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Archive of June 2013

False rape claim to get lift home from strip show

Tue 25th June 2013:

Gentlemen and most ladies, Do you ever think there will be a time where society will acknowledge that laying a false rape complaint against a man will be considered equal too if not more than damaging to the man as rape would be?

Father 11 Mother 36

Sat 15th June 2013:

I woder if IRD Will chase him for child support? Or for that matter the boy’s parents! Case prompts minister to ask why women can’t be charged with rape

Men’s Health Week 10 – 16 June

Tue 11th June 2013:

FYI: Men’s Free Health Check Focuses On Prevention Friday, 7 June 2013, 4:56 pm Press Release: Men’s Health Week Men’s Free Health Check Focuses On Prevention During Men’s Health Week, 10-16 June 2013, New Zealand men are being given the opportunity to take charge of their health by completing a simple What’s Your Score survey […]

Plight of Emotionally Neglected Children in NZ

Mon 10th June 2013:

Emotional neglect is a silent destroyer of lives, many, many lives. Most suffer is silence, sometimes under suicide gravestones, sometimes in psychiatric units doped or electrocuted to silence. The early damage was done by failure to respond, to smile, to talk back as often as needed by the baby. Doesn’t sound dramatic, but the long […]

Yet more child support lunacy!

Sun 9th June 2013:

More than 10,000 parents have been saddled with debts to the Inland Revenue they were powerless to avoid, and one angry solo mum is calling for change. As well as collecting tax, the IRD administers child support arrangements, which are a financial lifeline to single parents. But one mother is facing a large debt as […]

One law for all – except Peter Dunne

Thu 6th June 2013:

Those of you who are forced to pay child tax will know the mantra of the tax police, “you have to pay … it’s the law.” I am sure many of you are aware of the harsh measures Mr Dunne’s tax police use to insure you comply with the law. Today saw NZ First walk […]

Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill (90-2) report released

Wed 5th June 2013:

Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill (90-2) (4 June 2013) (as reported by the Justice and Electoral Committee) You can get this document in PDF format from the ‘Downloads’ panel.

Solo mum blocks male bonding session

Sun 2nd June 2013:

NOTE:- One lone protest? How often have men protested at events organised by women? About the same number of times as we are ignored! What are they afraid of?

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