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Archive of December 2013

Coping with Christmas when you are divorced or separated

Tue 24th December 2013:

I am thinking of the men and children who are facing Christmas day as separated or divorced. More so if it’s your first. It can be daunting and awkward and ofden nasty. My heartfelt sorrow and support to all those in this position. All I can say is treat the matter as a transitional period […]

First International Conference on Men’s Issues

Thu 19th December 2013:

A Voice for Men will be hosting the First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27 and 28 of 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. Presenters include: Dr. Warren Farrell, Erin Pizzey, Robert Franklin, Dr. Miles Groth, Barbara Kay, Karen Straughan, Carnell Smith, Paul Elam, Sen. Anne Cools, Dr. Paul Nathanson, Dr. Tara Palmatier, and […]

New Zealand’s Black Widow

This is one hell of a story; the sort of story you’d hope to only find in a book. Helen Milner (aged 50) who has become known as the Black Widow during the course of her trial, was today found guilty by a jury at the High Court in Christchurch for the murder of her […]

NZ Forestry Industry out of control?

If you have any information about unsafe logging procedures that are likely to cause death or injury to workers email me at [email protected] Out of the 100 serious forestry incidents for 2013, 10% have been fatal. In November this year (2013) New Zealand saw two forestry deaths in one week bringing the total to nine […]

Politicising the New Zealand Police continues

Wed 18th December 2013:

Sixty-seven new constables will graduate from The Royal New Zealand Police College in Wing 281 on Thursday. Their wing patron is retired Police Commissioner Howard Broad. Story here. What strikes me as rather extraordinary is that the Police Training College would involve itself in a political campaign. The wing was the first to wear White […]

Anti-male violence counselling

Stopping male violence is on all of us Preventing male violence against women starts in the cradle. Despite the often deadly effects of male violence, it still remains hard to grasp the bigger picture. Why does this violence happen despite all we know? Do women have a part to play in this? We know that […]

Real professionals and clowns dressed up?

Real professionals work under the Fair Trading Act and have a professional complaints process, that pro-actively investigates complaints and clowns work under the Judicial Complaints Hider.

And now for some breaking news ….

Tue 17th December 2013:

New rules around child support have been postponed for a year because Inland Revenue says they’re complicated and can’t be implemented on the date set by Parliament. The legislation was passed in April with an implementation date of April 1 next year. Revenue Minister Todd McClay says IRD couldn’t give him an assurance it could […]

Christmases yet to come

Many men all over the world have been unwillingly separated from their children. Some have no idea where those children are or even what they might look like today. Some may meet again, others will not. Some people do go looking, and those that successfully find each other are occasionally reported in the media. At […]

Not a Dan Carter add

Mon 16th December 2013:

I just happened to be at the Doctor’s today, and as you do picked up a magazine (I was actually reading it, not just looking at the pictures) – it was a Metro – and as they do, can turn just about anything into a story; in this case it was the Dan Carter underpants […]

The female condom rises again

Sun 15th December 2013:

BBC article – the return of the female condom Interesting how this came about. Then one day in 1995, Leeper received a telephone call from a woman called Daisy, responsible for Zimbabwe’s HIV and Aids programme. “She said, ‘I have a petition here on my desk signed by 30,000 women demanding that we bring in […]

‘Putin’ things back the way they were

This is an article from Russia which I found interesting for two reasons. Firstly it talks about some of the issues that confront us, and secondly it is a comparison to the campaign Colin Craig is running. Russia’s power is moral and military says Putin is based on a state of the nation address given […]

Free (State Funded) Lawyers aiding Benefit Bludging Mothers to keep Good Fathers away from their Children

Thu 12th December 2013:

I just thought I’d let you guys know that your hard earned tax dollars are being used to help benefit defrauding bludging mothers keep good fathers away from their children. The mother of my children is trying to have me removed as legal guardian of my 2 younger children whilst at the same time is […]

Australian research gets its teeth into the real world DV Latest ABS Personal Safety Survey shows one in three victims of domestic violence is male

A Learning Organisation?

Tue 10th December 2013:

Hunt on for reformed ex-prisoners SHANE COWLISHAW Last updated 05:00 09/12/2013 It might be the last thing a reformed criminal wants to hear – the Corrections Department is on your trail. It’s keen to track down young former prisoners who have successfully turned their lives around, in the hope that they can help others to […]

Do mental health services endanger men?

Sun 8th December 2013:

I am looking at this recent news article – Son paid for negligence with his life, say parents. Geoffrey Tampin, a long-term psychiatric patient with a history of occasionally aggressive behaviour, had been skipping medication, drinking excessively and taking recreational drugs in the months before he killed his flatmate Dean Clark in Balmoral, Auckland, in […]

Are Mooloo women more violent?

Recently there was an horrific incident in Hamilton where a woman drove on to a suburban footpath and attempted to run down her partner with a car. She has since been charged with attempted murder. The original post was submitted here – Domestic violence caught on cctv What are they putting in the water in […]

The Disappearances – Request for Explanation?

Sat 7th December 2013:

The post: seems to have disappeared. If allowable, please explain? Thanks, MurrayBacon.

Feeling horny – have a wank

Thu 5th December 2013:

In a rare move, the Court of Appeal in October 2012 overturned the acquittal, finding the act criminal because the man had “actively encouraged” the boys to masturbate. This is how it is … A man accused of turning his garage into a den for child abuse appealed his charges today at the Supreme Court, […]

Bitches are gender neutral

Tue 3rd December 2013:

Helen Milner’s alleged poisoning of her Husband is an interesting story of how women display their violence toward their partners. There are 2 points of interest to me. 1. Poisoning does appears initially as a non violent act. ie there are no visual physical signs of the resultant action apart from death. Violence as a […]

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