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Mon 20th March 2017

Change of schools

Filed under: General — Pritchards @ 11:59 am

Hi all
with shared custody of a child but one parent living on the other side of the world, do you have to get agreement before changing school (primary school?

Particularly where there is such a high degree of conflict that the smallest things could not be agreed on.
Eg if we said grass is green and the sky is blue this joker would find lots of reasons to disagree and have a whinge/bleat/moan.

many thanks!

5 Responses to “Change of schools”

  1. QuirkyFriend says:

    This is where you use mediation services such as FDR and when you can’t come to an agreement it goes to the courts.
    Health and education are matters of joint guardianship.
    But you need to have good rational reasons about the school of your choice (or to reject the other parties choice).
    Once the kid is 12 the FC will “respect the child’s wishes” even if the kid is failing because the school is useless. We know this 2x over and now are paying $$$ to help the elder child make up for lost time at 20.

  2. Pritchards says:

    #1 QuirkyFriend

    Thanks for the advice and sorry to hear of your issues with FC.
    We’ve made the change without consulting bug-a-lugs so no doubt he will be outraged.

    C’est la vie

  3. QuirkyFriend says:

    There is the shoot first ask questions later approach which can work but generally doesn’t with specialist healthcare decisions.
    We’ve also had a 3 year fight to date to get younger child assessed for ASD/ADHD.

  4. golfa says:

    Depends if he’s paying half the school fees (over and above his Child Support payments.) Then, he may have a very small leg to stand on. However, if he is NOT paying extra, change the school and let him argue the matter in Court. That will take MONTHS and by then it would be simple to argue that the child is now settled in the new school and returning the child to the old school would be disruptive to the child’s learning etc. Cynics like me would say that the Family Court delays hearing cases like this and ones where one parent moves away with the child on purpose. The Court uses the exact same reasoning I suggested above. They refuse to acknowledge that their “delay” aids in their decision making process.

  5. Pritchards says:

    #4 no he pays no school fees at all. He pays a quarter of the Child Support that he would if he lived in NZ. Well, we’ve done it, informed him and invited questions. No response yet. Thanks for your insights, very interesting.

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