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Archive of May 2020

The new ‘F’ word in Town…

Tue 26th May 2020:

I have already heard it said by the new National Party Leader Todd Muller,,, it is the word FAMILY. There is a strength in that word alone. I was just watching old footage of the 1978 Election campaign, it was kinda pleasing seeing the senses of humour and the banter between the leaders of parties […]

Sexual assault at NZ universities

Thu 21st May 2020:

I’ve recently come across this Australian study of sexual harassment and assault on Aussie campuses: Though it’s been reported under headlines claiming it shows ‘widespread’ harassment and assault, it’s worth noting two things. One is that the definition of harassment is very broad, including ‘inappropriate leering or staring, sexually suggestive comments or jokes, and […]

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