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Sun 5th July 2015

The Silverspoon Sisterhood

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:36 am

There is a lot that could be said about the recent deaths of a mother and three children in Ashburton. You could hardly be blamed for thinking ‘oh no, not another Ed Livingstone‘ when this story initially went to air.

There is something a little more sinister afoot (a foot in mouth that is) around this story now: Source:


Sat 4th July 2015

More research showing the importance of fathers

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:21 am

This article was interesting: Moms, Let Dad Be Dad It raises questions about the adequacy of all those parenting assessments done mainly by female psychologists in Family Court with misguided assumptions about what constitutes good parenting and bonding. (It goes without saying that most of those assessments found the mothers to be superior and were often used to further deprive children of their father’s role…)

Another observation we make with respect to this research was that it was done by a female, and the journalist who reported it was also female. It’s encouraging to see women prioritize reasoning and the pursuit of truth over self-serving feminist ideology. However, it’s also a sad indictment on our era that when it comes to families, parenting and even fatherhood, research and reasoning are much more likely to attract media coverage when undertaken by women. Men’s perspectives and wisdom continues to be generally ignored by mainstream media, though we are starting to see some signs of change.

Fri 3rd July 2015

The most bizarre men’s rights campaigns

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 4:50 pm

I do not see anything bizarre about any of these campaigns

Bizarre men’s rights

Forced to relocate overseas

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:10 pm


Judge brings malicious case (male assault female case) to an early close.


Oh Dear, and we were told violence is a male problem!

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:06 pm

Woman in custody over Wellington stabbing spree
Hark, did I hear some hint of concern from Women’s Refuge, Shine, White Ribbon and the many other male-blaming feminist groups about this family violence? No, I must have been mistaken, that was just the sound of them sipping tea as they discuss their next campaign to convince the population that only men commit violence worth worrying about and violence only matters when it’s done towards women.

New Deputy Leader for New Zealand First

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:00 pm


Ron Mark having recently re-entered politics has secured the deputy leadership of New Zealand First in a ‘not-so-secret’ coup, that predicted the outcome before the event.

The eventual leadership of New Zealand First under Mark has been discussed on Menz before as has the possibilities that might eventuate from his stewardship rather than the current leader Winston Petering out fast.

The word is that it was the sacred cow of Peters, democracy itself, rising from within the Party, that delivered a blow to the iron reign Peters has kept for so long.

A NZ First lead by Mark may offer:

the possibility for a better hearing of Men’s Issues

a real threat to the Girls Party NZ Labour

and a platform for another of the politically disillusioned Jones Boy to return from sabbatical in the Pacific.

Food for thought?

Wed 1st July 2015

Courts are busy and serious places, and judges are busy people

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 4:34 pm

Courts are busy and serious places, and judges are busy people

Man rebuked for claiming to be ‘fictional entity’ in court

2:11 PM Wednesday Jul 1, 2015

A man who fell off a moped and said his identity was a fiction created by the State has been rebuked for trying to be “funny” in an unusual court judgement.


Sat 27th June 2015

Child support

Filed under: General — Mikey @ 11:40 am

My experience with child support as a paying parent has been an utter nightmare. For one, my daughters are constantly being told by their mother that I do not pay enough. The Ird letters and assessments are shown to my kids, so they are fully involved in the financial battles. This has created conflict between my children and myself.
Then any money that goes to their mother is gobbled up by alcohol and smokes and my daughters do not get any child support anyway. If in fact school books and uniforms are bought, my children ask me for extra money, which I refuse because child support is meant to cover this. Again I look like the arse hole. Anything that is bought from the child support money never comes from from me in the eyes of my children and their mother takes all the credit of any purchases. There was a time when I was on the bones of my arse on the DPB, where I had to prove over a period of three months that the children were in shared care, for me not to pay child support. Whilst a telephone call from their mother to the ird was proof enough that they were not in shared care.
Whilst I was recording these times on spreadsheet the ird literally took money in a lump sum from my bank account over night without informing me.
I moved countries. Child support deducts contact time, so it is greatly reduced. However the mother of my children does not accept contact time being part of child support. So every year I have to go to a review to change it, having to keep receipts to prove what I have spent.
Annual income assessments are fictitiously created by the ird if the proof of income is not submitted. This means that they are telling me how much I have earned and how much child support I have to pay. Interest and penalties are added on top of the “made-up” earnings. The mother of my children is rubbing her hands to get hold of this money and when she gets notified that in fact I do not earn this, again I am the arsehole to my children.
Not only has child support created utter war between myself and my ex, it is part of the cause of my daughters not seeing me in five years.
And when a child refuses to see you with full support of the mother, should you pay any child support at all?
My answer is no. But the ird do not care if you have no contact, so it is ok for the mother to have all time and say with your children and take your money as well.
If there is in fact a satan on earth, it would be the ird. To use this system as a form of their own business ventures, charging interest an penalties, as if it were a loan that they are giving you is sick. I cannot wait until my daughter reaches the age over the limit and then I in capital letters… “I” can finally spoil her and her mother can go to hell and buy her own smokes and alcohol.

Another Diplomatic Offending Situation, where is the feminist outrage?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:29 am

Apparently, the wife of the Indian High Commissioner has assaulted a male staff member. There are significant parallels here with the recent case of the Malaysian diplomat accused of some kind of assault. However, there will be one major difference: we won’t hear a whisper from the feminists in objection to how it was managed. (more…)

Wed 24th June 2015

IRD Payments

Filed under: Child Support — midnighthauler @ 3:58 pm

I have just been notified by my sons school who I have had know contact with since Jan, that he has decided to leave and has a job. He is in process of completing sign out papers (not sure how long that takes, if anyone can enlighten me). He is taking on a full time job but I am not privy to that information. My battle will continue with IRD and payments I bet even if and when I inform them.

They rang the other day and I lost the plot and said to poor girl on ph its a wonder us dads want to commit suicide due to the constant harassment from you. Not long after hanging up the police arrived on my doorstep to assess my state of mind. If its not ph calls then its letters in the mail and it is wearing me down.

Tue 23rd June 2015

Colin Craig – Prosecution by Media

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:51 am

Putting all politics to one side, Colin Craig is man who is being prosecuted by media. The allegations are growing by the hour and all he can do is to publicly address them as false.

To me it seems the media has no consideration for the long term affect for a man who is openly accused without any process. There is no thought or respect for the loss and fallout of a man and what it may mean to his whole being.

I wonder at what point the media would consider success. Would the media think him loosing employment as satisfaction? How about a bust up of a long term a marriage, losing half his worldly goods? A breakup of a family involving kids? Would that make the media pleased? Maybe suicide might quench the medias desire. What purpose and what goal does the media what to achieve?

I wonder if there are those in the media who just thrive on some sort of quest to breakdown a man down. Just think those media people could come home and tell their partners and friends that they managed to make a man kill himself. Awash in their self-given licence to do whatever they want to whomever they want. Paint it the way they want.

When school children bully another child until suicide it is considered something near manslaughter. But when the media want to have a go at a man it is thought to be standard practice, necessary and worthwhile.

And I wonder why the media has not applied the same pressure to the woman who quite probably has an equal part to play.

Wed 17th June 2015

IRD again

Filed under: General — midnighthauler @ 7:50 pm

What I dont get is if you add my income and my ex income together and divide by 50%…the inland revenue seem to think it takes near on $600 a week to raise two teens…so I have to pay her $300 a week, when she
earns almost as much as me. The way I see it she will not need to put her hand in her pocket for the kids at all. My $300 a week I give the IRD will cover all their costs. I so dont get this

Tue 16th June 2015


Filed under: Child Support — midnighthauler @ 6:45 pm

Once again I have been bitten by the IRD, we had a review which was turned down. I do not have a problem paying IRD but I do when the amount is absolutely ridiculous. The ex wife who I have been divorced from for 12 yrs continues to plead poverty even though she has well paying job and owns 2 homes renting 1 and partner who owns his own business.

She has now alienated the kids from me and I am unable to contact them. I have to ring their school just to find out how they are doing. I had to ring IRD last night and was treated like a sub human. My son is 17yrs and is looking at leaving school and I only found out because I rang school to find out their progress.

This is my first time on site and new post so would be great to hear from other fathers suffering what I am going through.

Mon 15th June 2015

The Unforgivable Sin Deserving Death

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:00 pm

ISIS, or International SISters as they like to be known, have dealt a lethal blow for their cause by destroying an 72 yr old man, Sir Tim Hunt, a Noble-winning scientist, who was silly enough to speak his mind upon giving a speech at a conference in Seoul. Without malice he mentioned his experiences in working with females in the lab.

ISIS at this stage have stripped him of all he held dear but many fear that a be-heading will take place shortly or, as has been the practice, castration performed over a long period by the testicles being soaked in honey then jammed in a jar with army ants.

Middle Eastern media are reporting that shock and horror pervades across their nation. They are much bemused that the West can preach to them about freedom of speech yet permit castration and slaughter for the revealing of a harmless anecdote.

Mr Walid Muallem, a travel agent from Egypt, said that many of his clients had cancelled their travel to Western Nations as they feared that they might say something quite innocently whilst there and end up in ISIS captivity. “You have to be very brave or stupid to holiday in the West” he stated and that he and his wife will feel safer holidaying in Syria instead.

Thu 4th June 2015

Stay at home dads are Dangerous!

Filed under: General — triassic @ 10:50 am

This story of exposing the price of the marriage break up of Janet and Paul will resonant with many fathers but for a different reason and their side of the story will have little interest in the main stream media it seems. A ‘stay at home dad’ is demonised once again. Journalism here of the lowest form is illustrated by a one sided story. Was it violence in the home that drove Paul into the arms of another woman? I would have thought it an important part of the story considering its relevance. The author of this article, Lucy Cavendish, has deviated from the normal drill with these stories, that being the person with the money, always has the power and automatically abuses that power for control via abuse, hence, defined as violence against the care giver of the children. The thought that Paul could be a victim is beyond Cavendish’s comprehension. It is also, I contend, beyond the editor of the NZ herald who commissioned this biased article denigrating the many fathers who love and care for their off spring and offer to stay at home to bring them up.

If I was to interview Paul I am sure I could write a tear jerking story about the abuse endured by stay at home fathers by their partners and the devastation of their predicament as after sacrificing their own career they now will have to live on bread crumbs for the rest of their life.

Jill Goldstone puts another perspective on the subject and points out that Lucy Cavendish is a Neanderthal Philistine.

Wed 3rd June 2015

It’s so easy to get political change? DV

Greg Andresen, of Men’s Health Australia, is a persistent and sharp political operator.

I have heard many men in NZ complain “Why doesn’t someone [else?] talk to the politicians and get everything sorted out?”.

If I have tried to explain what is required to communicate well to politicians, I have been attacked as defeatist and being too negative in seeing many challenges ahead. My critics mainly have been people who have never done more than make one telephone call, or Saturday visit to an MP. Then they complain that nothing positive happened!

I have suggested that men read How to Make Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie and Dr. Brian Edwards and Judy Callingham’s book about How to Deal with Media. But these critics don’t have time to read it, they just want to jump straight in to making a submission or talking with a politician. Then they wonder why they don’t seem to have achieved anything? (Note: I am not saying they have achieved nothing, as such a judgement needs to be made over several years, not just a few days.)

Misandrist Psychology

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:26 pm

We came across this interesting article, one of a series. The article is about the ‘Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI)’, a questionnaire resulting in a numerical estimation of how ‘masculine’ you are. The questionnaire is almost certainly misleading and absolutely certainly misandrist. The article provides some interesting insights into how feminists and feminism work.

Tue 2nd June 2015

Was this about his child?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:14 pm

Waikato school in lockdown.

A Waikato primary school and kohanga reo were locked down while armed police negotiated with a man making threats involving a firearm.

The man was arrested in the small town of Kerepehi, south of Thames, and taken into custody without incident after police spent hours trying to get him to surrender.

Mon 1st June 2015

False accusations of abuse in the UK

Filed under: General,Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 5:43 am

I spent yesterday in Cardiff, where Felicity was speaking at the annual conference of FACT – Falsely Accused Caregivers and Teachers. The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a wave of sex-abuse hysteria.

Sun 31st May 2015


Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:31 pm

For anyone interested, you can find two songs here (more to come in due course) by Johan Laven, a supporter of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs. The songs are ‘New Flag’ and ‘My Revenge’. Both songs have some indirect relevance to the kaupapa of MENZ Issues. They will cost you $2 each to download, for which no apology is considered necessary.

Interestingly enough, the birth name of Ministry of Men’s Affairs’ chief executive Hans Laven is also Johan Laven, named after his father, and at least one other Johan Laven exists, named after his grandfather.

An Interesting Economics Article

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:08 am

I realise this might be seen as off-topic for MENZ Issues. However, I think men still concern themselves a lot with politics and economic theory and readers might find this interesting. I will understand entirely if it is taken down as being outside the scope of MENZ Issues.


Thu 28th May 2015

Budget 2015: Men Don’t Matter

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:53 am

In yesterday’s parliamentary budget debate, Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox celebrated new funding of $2.1 million for suicide prevention tagged to rangatahi Maori, i.e. Maori youth. Allocating this money for youth suicide seems disingenuous given that youth suicide rates are actually lower than the average rate for older age groups, but it does seem reasonable to try to address the relatively small disparity between Maori and non-Maori suicide rates. The relevant proportion in suicide rate has been about 1.2 Maori to 1 non-Maori, so the much greater gender difference in suicide of approximately 3.5 males to 1 female would suggest that around $6 million should have been allocated for male suicide prevention. However, the amount specifically allocated to reduce the huge gender disproportion in suicide was exactly $0.00. (more…)

Fri 22nd May 2015

The feminist dichotomy

Filed under: General — triassic @ 1:41 pm

Oh! how it gives me joy to see the discourse amongst women around the latest policy on solo mothers required to be abailble for work when their youngest is aged 3.
Day care centres are a product of feminists demands as a way of releasing mothers from the ball and chain of children (placed on them by those bloody controlling partners) that halted all joy in life for them. Of course that is all bull shit as is most of their ranting. I await eagerly how history will record the events taking place now where the most important time in a young child’s life are thrown into a care centre that can never give the attention and emotional stability that a parent can provide. Some how I think they will manage to blame a pony tail
pulling PM for the debacle.

Sun 17th May 2015

Churches and the Men’s Movement

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:49 pm

There have always been some areas of agreement between religious followers and the men’s movement. However, this overlap is probably quite small. When it comes to particular issues, the churches seldom acknowledge men’s issues or even the impact on families and societies of male denigration. Churches still tend to favour anachronistic discriminatory attitudes toward women, something men’s movement people seldom agree with.

Here’s an example. A pamphlet from the Baptists was given to school students (to study in comparison with other points of view) and tells them that couples in de facto relationships who have children involve a father who is ‘such a coward he can’t even ask for her to be his wife’ and that the mother is ‘nothing more than a cheap prostitute who allows herself to be used for his sexual gratification in exchange for what seems to be a stable and secure home life’. (more…)

Administrative review

Filed under: Child Support — Time @ 4:54 pm

Originally when my ex wife and I split we had two houses. One was the family home and the other, a rental we co- owned with my ex brother in law.We also had additional debts that my ex had raked up. So when I decided to keep the family home and my ex, took the half share in the other home. I took on the extra burden of a much larger mortgage and took on much of the additional debt. Primarily so the children could come home to familiar surroundings. This was when we had a week about arrangement for child care. Unfortunately both children have since been brainwashed by their mother and mother in- law. And I no longer have custody and haven’t seen my children for over a year.

Ground 9
You are the paying parent and the assessment does not take into account that you have previously made payments, transfers or property settlements for the benefit of the child.

Does anyone know how I would approach this in a administrative review? Or if it is in fact even worth even attempting to challenge?

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