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The bad apples aren’t always male.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:10 am Tue 6th March 2007

I was a young policeman in Auckland back in the eighties, a uniform officer. It was a time when women were being brought into the Police in greater numbers; some had progressed into CIB, which was new territory. When it came to night shift, young uniform staff would drive for a detective. It was a good opportunity to see the promotional prospects and the challenges of criminal investigation. Every nightshift one or two uniform officers would be posted with CIB.

Our section at the time had a female detective. My turn came around and I was assigned as a CIB driver. Someone had warned me that she had a propensity for hitting on her driver. If you know the Auckland Central Police Station, at the bottom of Vincent street, well we hadn’t even hit the top of Vincent street and she started, “I know your married…….(yes), but would you still have sex with other women…..(I’m not interested)” I thought that might have been a big enough hint that I wasn’t interested in sex on shift, but no, she kept at it for about 2 -3 hours, till finally she instructed me to drive to her house on the pretext that she needed to pick something up.

When we got to her address she insisted that I come inside, and I insisted I would stay in the car. When she realised I was not budging the temperature dropped a few degrees, and she got out slammed the door and went inside. She had already logged us off air at her place, so I waited till she was out of sight and used the radio so the operator knew I was still in the car. She came back a short while later, and talk about a women scorned…..

I was instructed not to initiate any preventative police work, not to do anything without consulting her, and to drive where instructed, I even had to ask to go to the toilet. It was a long night, a long, long night. We got to the end of the shift and I went off to my sergeant and told him what had happened, and to find someone else, because I was going to be back in uniform next shift. We took a trip up to the Detective sergeants’ office, to explain what was going on, and that was the end of my week as CIB driver.

Next night she bailed me up outside the shift room to find out if I had made a written complaint. I wasn’t overly concerned that she had hit on me, but she had an expectation that she was going to get sex on shift, and she took it out me when it didn’t happen. What really pissed me off though was that she stopped me being a policeman for a whole night. We didn’t do any police work that night, and from a professional point of view, she was just a waste of space in a CIB car.

When I reflect back now I wish I had made a written complaint because a short time afterwards a new recruit told me about what had happened to him on night shift CIB. What he was really asking me though; is this what happens in the police? The answer was, no it isn’t, and you’ve just got the wrong impression from one person. The bad apples aren’t always male.


  1. · NZ – Pressure builds against Rickards

    · Is this Femi-Fascist orchestration to destroy yet another imperfect Male??

    · Are we MALES supporting the Pink tinge inadvertently???

    · I know the feeling CLINT stay Strong

    · Who is HELEN to moralise??


    Pressure builds against Rickards
    Helen Clark has stepped up the pressure against Clint Rickards’ return as Auckland police commander, saying no reasonable person would consider group sex between three policemen and a teenager as genuinely consensual.

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 11:26 am

  2. sounds like you did the right thing by staying in the car are radioing back. saved your bacon (xcuse the pun).

    now we have herr helen telling us that consent is no longer going to be consent. very dangerous territory but we already knew that.

    what is going to be considered consent. a signed form??

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 11:26 am

  3. Thank you for sharing that story Bevan. As everybody knows our Supreme Leader is hell bent on undermining everybody including the justice system as she suffers from delusions of grandeur, which makes her think she is above the law floating on a feminazi cloud of utopian bliss. If the true story ever comes out about how the area commander of the Canterbury District (Mandy Manderson) surfaces I think many will be mortified by the actions of this sworn women Police Officer and a twisted Supreme Leader. This country is built on cover —ups and cop outs, and anybody with enough balls to challenge the establishment must migrate or face the severe consequences of exposing corruption!!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 12:36 pm

  4. Helen Clark has stepped up the pressure against Clint Rickards’ return as Auckland police commander, saying no reasonable person would consider group sex between three policemen and a teenager as genuinely consensual.

    Helen Clark, wanted to reduce the age of consent to 12 years, and that would have been genuinely consensual.

    Helen Clark thinks the back seat of a police car is a quick way to get to rugby game.

    Try reversing the Gender. Make Helen Clark the police officer who had consensual sex with three teenage boys, and make Clint Rickards’ the PM wanting to reduce the age of consent to 12, and racing off to a rugby game in a police car.

    You think Clint Rickards’ would still be PM….. think not.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 1:16 pm

  5. You’re referring to The District Commander Superintendent Sandra Manderson.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 1:23 pm

  6. Yes Bevan , silly me calling her Mandy. I did mean Superintendent Sandra Manderson , who used to be the Supreme Leaders personal body guard as part of the diplomat police.

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 6th March 2007 @ 2:12 pm

  7. parallels with a difference….???

    Comment by stryder — Wed 7th March 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  8. It is called the Gender effect.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Wed 7th March 2007 @ 4:08 pm

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