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Archive of November 2019

Is male suicide genocide?

Sat 30th November 2019:

I’m going to ask you for 12 minutes of your time to view this video clip. Erin believes males are dying from being hated and being discriminated against. She says it is a form of genocide and it is being funded by the Government. Says the Government plays the paper trail and does not actively […]

Men as victims of Intimate Partner Violence – Masters research – can you help?

Wed 27th November 2019:

Hello I am currently writing a dissertation for a Master of Health Science – Violence and Trauma. My topic of research is: Men’s experiences of help seeking as victims of intimate partner violence; is there a need for change in community agency responses and/or family friends as first responders A rather long convoluted title at […]

Important Petitions to Sign

Thu 21st November 2019:

Hey Folks, we just launched some petitions on the parliament website a couple of days ago. Could you please sign them and share them with other people ……. Much appreciated! Links below … Petition 1 : Sanctions on parents who misuse Family Court procedures Petition 2 : Default 50/50 shared care for children after parental […]


Tue 19th November 2019:

On International Men’s Day I saw Ford vs Ferrari the movie…what a movie!… These kind of historic heights of Man, they were created because Man search for betterment, be it power from an engine or making of a country, this is our history and it is a great history full of valour and conquest.

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