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Archive of June 2005

Mediacom Digest – Focus on Females

Wed 8th June 2005:

What Women Want If your target, like P&G’s, is largely female, allow us to bring to your attention the following insights, drawn from a major new study, Focusing On Women 2005, released by Statistics New Zealand yesterday. This new report uses information from the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings as its baseline, and draws […]

It’s expensive being a woman

The first national Women’s Convention in nearly thirty years is being held in Wellington over Queens Birthday weekend. And if the registration fee is anything to go by, you have to have the salary of a Theresa Gattung to count as a woman in New Zealand these days. The organisers are charging $337.50 to be […]

Equality politics a fallacy

What happened to being a woman, biology and all? In ALEXIS STUART’S experience, it is women’s difference that has the potential power to civilise men. … I was the feminist poster child. How could I be anything else? I had been indoctrinated for years. I had been taught it all, from French existentialist Simone de […]

3 Years On

Fri 3rd June 2005:

Parents who discipline their children are arrested and dragged before the court of our all to common criminal. We have even allowed fathers to be jailed for sending their children Xmas presents.

The section 59 debate.

The Children’s Commissioner wants every responsible parents legal licence to discipline removed on the basis of the outcome of a court case.

Childless Fathers

It is the dark side of divorce. After the rows, the bitter custody battles, after constant attempts to take children out according to visitation entitlements have failed, the dust settles and the parent who misses out must start a new life alone.

Section 59 protects abusers not children

Wed 1st June 2005:

Media Release: Green Party How many more children need to be bruised, beaten and suffer broken bones before the Government realises it is time to repeal the archaic section in the Crimes Act that allows it to happen, asks Green Party Children’s Issues Spokesperson, Sue Bradford. Last week in Timaru yet another parent escaped prosecution […]

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