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Archive of September 2009

Lindsay Mitchell in the Herald

Wed 30th September 2009:

Lindsay Mitchell makes important observations about the consequences of our DPB system. However, she claims that The DPB has made fathering and fleeing commonplace and accepted. Before the DPB men were jailed for not supporting their families. Draconian, possibly. and makes no mention of the more frequent impact of the DPB in helping mothers to […]

Denied weight-loss surgery because he is a man

Sat 26th September 2009:

Letters may be sent to [email protected] From: Denied weight-loss surgery because he is a man By TIM DONOGHUE and RUTH HILL – The Dominion Post A Wellington man was horrified to be told he would not get taxpayer-funded weight-loss surgery because he is a man. Ron Blair, 68, who weighs 132 kilograms, was referred […]

I’m confused. Please explain again why when we have 50/50 custody we still have to pay CS?

Wed 16th September 2009:

As said i’m just a little confused on this matter. I have my two children on a 50/50 shared care basis, great i have no complaints on that fact. Where my mind becomes a little confused though is why i am still required to pay excessive amounts each month to their mother when she has […]

Should we believe the experts?

Thu 10th September 2009:

NZCPR Guest Forum Stuart Birks Director of the Centre for Public Policy Evaluation, Massey University. 29 July 2009 Should we believe the ‘experts’ Because economic and social phenomena are so forbidding, or at least so seem, and because they yield few hard tests of what exists and what does not, they afford to the individual […]

NZ Mike Moore On Smacking

Wed 9th September 2009:

Mike Moore: Smacking-referendum hoax John Key’s biggest mistake nzherald By Mike Moore The expensive, puerile, futile controversy over the ill-considered anti-smacking legislation is a monument to political cowardice and opportunism. The legislation was never going to achieve what its promoters claimed, and was never going to send good parents to court, as its opponents suggested. […]

Big Sister is watching you

Fri 4th September 2009:

Inland Revenue has retrieved $20.1 million in child support, since it launched a joint operation with the Customs Service last year. Under a data matching arrangement which began last September, Customs checks names provided by the IRD against its arrival and departure information. In the nine months to the end of March, IRD was informed […]

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