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Men’s Legal Rights Being Swept Aside in Broad Brush Strokes Now

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:49 pm Thu 14th December 2006

Dateline: USA
By: Fielder
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Under a bill recently passed by the Michigan House of Representatives, fathers & men are reaching all time lows in any kind of legal rights, and this is sure to increase the marriage strike by men along with their fleeing from western nations as fast as they can.The House Bill 5882 creates the Coercive Abortion Prevention Act. The purpose of the bill is to prohibit the putative father of a pregnant woman’s child from coercing or intimidating the woman into terminating her pregnancy.

This proposal makes it a crime for a man to “change or attempt to change an existing housing or cohabitation arrangement” with a pregnant significant woman, to “file or attempt to file for a divorce” from his pregnant wife or to “withdraw or attempt to withdraw financial support” from any woman whom he has been supporting. If it is determined, and you can bet every lawyer will be wanting a piece of this pie, that the man is doing these things to try to pressure the woman to terminate her pregnancy, he can on the word of the same woman go to jail. I’m sure this will help their relationship heaps, or is it meant for heaps more money to the taxman to pay for a medusa woman’s right to manipulate? Well if there was any doubt of the role of government as neutral party in the home, the last vestige of the fig leaf has gone the way for Adam. In fact Adam is in jail on the word of Eve and the collaborating evidence of the Snake.

The U.S. Constitution’s protection of liberties, safeguarding the privacy in areas such as contraception, abortion, marriage, procreation, child rearing and sexual conduct between consenting adults is all but gone- if this holds up. I think that this might actual stand up for the establishment needs the money of men, for with no children and the 60s generation retiring soon, with little saved, it will be their necks on the line (or worse their pockets).

There are many reasons why a man might want to ditch his wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnancy along with her. He may have serious doubts that the kid she is carrying is his at all. She may have poked holes in condoms or saved a mouth full of the good stuff to get herself pregnant (this has happened in places and has been written into law by judges and men held libel). Some disturbed women can lash out at a man during mood swings and the man will have to stay and put up with it or end up in jail! A mere accusation can lead to egregious harm in countless ways. The medusa system it would seem has many snakes!

At every turn men are losing in the courts. In Ireland the men’s movement are appealing to the UN in the hopes of the UN honoring laws for the protection of fathers. If this were to fail, or more probably sent off on a wild goose chase, it would certainly say to the men’s movement worldwide the judicially branch at the local, provincial, national & international level is a dead end with a lot of money and bodies lying around there. We will probably have to blame some of those in our ranks, that are associated with the legal organizations for this, but it is those that have lead us in this direction at the top that should step aside, or at minimum try something new at non-judicial moves.

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  1. please please… guess which country will be next in line to adopt that policy

    Comment by starR — Mon 18th December 2006 @ 7:32 pm

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