from taking the children to the US did not seriously take into account their cultural heritage. The family had no links to New Zealand before moving here in 2010.


Mon 8th February 2016

A woman’s allegation now outweighs hard evidence

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:31 pm

Check out this ridiculous case in Britain. Our guess is that the prima donna took objection to the accused man not giving way to her in the bustle of the London train station, so made up a claim involving serious sexual assault. The case shows that a woman can now lie about being sexually assaulted, her claim shown to be untruthful by video surveillance evidence, yet the police still prosecute the accused man for a serious sexual penetration crime. The witch hunt is in full swing. There is only one more step for the feminists, that is to corrupt or overthrow the jury trial process so that accused witches can be easily convicted regardless of evidence, reason or principles of justice. The feminists are busy towards this goal, trying to get an inquisitorial system for sex abuse trials.

Men’s issues artwork..

Filed under: General — dunnuffinwrong @ 4:43 pm

To thank those who go to lengths to bring awareness to men’s issues I got plywood out and tried to create an image that sums up the situation. Its dedicated with sincere thanks to you all.
MoMa, please list a postal address so I can have it couriered.

Another Pussy Pass –

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Sex Abuse / CYF — pcObelix @ 12:18 pm

Female teacher sex with pupil

The most telling piece in the whole article The woman, whom the Otago Daily Times has decided not to name, could not be reached yesterday.

I wonder if the ODT’s stance would have been the same if it was a male teacher with a student.

England – A Terrorist State of Law

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:44 am

Like the post title – pretty catchy click-bait you think? Wait until you read this one.

England is highly regarded for the development and maintenance (in spite of any imperfections) of its Westminster legal system – but if anything could destroy that in one court case, it’s Feminist Jurisprudence.

What he cannot understand, what still gnaws at him when he wakes up at 4am, his body shaking, is why the case reached court in the first place.

The article’s text is copied below, not associated links. (more…)

Sun 7th February 2016

A Tale of Two Pities

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:43 pm

On one hand we have the story of the Ponytail-Pulling Prime minister.

On the other we have the story of the dildo-throwing protester.

Both have done the circuit on the international media and amused an international audience.

What’s your comparison?

Media Meltdown – Mob Rule

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:20 pm

This is an issue that has increasingly impacted on male integrity through the digital age, and it is time to recognise and discuss this evolution, and give it some meaning, from the men’s perspective. The social effects are significant and the change might be paralleled with the advent of the printing press.

News, as many of us label the subject, is now an out of date term – it’s old hat journalism, and as cliché as ‘tell a woman’. (more…)

Sat 6th February 2016

Understanding Dildo Baggins

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:08 am

Dildo Baggins sounds like a character from a B Grade movie ‘Fellowship of the Dong’ and there’s been some premature speculation that this is another feminist attack on the male integrity of New Zealand.

The name has been attributed to New Zealand MP Steven Joyce, after he was caught on the chin by a flying pink dildo during a political protest at Waitangi. Waitangi, in the province of Northland, the location of the signing of The Treaty of Waitangi – Tiriti o Waitangi (over 170 years ago) has often been the centre of political discord, on what is New Zealand’s national day.

The tribes of Northland, which (more…)

Assault on Steven Joyce with an allegation that he was a rapist

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:08 am

The woman who threw a dildo at Steven Joyce at Waitangi said it was for ‘raping our sovereignty’. It’s fashionable to use the word ‘rape’ whenever someone does something others, particularly feminists, don’t like. (more…)

Wed 3rd February 2016

Australian Doctor kills husband after sex

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:08 am

Chamari Liyanage is accused of murdering Dinendra Athukorala, also a doctor, because she worried his unusual sexual proclivities could jeopardise her career, the Supreme Court of Western Australia heard.

Defence lawyer George Giudice said his client was a “sleep-deprived, anxious, trapped and battered woman”. He said she was made to model for her husband in front of a camera, sometimes for hours on end.

Dr Liyanage pleaded not guilty to murdering her husband. The trial, set down for three weeks, continues.

Wonder if she’ll have her visa revoked under the bad character regulations?

Tue 2nd February 2016

Legalise Rape – New Zealand Meetings

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:50 am

Supporters of a website led by a man who says rape should be legalised on private property have been invited to meet up in New Zealand.

‘Return of Kings’ founder Daryush Valizadeh has suggested legalising rape on private property was the solution to rape culture.

Updated 3rd Feb 2016

Pro-rape group leader could be barred from New Zealand


Fri 29th January 2016

Research Sexism an attack on Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:14 am

Did IRD request sexist research or did the researchers provide it?

The research, carried out for IRD by Research New Zealand, was based on anonymous interviews with 420 tradespeople in Auckland, including builders, electricians and painters. It followed a marketing campaign by IRD targeting those operating in Flatbush, Takanini, Silverdale and Albany.

How many builders electricians and painters are women?

There are about 30% more working women in New Zealand than men, and none of those women would engage in any work that could remotely be referred to as a trade or would have a cash economy going on under the table?

What are your thoughts?

Wed 27th January 2016

Only in New Zealand

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:09 am
How would you caption this?

How would you caption this?

Sat 23rd January 2016

Sexual Risk Orders

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:33 am

Is this a Yorker?

A man has been banned from having sex unless he lets police know at least one day in advance.

North Yorkshire Police have sought a “sexual risk order” for the man who has not yet been convicted of a sexual offence, but who is thought to be unsafe for the public, according to the York Press.

The man from York must contact the police to tell them of any woman he plans to have a relationship or one-night stand with.

You think I’m making this one up, eh? (more…)

And another Pussy Pass ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 7:14 am

http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/76157465/charges-dropped-against-miriama-kamo-but-husband-sentenced-for-renovations.html Link

Fri 22nd January 2016

New Zealand Soldier in Perth Maximum Security Prison

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:49 am

Former Lance Corporal Ngati Kanohi Te Eke Haapu, known as Ko Haapu or Ko Rutene

November 2015

A Kiwi soldier has been held in solitary confinement in a high-security prison across the Tasman – despite not committing a crime.

Former Lance Corporal Ngati Kanohi Te Eke Haapu, known as Ko, had his visa revoked on the grounds he was a member of a motorcycle club.

A law change in Australia means foreign-born nationals can have their visas revoked by the Minister of Immigration on character grounds.

In similar news: (more…)

Thu 21st January 2016

The Australasian Man Trap

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:07 pm

One of the most important aspects of government from its own perspective is its funding lines.

What we’ve been used to in New Zealand, especially since the introduction of PAYE (Pay as you earn) is accept it and if you’re lucky you might get a tax return at the end of the year.

What many of us have noticed as separated fathers is the additional child tax that is forcible removed from us. This is where, as men, we need to start looking at the bigger picture. Many things are changing around us. (more…)

Wed 20th January 2016

If you were arrested would you trust Police or trust a lawyer?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — dunnuffinwrong @ 1:17 am

May 3 2014, I was assaulted at 7 am by my former partner. A blindsided whack to the head, then whipped with the cord from her laptop charger before a large wall mirror was swung at me.

At 9 am that sunny Saturday morning I was arrested without question- charged with MAF by two policeman one from Philippines one from Punjab India. Neither spoke English very well as I only realised I was being arrested after a little speech by the Indian cop from which I was able to make out the words ‘court of law’.
I was allowed to close the windows and put on some shoes while the Indian took photo’s of the broken pieces of mirror still on the carpet in the hallway.
After being told I was charged with Male assaults female.
I said “no assault occurred to her”. (more…)

Mon 18th January 2016

New Child Tax assaults in New Zealand

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 9:32 am

Just in case you weren’t aware, now that the new child support legislation is in place, IRD has launched a new assault on all those deadbeat dads with massive penalty accounts.

IRD were brazen enough to publish their intention when they went into Australia in 2013, under a new agreement to operate in the Australian jurisdiction – media here.

It didn’t take long for their handy-work to come to light via the Australian media when Paul Jenkins committed suicide from some irresponsible employee’s harassment.
They’ve been quiet this time – there’s been no mainstream media about this, but we are starting to see signs of their activity arriving here on Menz. (more…)

Sat 16th January 2016

Murder or Suicide?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:15 am

Man found on Christchurch St, with stab wound and knife.

Police say the man, believed to be aged 46 and living on his own, was found lying outside his address in Gloucester Street, Linwood, at 6.50am, with a knife nearby.

Two witnesses returning home having finished their night-shift saw the man, went to his aid and called ambulance and police.

Police say the man is believed to have a single chest wound and his injury is described as critical.

They say an investigation has started to establish how the injury was caused and whether anyone else is involved.

Police have a team of seven investigators working on the case.

They say the victim will not be named until his next of kin are informed and no further comment will be made until the scene examination is completed.

The secret Secret-Court of New Zealand

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:01 am

Anyone who has followed this site will know that New Zealand has a secret court – the Family Court. It is secret in two respects that are abhorrent to justice, firstly, its selective publishing of decisions, and secondly, its restriction on media coverage which extends to judges threatening editors; all in the name of the privacy of the individuals that use its services, not the crooks that run it, of course.

There have been many reports about and protests to the irregularities and lack of due process in this court, recorded on this site.

But, what does a court do that doesn’t want some of its goings-on recorded at all?

It becomes even more secret? (more…)

Sun 10th January 2016

The pillage of Men in New Zealand

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:41 am

I came across a dejected looking man sitting on the footpath the other day, so I sat down to have a chat to him. I’ve done this off and on since the late 1970s, just one of the random things I occasionally do, and I’ve heard some interesting tales of woe over the years.

There’s always a problem, and even if one can’t help or do anything for them, I’m always interested to know how any man ends up this way. It often looks as simple as the effects of alcohol or drugs, but there is usually a back story to that, if you dig a bit further. (Incidentally, I did actually find a woman living on the street once – she’d been a medical student and fried her brain with one of their home-bake drug mixes) (more…)

Fri 8th January 2016

NZ Herald: “What scumbag would do this?”

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:59 am

This was interesting. A woman, Shona Maiden, lost teeth and suffered a broken palate through an attack by a male unknown to her outside a bar that they had both just left. Ms Maiden said on nationwide media that after wishing her friends “ka kite ano”, the man asked her what a ‘palagi’ was doing speaking Maori, she then told him to f*** off and he punched her several times. The white-knight NZ Herald took up Ms Maiden’s cause in its edition of 05/01/15 with the main front-page headline stating ‘Mum punched in face for speaking Te Reo’, then in larger letters ‘What scumbag would do this?’, underneath which was displayed a photo of Ms Maiden with her young son.

Thu 7th January 2016


Filed under: General — BF1972 @ 9:18 pm

Has anyone had any experience in drafting up a will that protects the new wife from a litigacious ex-wife? Not wanting to think the worst outcome for my own life expectancy but you never know what life has planned for you. There are children to be factored in but the main concern is around contesting of any will that is created.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated!

Tue 5th January 2016

Cricketer Fined $10,000 for Offending Feminism

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:33 pm

The confused ideology of feminism and its creeping expansion are demonstrated in this story that has seen feminists, their white knights and sycophants objecting to a humourous flirtation by a great sportsman, Chris Gayle, towards a female who interviewed him for live broadcast after he had been dismissed for 41 runs from only 15 balls.

According to news.com.au, almost immediately in response to the interviewer’s first question:

“I wanted to have an interview with you as well, that’s why I’m here,” Gayle said live on national television. “I get to see your eyes for the first time, it’s nice. Hopefully we can win and go for a drink after…Don’t blush baby.”

Apparently, social media immediately lit up, labelling Gayle’s comments as sexist, ‘chauvinist’ and an affront to women.

The event sparked an apology three overs later from the broadcaster who said Gayle’s comments were not endorsed and that measures would be taken to avoid future such occurrences.

Gayle’s spineless employers failed to stand up for him, instead accusing him of being disrespectful and fining him $10G.

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