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Looking for advice?

Local NZ Men’s and Fathers’ Groups are listed here.

If there is nothing in your area contact Union of Fathers: www.uof.org.nz.

Please do not use the contact form below to ask for personal assistance.

You are welcome to register as an author and make your request public (it is advisable to use a pseudonym and avoid any identifying details). You would then have the benefit of advice from people far more knowledgeable about the current Family Court environment than me.

Reporters – media contacts are listed at bottom of page

If you REALLY need the webmaster…

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Media – contact details here:

Union of Fathers
Allan Harvey
027 242 0112
Men’s Affairs Group
Kerry Bevin
025 613 2806
Father & Child Trust
Brendon Smith
021 892 980
Dr Vivian Roberts
General Practitioner
Hans Laven
0274 799745

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