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Sat 24th December 2011

New Male Studies: An International Journal

This brand new publication by a group of Australian, Canadian, European and American scholars contains research essays, opinion pieces, and book reviews on all aspects of the male experience.

Sat 17th December 2011

More “Hysteria”

Filed under: Gender Politics — Bruce S @ 10:22 am

Full story here:

NZ Herald: One in five US women raped

Seems our brothers in the USA have been extremely busy defiling their womenfolk – one in five woman now claiming to have been raped. Can this really be true or are we just being exposed to more dribblings from the hystera?

Wed 14th December 2011

Emily Jane Toner, Crown Prosecutor and Thief

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:11 pm

I have made a new post about this because it’s the heading that will come up in internet search engines.

Tue 13th December 2011

Crown Prosecutor Tries to Avoid Conviction for Theft

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:03 pm

The New Zealand Herald has continued its habit of White Knight chivalry by refusing to name the female Crown Prosecutor who was caught deliberately stealing almost $200 worth of groceries by putting them in her own bag, covering them up, then paying for just $11 worth of items that she placed in the supermarket basket. (more…)

Tue 6th December 2011

Some Real Analysis of the Jamie Ginns Story

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:49 pm

The violent rampage and suicide of Jamie Ginns over the weekend was extensively covered in the media, but coverage was generally trite and failed to highlight the important issues. Bystanders were asked to desribe the various scenes of mayhem and police were repeatedly challenged about why it took them so long to identify Ginns as a suspect in the first assault on the night of Friday 2nd December. Media probed whether Ginns had a criminal history and when they eventually found out that he did they became very excited.

The fact that there was a protection order in place against Ginns wasn’t mentioned anywhere until on Monday morning the head of Women’s Refuge, Heather Henare, referred to it on Radio New Zealand. (more…)

Sat 3rd December 2011

mum was found breastfeeding her baby while high on P

Filed under: General — Vman @ 11:25 am

I don’t know why anyone would be shocked by this.

We spend over $1.7 billion dollars on the DPB which we know leads to these outcomes. Why all of a sudden pretend to be shocked?

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