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Sat 31st December 2016

Heading towards divorce in a civil war – need advice please!

Filed under: General — Marion @ 7:55 pm

Hi folks,
Divorce is inevitable and she is out for revenge. There is no case of domestic violence or infidelity or any form of abuse or deny access to fund, no reasons are given. I am the sole bread winner and been supporting and providing for the last 2 decades. we have 2 children 16 and 7 and assets worth over 1.0M.

I read the divorce kit provided by this wonderful website and quite frankly what I could be facing scared the hell out of me. She is after the money as she doesn’t work and her family are asking for money. She is making my life an epic hell at the moment.

If we divorce now I will end up paying the child care and spousal maintenance.

I contacted two male lawyers trying to get a legal advice and they both advised against initiating a divorce.

My main concern is the welfare of the children as the money is theirs. I was even thinking of putting some fund away or send it overseas to to cater for the children. Is that reliable to do or it might backfire on me?

We both are migrants here without any families in New Zealand, so we don’t have the option of living with family.

One thing to add: I have been very careful in my communication with her, avoiding her as much as possible also she is trying to provoke me. I never sweared or threatened her. I know she does voice record all of our conversations.
I also have a written evidence from her social media showing she is literally planning a war against me and waiting for the right moment to struck and leave the country. Will that be of use in the court?

What you guys can advice based on your experience.

Thanks and Regards,


Tue 27th December 2016

Child Support after 18 when child is doing correspondence school papers

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Child Support,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — Had_Enough @ 10:21 pm

OK here’s an ambiguous one thanks to the shit legislation. My child will be 18 in a few months and has yet to graduate from high school. She’s a very bright kid but unfortunately her mother has deliberately held her back and she would have graduated by now if it wasn’t for her mother’s own agenda’s. From what I have heard she will be doing her units by correspondence ONLY, and on a part time basis next year. The legislation says that for a child aged between 18 and 19 to receive child support he/she must be enrolled at AND attending a registered school. If I were to take that literally I would say that correspondence school isn’t something you attend because all papers are done from home and submitted electronically. My thinking is that this would mean the mother doesn’t have to worry about things such as driving her to and from school because she doesn’t have to leave the house and is old enough to stay home alone. That means that her mum can pretty much get on with doing anything she wants to do such as work (not that she’s going to do that because bludging is a much nicer lifestyle). Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Personally I think that attending school means 8.45 am – 3.00 PM days, transport, cut lunches, school uniforms etc, NOT staying at home and doing everything electronically. Your thoughts??


Parental Alienation

Filed under: Law & Courts — george @ 8:05 am

Currently helping a friend with a family court case.

Their ex lies and is breaking promises involving the child. Child is now of an age where they have worked the parent out. FC have never made the parent accountable and they are now accusing the good parent of parental alienation. Good parent has been trying to tell the other parent for a period of time that their behaviour is damaging the childs perception of them.

The way I see it is the FC creates parental alienation of bad parents because they don’t hold that parent accountable but the child eventually does and then they pull away from that parent.

Abusive partners especially might win in court by bullying the other party but they lose the respect of the child and eventually they lose the relationship. Everyones thoughts?


Thu 15th December 2016

Here Comes Another Festive Season of Male Denigration

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:43 am

Here comes the festive season, and the NZ Herald is at it again with a new campaign of male-bashing under the heading of ‘family violence’. This week they published a video called ‘Family violence over the festive season: the facts’ but those ‘facts’ were unreferenced, misleading and unbalanced with strong femaleist bias. (more…)

Tue 13th December 2016

And if it was a guy he would already have been arrested and in jail

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 5:41 pm

Ex-Girlfriend threatens to kill rising rugby league star

Wed 7th December 2016

20 free seats for tomorrow’s The Red Pill Upper Hutt screening!

Filed under: General — rivercurrents @ 7:38 pm

Our Wellington screening of The Red Pill is going ahead tomorrow evening Thursday 8th December 6:30pm at Monterey Cinema 68-70 Queen Street, Upper Hutt.

We still have about 20 seats to fill the 59 seat theater. This is all paid so no cost to attend! Just click ‘going’ on the facebook event below, or email me at rightswithnotover(at)gmail.com to confirm your seat.

Meeting from 6pm to chat and get to know each other.


Fri 2nd December 2016

Help with FOI request

Filed under: General — dessie @ 1:12 pm


I’m looking for advice as to the easiest and quickest way of getting Freedom of Information from NZ police, specifically pertaining to an investigation they done on me and my family. Currently am in Ireland. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dessie e;mail ~ cox.family99@yahoo.com

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