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Archive of Sex Abuse / CYF

Debunking Shaken Baby Syndrome

Tue 11th October 2022:

Since the 1980s, thousands of parents whose children have died have been charged with murder because a doctor testifies that they have violently shaken their baby. These “expert witnesses” would demonstrate in court by vigorously shaking a doll. In 1986 Dr John Plunkett was one of the first to question the validity this syndrome. a […]

Part 2 of The Problem With Men Podcast ‘Falsely Accused’

Thu 7th July 2022:

Part 2 of the Problem with Men podcast is now available. Part 1 is available on the same link. In these two episodes, Liam Allan gives a detailed account of his experience of being falsely accused and charged with rape.

Most credible witness in the infamous Christchurch Civic Creche case speaks out

Mon 13th June 2022:

“Peter was a goldfish in a shark tank. I was also in the shark tank. There was no empathy. It was an attack on an innocent man. It was an attack on the truth.” These are the words of the oldest and most “compelling and believable” complainant at the centre of the Christchurch Civic Creche […]

Falsely Accused – Part I The Problem With Men Podcast

Wed 1st June 2022:

Welcome To The Problem With Men Podcast Has there ever been a more confusing and stressful time to be a man? It seems the gender goal posts are ever changing, spurred on by events like #metoo; and the growth of tribal identity politics. It can sometimes feel like we’re sitting an exam but we skipped […]

On Pedophilia (Suppressed on Blogger)

Mon 4th April 2022:

HACKED FROM MOST PLACES ON MY HARD DRIVE- almost lost this in its entirety. Somebody does not want you to read this or know it Ever!

Pedophilia II


Peter Ellis child sex abuse appeal

Thu 7th October 2021:

The appeal into sexual abuse convictions arising from the Christchurch Creche case has begun in the Supreme Court. The defence will focus on four issues: the children’s evidence was contaminated, and obtained using improper techniques. expert testimony by psychiatrists mislead the jury. an expert witness gave evidence about symptoms of sexual abuse which had no […]

The Memory Wars – video by Matt Orchard

Fri 30th July 2021:

NZ YouTuber takes a look at the heated debate around the validity of repressed and recovered memories. Includes rare footage of training videos teaching therapists to uncover Satanic cult abuse.

Weaponizing our criminal justice system against men

Tue 29th June 2021:

Bettina Arndt’s latest newsletter reports on a presentation by prominent Sydney barrister Margaret Cunneen. She was speaking at The Presumption of Guilt Conference run by the Rule of Law Education Centre in Australia. Her online presentation focussed on the impact of the new sexual consent laws that Attorney General Mark Speakman aims to ram through […]

Faulty assumptions underpin Sexual Violence Bill

Mon 21st June 2021:

My wife (Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith) had an article published today on The Daily Blog. The post begins: The Sexual Violence Bill, currently before Parliament, looks to increase convictions by effectively revoking the defendant’s right to silence, and prohibiting types of evidence tending to indicate innocence. As an academic, qualified forensic physician, and expert witness in […]

Sexual assault at NZ universities

Thu 21st May 2020:

I’ve recently come across this Australian study of sexual harassment and assault on Aussie campuses: Though it’s been reported under headlines claiming it shows ‘widespread’ harassment and assault, it’s worth noting two things. One is that the definition of harassment is very broad, including ‘inappropriate leering or staring, sexually suggestive comments or jokes, and […]

Peter Ellis gets another appeal

Thu 1st August 2019:

Felicity was interviewed on Morning Report today about the forthcoming appeal by Peter Ellis. She says: “Basing a conviction purely on a child’s testimony, particularly when there has been a number of suggestive interviews that have taken place, is incredibly unsafe…not just for the person who gets wrongly convicted – it is incredibly damaging for […]

We Believe You video on false sexual allegations

Mon 10th June 2019:

This 35 minute film is worth watching: At the Spring FACT Conference we were very privileged to have the first showing of the video “We Believe You”. This powerful film gives a voice to those who have been wrongly accused of sexual offences. The victims of wrongful allegations describe their experiences from arrest right to […]

The online Petition to Jacinda asking for a MINISTRY FOR MEN

Sun 12th May 2019:

Hi ALL…there is an online PETITION [on the NZ Parliament website and currently open until 31/12/2019] asking the government to fund a MINISTRY FOR MEN as a means to better address ‘Mens Issues’ and the many negative outcomes affecting MEN, their families and society as a whole. There has been a women’s ministry since 1984 […]

Submissions and concerted action about Crown accountability

Sun 4th November 2018:

I know this site has some great minds and maybe a few retired people that can dedicate a substantial amount of time for the benefit of others. I think, in my not so humbled mind that what we need is a dedicated working group to offer submissions on all things affecting the population of NZ. […]

Jacinda on the World Stage

Sat 29th September 2018:

Our prime minister told the UN that MeToo should become WeToo. It seems to us to be unbecoming and unwise for a head of state to support the ‘MeToo’ campaign on a world stage. Why?


Fri 24th August 2018:

FamilyJusticeReforms FamilyJusticeReforms [email protected] Hi any one and every one,,,,,join in the conversation,, these guys want submissions from any one that has had experience with the system. I have just received an email thanking me for my email/submission and they have asked me to answer some more specific questions in due course. Im my submission I […]

Protests in Auckland and nationwide

Sat 27th January 2018:

G’day Chaps, Couple of protests running next month ( Organized by Families 4 Justice ) in Auckland CBD. Against the Family Justice System which include; NZ Family court – CYFS – NZ police and other associates. Expected 100++ people ! Anyone is welcome … Families 4 Justice WWW.F4J.ORG.NZ List of Event Screenshots Auckland CBD – […]

Influences on decision making in NZ child protection

Wed 14th June 2017:

What influences decision making variability in the Aotearoa New Zealand child welfare system? (Seminar with Emily Keddell) Thursday 22nd June 2017 4 – 5pm Venue: Room N614, Epsom Campus Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Auckland Host: The School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work In many countries, the complex nature of decision-making in relation to […]

Preventing adolescent relationship abuse and promoting healthy relationships

Sat 3rd June 2017:

Media have given publicity to a NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse paper recently prepared by Dr Melane Beres called “Preventing adolescent relationship abuse and promoting healthy relationships”. The paper is an opinion piece citing various research papers of varying quality in support. This may have been lost on journalists who attributed various statistics to the ‘report’s […]

I’m Glad I’m Not A Pedophile

Sat 27th May 2017:

Can anyone explain to me why we are supposed to be liberal open minded people and yet we are anti-pedophile? Now I know you might call this semantics but pedophillia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. This is not something […]

Another poor bloke…..

Thu 30th March 2017:

Months in Jail I made it all up because I was having a hard time at home. I don’t think I could be as calm as this poor bloke seems to be

From Gods country to Hell.

Mon 24th October 2016:

The only thing I wanted while growing up in Ireland was to be a Dad. Then in 1997 when my first born came along I thought ‘mission accomplished’, Oh boy , was I mistaken. The first time I held her I knew my life had changed dramatically in an instant, though I watched her kick […]

Is it worth the fight? Updating a parenting plan to reflect actually time in care

Tue 18th October 2016:

Hello All, quick bit of background. I’m the father of a 4.5 y/o girl living in AKL and have been separated from her mother since just after birth. I went through the Family Court back then to get regular visitation as the mother would not allow it. She went as far as accusing me of […]

Donald Trump and the War Against Men

Mon 17th October 2016:

We don’t much care about the US elections and we’re not fans of Donald Trump for many reasons, but allegations by women about ‘groping’ are not among them. These allegations from women suddenly coming out of the woodwork two weeks before the US election are eagerly supported by mainstream media propaganda machines, most of which […]

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