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Archive of January 2011

Scare tatics to prevent DPB reform

Tue 25th January 2011:

Guys we need you to hammer every news site and discussion site you can. We need to influence public opinion and shout down the DPB bludgers. Concerns over welfare reforms

Sexism in Courts and Media

Mon 24th January 2011:

As I have said before, the frequency with which we see anti-male sexism means there are almost always good current examples handy. Take the following stories that have appeared in the news over the last week or so: The first story was raised on MENZ by Wayne (21/01/11). It deserves fuller analysis and to be […]

A Sign of Changing Attitudes?

Fri 21st January 2011:

This news article was interesting. It was headlined ‘Police hunt sex pest’ and described a ‘half-naked’ man aged about 20 years offering to drive a female European tourist to show her Huka Falls. (Actually, he was dressed in shorts on a very hot day”¦) He drove her instead to a nearby dam further up the […]

Ex-partner trying to provoke foreclosure

Thu 20th January 2011:

I moved out of our joint family home two and a half years ago and my ex hasn’t paid me a penny towards the rent and of course I cannot evict her or force her to pay as half of the house is hers (we are both on the title). She has trespassed me from the property so I cannot use my share. I asked her to pay loans mortgage on the house from what she owes me in rent. She said she is putting my rent aside to ‘bail me out’ with the bank, obviously in her view I am incapable of paying my own loans. I have now received a final demand from the bank. Now my ex refuses to pay saying she had other expenses and she spent the money.

UN concern over Kiwi kids rights.

Read this and note the focus on poverty rather than on fatherless children. yet we know fatherless upbringing in the main indicator for poor outcomes for children.

Witness for the Defence

Mon 17th January 2011:

After years of facing accusations that she’s an apologist for paedophiles, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith finally comes to her own defence. In an exclusive interview with North & South’s Donna Chisholm, the highly respected professor of general practice at the University of Auckland discusses why she continues to be a witness for the defence in child […]

Sharing Experiences With Younger Folk

Sun 16th January 2011:

I am assembling a directory of commercial films, which contain issues that are presented well enough, to offer training and perhaps teach skills. I am asking for a few people to also watch these DVDs and to confirm that they do present these issues well enough, to be usefull to others. In some cases, they […]

No job or income but admin review says I have to pay $1450 in child tax per month!!!

Thu 6th January 2011:

I have always paid my IRD formula prescribed amount of Child Tax. Never missed a payment and at times even had to borrow money so I could meet my obligations. In May I lost my job. I have been unemployed ever since. I am not entitled to any form of benefit being a middle class, […]

New Zealand Homicides of Male Intimate Partners Committed by Women 2009-2010

Tue 4th January 2011:

This is a new presentation of data I recently discussed in another thread. I have prepared it as a stand-alone research report because I think the work important enough to be found easily and quoted widely. New Zealand Homicides of Male Intimate Partners Committed by Women 2009-2010 Hans Laven Introduction In New Zealand over the […]

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