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Workplace Is Major Focus For Women’s Affairs

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 5:00 pm Sat 28th May 2005

Press Release: Ministry Of Women’s Affairs

Women’s safety in the home and their ability to participate as fully in the workforce as they choose are the priorities for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs during the next three years.

The Ministry’s Statement of Intent 2005-2008 released today says that the Ministry is pursuing a range of policy projects that enhance women’s participation in the workforce but balances this participation with their roles as carers. Economic well-being for women is essential, but with the second major goal of the Action Plan for New Zealand Women being work-life balance, women’s overall well-being must respect their caring responsibilities. Work on childcare, paid parental leave, retirement savings, housing and businesses owned and operated by women are also important.

Chief Executive Shenagh Gleisner said the Ministry has made significant progress in the last year in building its capability so it can have a positive influence in the three focus areas of economic independence, work-life balance and well-being.



    Work -life balance for women – There’s an old saying in the Men’s movement that’s old now. Women get three choices : work full time, stay at home full time or some mix of the two.
    Men get three choices too : work fulltime, work fulltime or work fulltime.
    AND THE MINISTRY OF WIMMIN’s AFFAIRS BITCHES about work-life balance!
    Do me a favour. Look at the stats.You’ll see that given the choice women divide up 33% 33% 33%. They already have work-life balance yet still the fems complain!

    Well being.
    Oh whoopee!
    Let’s all listen with rapt attention to complaints from the longer living gender’s lack of wellbeing ‘capacity’. We can do this whilst counting the millions of dollars PUT ONLY INTO THIER CANCERS. That’s if we men have time in our hectic fulltime schedules supporting communities with our breadwinning in higher stress/higher paid triple D work (dirty, dangerous, disposable)whilst paying the vast bulk of income taxes to actually think about such matters as OUR OWN WELLBEING.


    Comment by Stephen — Sat 28th May 2005 @ 6:46 pm

  2. Stephen,

    So well put.

    I’m a Dad with the three choices for men.

    I’m also a Dad who pays tax (on income) and pays tax (on children).

    Where does my tax go? I can only look from the outside, but it seems the biggest part of it goes into the anti-Clark and her worshippers’ pockets.

    I’m speaking of the femi-nazi bureaucracy that has seen the manager count at a South Auckland “health board” grow from 3 managers ten years ago to 300 today (????).

    I’m also speaking of the ministry of wimminz affairs who are funded $4.7 million per annum for salaries for 100 employees (do the math).

    I’m also speaking of the impoverished souls who are failed teachers eagerly recruited into the Education Review Office (ERO). These folk make the Geheime Staatpolizei (Gestapo) look like Santa Claus.

    Get rid of the femmi-nazi brigade!

    Get rid of the anti-Clark and her worshippers!

    Get rid of the funny-boys and funny girls!

    Give us a New Zealand we can be proud of; bring back the right to reasonable health care and education; bring back a “family friendly” New Zealand.

    “Be fair; seek justice; love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” Micah

    Comment by Sparx — Sun 29th May 2005 @ 8:30 pm

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