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Archive of September 2012

EU Plans 40% Boardroom Quotas For Women

Wed 5th September 2012:

The EU is about to enforce what they term as positive discrimination in regards to women having a seat on major company boards. 40% of women on boards in non exec positions will be mandatory. There is nothing in law presently to stop  them  achieving status as a board member but there is a “belief” […]

Ministry of Men’s Affairs opens, briefly, on Parliament Grounds

Tue 4th September 2012:

Last Friday 31 August a few committed people set up the Ministry of Men’s Affairs on parliament grounds after protesting near the Family Court, because successive governments have failed to address men’s issues or to seek true gender equality. We set up a good public address system, gave speeches, sang songs and tried to make […]

Horror over child suicide rate surge

The NZ HERALD today provides us with appalling statistics on child suicides in NZ.The article quotes Prime Minister John Key, “suicide was a complex issue and the Government didn’t have all the answers. Well, that may well be because it is not asking the right questions? He goes on to say,  “When a young person […]

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