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Fri 31st March 2017

Women’s rights have morphed into denigrating men

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Miles 64 @ 8:59 pm

There is nothing wrong in advocating for women’s rights- but when this morphs into denigrating men we need to speak out. Various newspapers print anti-male articles on a very regular basis. Unsubstantiated stories citing domestic abuse by men against women are common-never once have I seen an article of the reciprocal situation. There is evidence to suggest that female against male violence is just as prevalent.

Recently we have read of 2 schoolboys who posted ill-advised comments on social media. This appeared to be the catalyst for a quite strong reaction. Cries of a ‘rape culture’ and a march to parliament by female students ensued.

In the last few days a man wrongfully imprisoned for sexual assault has been denied any compensation. The State made a clear, unequivocal error, yet will not acknowledge it and will not make any reparations-financial or otherwise.

“There was no avenue for compensation for Ferguson – in contrast to complainants, who could access counselling and ACC”

This is a blatant travesty of justice-here is a man whose life has been almost ruined by a system that assigns guilt without evidence.

We are a democratic nation that prides itself in speaking out against obvious exploitation and the plundering of human rights. We were the the first country to give women the vote, the first Western country to say no to US nuclear warships, the first to elicit international attention protesting against apartheid.

The decision not to compensate is illustrative of another, more subtle, erosion of Human rights. The rights of men to go about their business and to live normal lives without fear of being vilified and labelled as dangerous or predatory.

16 Responses to “Women’s rights have morphed into denigrating men”

  1. Bill Baldwin says:

    There is no avenue for compensation for the falsely accused. No ACC, No Counselling, No effort at all to help the man re-establish his life within society, let alone understand and forgive what he has been the victim of.
    The topic was covered by talkback hosts Lleyton Smith and Jack Tame and on newstalk zb on Wednesday.
    Smiths justification was that due to the sins of a few, we all must pay the price. I don’t know which part of the price he feels that he is paying for this false rape complaint. Perhaps he is happy that women and police accuse men at random, and as he hasn’t been accused- he is just one of the lucky ones.
    Jack Tame of course, followed the feminist factsheet and claimed that to compensate the man would somehow reduce the chances of female victims coming forward. One commenter texted- “Jack you are such a sheltered little Christchurch flake”.
    Its true that women sometimes fake accusations of assault as well as sexual assault.
    Police prosecutors only become interested in punishing these crimes when police themselves are negatively influenced, situations where police spend resources searching for a rapist that they know does not exist sometimes encourage police to charge the complainant. The problem is simple enough. Feminists have convinced police that complainants are by default victims and those accused must be considered perpetrators. (or offenders as it was in 2014 when I was Accused of Savage violence, eventually after days in a cell, nine months of saving for a lawyers representation and a two minute hearing, police described me as ‘collateral damage’)

    If police attempt to act rationally or make common sense decisions, Loise Nichols, (is it Dame Loise yet?) is heralded to shame them.

    Ministers are equally responsible as media (in my view) for the justification of this crime. (presumption of guilt)

    On Poto William’s MP’s govt website she claims that we must remember that 312 people were killed by domestic violence last year. After I wrote to her asking for the source and verification of her claim she replied that she ‘believes’ the statistic came from her 2014 manifesto. This is not true and the actual figure is 32 not 312 but she has no plans to correct the mistake. She is the labour governments chief spokesperson on domestic violence yet is able to make up statistics without responsibility. Is this because she is a rape victim herself and its considered understandable that she just times by ten from self-compassion?

    Would we employ a minister of finance who’s figures were ten times the truth but they fed such numbers to us anyway insisting that we must remember them?
    Or are lives less important than dollars?
    I don’t understand how these human rights violations are not considered valid by human rights issues, I conclude that Paul Elam is correct that the problem is ‘Men are not considered human.’

  2. Downunder says:

    The only problem with quoting Paul Elam, is that he holds the same view of Black Americans.

    ‘Collateral Damage’ is growing fast. For NZ to continue down this track, we must accept that this will eventually result in the same violent response we have seen from Black America.

    It’s fortunate that we have a greater degree of racial harmony in New Zealand. The non European population generally has a much better view of men than our European Feminist Supremacists

  3. Evan Myers says:

    The Justice System of the Dark Ages allowed a prosecutor to inflict injury to an accused.

    Infection of the wound established guilt. If there was a subsequent death, that was a fitting punishment.

    What we’re reading here may not be so obviously barbaric, but it’s the same mentality.

    And this is what we’re teaching the next generation.

  4. Bill Baldwin says:

    2, Paul Elam holds the same view as black Americans? how so?

    Our European Feminist supremacists?

    Poto Williams MP for example is a cook islander, many other influential NZ feminists are of pacific island origin.

    Comparing racial harmony of nations does not help solving gender equality issues, nor does it help to explain them.

    Sure we have less violent racism than USA but what’s that got to do with false rape complaints?

    “We must accept that this will eventually result in the same violent response we have seen from black America” you say?

    No, Men that have been accused hold their dignity very close to their hearts. Those that have been accused will know what I mean by this, When you’ve been put in a cell presumed guilty your personal dignity is all you have to keep you sane.

    Its not a typical reaction to wish to be violent to police or women as a result of false accusations.

    Or do you consider that we might hound the streets with “falsely accused lives Matter ” slogans and start shooting cops?

  5. Downunder says:

    @4 How So?

    If you were following the commentary on the Detroit Men’s Conference you would have seen Elam get side tracked by the riots.

    Comments like “If they (the nigger) give you trouble, you give him double.”

    ThIs should have died with the slave trade, and given that Elam is media savvy enough not to let something like this destroy his efforts on the Men’s front, it’s obvious what his racial position is.

    Poto Williams is a token Polynesian in a Feminist Supremacist environment. I would not call her representative of the Polynesian community.

    The above comments were not intended as racial comparisons between countries, rather the response to an oppressive society.

    Our Police Force is used to create Feminist court cases. Discretion has been abandoned in favour of the rule of judges.

    There’s plenty of simmering hostility amongst the masses.

    Man 44 arrested for suspicious package at police station.

    Soon enough the token violence protests will become real. There will be a tipping point.

  6. andreas says:

    The trouble is that increased rights as has happened to women in the last century also brings with it increased responsibilities. No person in NZ today would deny the right to all adult and otherwise fit citizens to have the vote and the right to a fair trial etc. With these rights comes the responsibility to behave in a fair and honest way. Unfortunately today there is a tendency to favour women in some situations but many women will not “man up” to the fact that fair for one gender must also be fair for the other [and I assume to those who are unsure of gender]. False accusations should bring consequences but that is not happening.

  7. Downunder says:

    A crime is an action against society.

    A prosecution system determines innocence or guilt.

    What we’re seeing by way of allegation, is a persecution system available to one gender, not society, which determines if the complainant is telling the truth.

  8. Man X Norton says:

    Oh, this reply probably fits better in this thread:

    Here’s another confused campaign spreading feminist propaganda. I’m not sure about the reasoning of the perpetrators of this campaign, but it seems to be trying to associate the male body and male sexuality with an uncomfortable, embarrassing seat. This is male denigration. How can it be allowed when any comparable thing targeting women, racial groups or any other group would raise howls of protest and would quickly be stopped?

    One thing though, stuff like this is leading to a rapid increase in the number of men and women growing thoroughly sick of feminism.

    The next campaign will probably say “11 out of 10 women were the victims of sexual violence”.

  9. DJ Ward says:

    Look at the sums of money being paid to these women.
    No wonder the complaints come flooding in.
    $1,000,000 for a possible proposition by phone.
    Where do I sign up.

    From one of our favourite feminists.
    Rachel Smalley


    “And it brings me back to the same question I ask every time? Why do we protect men in power – dinosaurs – who think it’s acceptable to sexually pursue women in the workplace?”
    There’s some denigration.
    When everybody in the media is female.
    The worlds problems will be solved.

    Why is it not acceptable for males to pursue females?

    This is just hideous!
    “But the accusations stretch back 13 years – when O’Reilly paid a woman $9 million amid accusations of sexual harassment. They’re pretty hideous. He repeatedly attempted to have phone sex with her. He suggested she bought a vibrator. He boasted of teaching women how to masturbate. Dear God. He talked about his fantasies. He talked about what he did to himself. I’ll just leave it there. But you get the idea.”
    $9 million for that?
    If it was held prisoner, repeatedly raped, beaten, filmed, and left for dead.
    Then I can understand $9 million.
    But phone sex.
    Sorry, attempted phone sex.
    Heh, your always uptight and grumpy!
    May I suggest you try buying a vibrator.
    Dear God!
    This man has sexual fantasies.
    Legislators grab your pens.
    I’ll just leave it there.
    You get the idea.

    “O’Reilly says that’s rubbish. He says when you’re in the arena, you are constantly at risk of being targeted. You’re at risk of extortion. He maintains he is a family man.”

    Never, ever be alone with a women.
    Never, ever have thier phone numbers either.
    But wait, that’s sexist.

  10. Jerry says:

    Just another pearler of prejudice from http://www.stuff.co.nz. Yeah, so okay, Maori prisoners matter, but this item focuses on Maori women prisoners. This points to a load of prejudice on Fairfax’s part – racism and gender being just two.

  11. Jerry says:

    Today in http://www.stuff
    That writer begrudges “needy boys” – Should we begrudge needy females? – oh but of course thas bound to be sexist etc. Not that women are ever needy and leaning on us, or sapping our assets and freedoms.

  12. Downunder says:

    It’s nothing more than emotive crap, it’s not news.

    Some people will look at that because it evokes a positive reaction others a negative reaction.

    But as long as people click on it, that provides evidence of an audience.

    It’s lazy, sit on your arse, fiction.

    The real news is out there. If you want to find it, you have to go look for it yourself.

  13. Jerry says:

    Downunder @19; I agree with you. But the basis of propaganda / Public Relations, is in manipulating emotions – ie: emotive crap. This panders to girls, but boys grow up imagining this is real and that somehow the fault is with them.
    Actually yesterday ws just another day where the endless flawed and blatantly untrue or unfair items were simply gushing out of the Herald and Fairfax. The care workers got a deal which if approved would give them an increase from $16/hr to $23/hr. GREAT, but its being promoted as going some way to correcting the gender wage gap. If that were true then male labourers and gurrer sweepers would also be getting $23/hr already. My bet is that although there work is more dangerous, they will not keep pace with care workers. All the rotten gender apples were promoted. I just picked this one because it strikes to the heart of young males who may not yet have figured themselves out and sorted out some self belief.

  14. Downunder says:

    Jerry @13 I wouldn’t call it propaganda. That makes it sound like an intelligent process.

    It is just a bunch of screaming girls on a roller coaster babbling self satisfying misinformation. Commercial media can pay them peanuts to feed the monkeys, but it’s nothing that couldn’t have been found in a women’s magazine, if you could be bothered reading that stuff.

    The STUFF website is just a click bait machine, that gathers an audience for advertising.

    If anyone really gave a toss about the news, we’d have seen interested people doing a proper job of it, but there’s no money in that. The competition is for the audience, so you feed them, what attracts them.

    If there is a consequence flowing on from that, then that is news, and won’t get published. It won’t become an issue, because politicians aren’t doing their job.

    The male reaction to that generally, is to switch off, got better things to do.

    How do you suggest we change that?

  15. Man X Norton says:

    Interesting though that close to 100% of the comments were critical of this feminist nonsense. The public is awakening but the media and politicians haven’t yet caught on.

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