Important Information for Pedophiles / Paedophiles

Since the end of 2009, there has been an organised campaign using email, blogs and public bulletin boards such as TradeMe to spread disinformation about me, MENZ, the nature of my wife’s work, and pedophilia.

If you are sexually attracted to children, these fabrications may lead you to believe that we support you to act on your fantasies.

This page is intended to get a few things straight.

It is well known that I have two convictions for indecent assaults at Centrepoint in the 1970’s, and spent four months in prison in 1992 as a consequence. I pleaded guilty, I sincerely regret my actions, and I have never encouraged anyone to follow my example.

Just to make it absolutely clear:

John Potter says: “it is never OK to have sex with children”.

Now I would like to debunk a few of these myths.

1988 Telethon advert: One of these children will be scarred for life.

1988 Telethon advert text: 'One in four girls will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Half of them by their own father'.

Myth: Pedophilia is rampant in New Zealand – lots of men do it.

Paedophile or ‘pedo’ is commonly used to describe men accused of sexual crimes.

Fact: the vast majority of adults are not sexually attracted to children – it is NOT normal.

Men are far more likely to be sexually attracted to, and commit sexual crimes against, sexually mature adolescents and women than prepubertal girls.

Since the 1988 Telethon scam, which advertised: “one in four girls will be abused, half by their own father”, the extent of sexual abuse of children has been wildly exaggerated.

If you have on-going sexual fantasies about children, or get aroused by child pornography, you are one of a small minority.

You have a diagnosable psychological disorder which may need treatment.

If there is any chance you might act on your fantasies, my advice is that you seek professional help; ask your family doctor to refer you to a specialist.

Myth: there are resources and groups such as the MENZ website which encourage and support pedophiles to abuse children.


“Go back and get some more hot tips from your pedo website! Sicko site it is!”

“As you are a proponent of MENZ who supports pedos, I dont care what you think!”

“It supports men accused of child abuse through its COSA arm which is run by John Potters wife Dr Felicity Goodyear Smith who was the Centrepoint GP.”

Fact: I do not know of any support groups for pedophiles in NZ

I do not condone sex with children under any circumstances. No MENZ members nor contributors support pedophilia to my knowledge.

There has never been any material on this website which encourages or supports sex with children.

The organisation COSA was wound up in 2000, and only supported people who reported that they had been falsely accused.

Myth: if you get caught, there is specialist professional support available to get you off.


“She hangs out at this website Lots of posters here love that website regardless of the fact that its owned and operated by a sex offender (FGS’S husband) and hosts the COSA movement which hires out Felicity Goodyear Smith (she is president) as a forensic expert to help pedos get off child sex abuse charges.”

Fact: most doctors in NZ do not work for the defence in cases of alleged sexual assault

Professor Goodyear-Smith is not available for employment by accused individuals under any circumstances. She will occasionally offer specialist forensic advice to lawyers, but if the evidence suggests that you did it that advice will be that you plead guilty.

Myth: you will probably get away with it.


Its very depressing to know that only 13% of those brought to the courts receive justice. And that this is only 13% of reported sexual offending let alone the unreported stuff we know goes on every day.

In this country you can plead guilty, escape conviction AND maintain name suppression…

Fact: you’ll probably get caught and go to jail.

The low conviction rate for sexual crimes is because many police have been indoctrinated with ideology such as: “always believe the children” and: “women never lie about abuse”. They are also trained to “not be skeptical” about unlikely accusations by women involving sex.

Consequently, hundreds of cases which previously would not have made it further than the front desk of the police station now proceed to court with little or no evidence, and sensible juries have no option but to acquit.

Despite this, there are significant numbers of men falsely convicted and imprisoned every year in NZ.

If you do have sex with children, it is very likely that you will leave evidence which can be DNA matched, and then you will be convicted and imprisoned when caught.

Bottom Line: sex with children is never OK. Don’t do it. Please seek professional help

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