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Archive of January 2006

For Our Freedom.

Mon 30th January 2006:

I fear that the men of this country have lost their self respect and pride that they will allow section 59 to removed from our statues. The illusion of the institution has blinded them, they no longer realise that they are required to participate.

Bradford pushes for child assault law change.

Fri 27th January 2006:

Bradford pushes for child assault law change.

The socialist government can’t have peers making decisions about child discipline when it wants ownership and control over children. When is the state going to be up front about its legal agenda. No surprise that Sue Bradford’s private members bill coincides with the governments agreement with the united nations to repeal this law during 2005.

Australian conference on men – Call for Papers

Tue 24th January 2006:

MAN, the Men’s Advisory Network, Western Australia’s peak men’s organisation, will host a national conference entitled ‘from babies to blokes: the making of men’ in Perth, Western Australia in October this year. MAN is affiliated with the Western Australian Council of Social Service, the Australasian Men’s Health Forum, the Australian Federation of Men’s Health & […]

Nomad Students

‘Nomad students’ pose headache for schools – 22 January 2006 – By TARA ROSS
“Principals said families that moved a lot were often being “chased” by Child, Youth and Family, Inland Revenue or someone they owed money to. ”

Parents group urges New Zealand politicians to take notice of alleged kidnapping plot

Wed 18th January 2006:

Media Release Parents for Children For Immediate Release Parents group urges politicians to take notice of the alleged kidnapping plot “While we do not condone the alleged kidnapping plot of Tony Blair’s son, politicians here should sit up and take note as the sense of frustration among separated parents over the current Family Law and […]

Who owns our children?

Tue 10th January 2006:

It has always been the intention of the feminist movement in NZ to succeed where Hitler failed, and if Sue Bradford succeeds in the removal of section 59, then much more will have been achieved than an unsuspecting public realises.

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